• foekist

    Ireland loves DJ Quik too! That Book Of David stays in heavy rotation!

  • p.dom

    Now THIS is a post! Salute B.Dot & RapRadar for recognizing an underrated legend. “The Book Of David” is that shit!


    Dj Quik will shit on ANY producer or emcee!!!

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  • I do it!

    Ugh awful! And he look like a fag!

  • Jimmy’s Dad

    @I do it
    You Sound like one of those “swagga kids” from The South.
    Fucken Middle School Drop Out Retards!!
    How does Quik Look like a fag, when your ass rock Yo sister’s skinny jeans and Pink Shirts!?
    Grow a Pair you Fruity Fuck!!!!!!

  • I do it!

    ^Dtown fuck boy! dont get mad because im right and he look like a fag who still stuck in the ’80s gay fucker!

  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out


  • Ben

    West coast!

  • The Word

    @I do it! gtfoh motherfucker….Quik is one of the GOAT

  • bandido-09

    @ i do it

    Mutha fucka betta shut you mouth be4 talking shitt on REAL G’s
    the reason I lowercase yo nick cuz daz wut chu are….a lower piece of shitt.

    On the real tho Quik gets my Respect and from now on he will be tha #1 producer on the West Coast!

    Bitch you know who we iz!!

  • Jimmy’s Dad

    @I do it
    Stuck In The 80’s?
    so I guess the “2011 Skinny jeans & V-neck Look” must be fucking you into an asshole right??
    Fuck Outta Here…..yous a Homo for coming here commenting on what a nigga wears. stop staring at his Zipper and worry about the MUSIC, the ART, the FUNK!!!!!!!!

  • changeclothz

    @I do it,you’s a fucc boyy for real……how can u hate on a legend??????bitch boyyyyyyy

  • Jimmy’s Dad

    He do look fruity! Must be the water!

  • 3106299755

    DJ Quik one of the best to ever do it. New CD the Book of David is on fire from beginning to end.

  • so cool. i like it.