Method Man Talks Crystal Meth

Seems like Crystal Meth‘s been in the lab forever. Well yesterday, Sumit caught up with Meth along with Masta Killa for an in-depth interview where Meth says he plans to take the LP back to the “darker element of Meth with a twist on it”.

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    “darker element of Meth”




  • Your Father

    Rick Ross or Gucci should A&R his album, cause as dope a rapper as Meth is he can’t pick beats for shit. Same as case as Nas…

  • mac DIESEL

    “Meth says he plans to take the LP back to the darker element of Meth with a twist on it”




  • What’s the Z in Jays name mean

    My top 10 favorite rapper of all time. I really need Mef to create a no hold bars hip hop album. Raw ass beats and those sick ass bars. No collabs at all. Maybe 1 with Red but no 1 else.

    It’s coming

  • Justmyopinion

    I RARELY comment on this website. But, PLEASE stop posting interviews from HHK because that guy is the WORST interviewer I’ve ever seen. He ask JUVENILE questions, his interviews has no direction/purpose and/or the interest level of the interviewee’s (i.e Yelawolf, Meth & Masta Killa) are low, I don’t know what’s keeping them from falling asleep. Who plays a video (over 1 minute long) of a previous interview WHILE doing an interview? No-one.

    @ YN, Amaya & BDOT

    Please it’s horrible. You guys do a great job without assistance from HHK. I am sure everyone else will agree with me.

    Note: I am not talking about the artist, themselves, but about the interviewer.

  • wickwickwack

    wow the growth
    who would have thought this day would come …i lost hope a while ago
    he could be one of the greatest if he didnt dumb it down with all the weed rhymes

  • Donn

    Wonder how many REAL HIPHOP supporters are gonna support this. Their gonna be too busy hatin on artist they dont like more than likely. If ppl supported artist they do like as much as they hate on ones they dont. Meth could go platinum and WuTang would have went GOLD at least. Smh

  • What’s the Z in Jays name mean

    I agree with Donn

  • Jack Mehoof

    Dope shit. Always thought Meth was underrated. His flow is smooth & timeless

  • namesarehard

    i wanna hear how this nigga sounds on some OFWGKTA beats

  • U AinT a Pimp U a Fairyyy!!

    I swear I was just abt to post what Donn just postd.

  • haq


  • Tical

    @Donn I agree, but its not like that couldn’t happen. Meth has gone platinum twice before on solos

  • Donn

    @Tical.. How long ago was that. 199-sunntin

  • CK

    agree w/ @your father, and everybody does. Hurts to think that if meth chose good beats he could be THE GOAT , cause he outshined biggie on ‘the what’ and had a great start with tha wu. like nas with Illmatic, he was supposed to be the one. wasted talents…they can still rap they ass off now with their doubt their album will be great…if they pick strong beats.

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  • What’s the Z in Jays name mean

    Yo does Mef have a twitter name cuz he really needs to know that some ppl still care.

    He needs to know that he needs hot beats and leave those weed raps for Dr Dre….(KUSH)

    Mef needs to know that this is a make it or break it opportunity on his legacy. After this I don’t think he will have this opportunity again.

    I swear Mef should be where Jigga at. Meth was on Tupac and Big album. Tupac even took Meth line and made it into a hot song.

    Meth is ultra nasty and needs dem ultra nasty beats. So to my real Meth fans, if he has a twitter account or a means of being reach, we need to flood him with this info. The same support Eminem gets Meth needs it also.

    Hate if you want, but let’s DEMAND THE BEST FROM THE ARTIST WE RESPECT! They need to know-THEY NEED TO KNOW!

    Its coming.

  • I do it!

    ^No! Eminem the best bitch! Dtown

  • Nickey Black

    I feel you and im down. I hate when these prick ass wigs start screaming that “Eminem the best crap!” Method Man would destroy that wig. I dont hide it……I HATE EMINEM B`CUZ OF HIS PRICK ASS FANS…….nah thats partial truth. F it, I HATE EMINEM!

  • QZA

    Yo meth is in my top 5 dead or alive.. his beat choice is grimey, and it should stay that way for the most part, he gained most of his following on those gutta east coast beats and his flow is too dope to put over some played-out, sprinkled up new production

  • Meth ain’t got iot in him. You dudes can make all the excuses ya want. He’s old and washed up. Redman as well. I remember High school in the late 90’s and buying nigga’s when they were dope. They both suck now.

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