• me

    all he does is tweet…suprised he’s got time 4 a show.

  • one will always find time to do what they want

  • wickwickwack

    haha he hates performing that song

  • lol – yeah i remember when they played it at SOB’s, he got heated

  • ayoooo

    one of the few real niggas left in rap, YOU IN THAT MOOD YET???




  • Black Shady

    Budden my nigga, but damn Pump It Up is his only smash… all his music is either some deep shit or personal shit. its not music he can perform and make the spot blow up!

  • Money mitch

    Nah on fire gets the ladies dancing too

  • Yo, he went straight from “Pump It Up” into “Fire” like THAT? That’s hype. I need to see him perform live one day.

  • power

    Touch and Go

  • Tiiz

    How do people still remember the words to that???

  • rahrahrah


    People remember the words to that because “radio programming” ain’t a figure of speech. I remember some of the words to wacka flocka’s hard in the paint and other crap that I wish I never even knew about. I can’t escape beyonce or lady gaga though I wish I never even knew their music existed. You think I want to know “all the single ladies”? Its a powerful machine out there cramming stuff down your throat and into your minds.

  • Santa

    @Tiiz I haven’t forgotten a single word to any song I heard since middle school, INCLUDING pump it up

  • Word

    @me For ppl who actually have a phone that jas internet connection, they can tweet on the go. Its called an application or “app”. Crazy shit huh?

  • I do it!

    Jerzy suck!

  • Isiah Bradley

    fam just standing around

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