• puerto-black

    “So we good, I dont let it get me down. Not a pussy that good, not a titty that round” All Men should be told this at 14…….Joe is a puerto-black too

  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    Joe Budden is the best rapper alive. if you disagree listen to Pray For Me. In the song he raps his faults to God and yet still continues to do it over and over again everyday. We all know what is wrong and doing wrong yet we all do it again and again everyday. genius so fuckin underrated

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  • wickwickwack

    i dont know about playing this in a club …
    dope song…downfall is one of my favorithe though

  • coco loco

    that bitch in the background fucking it up, SHUT THE FUCK UP next time so joe can spit… joe tried to tell her to shut the fuck up, but did understand the sign language.

  • ohhi

    who’s the girl rapping along she’s super loud and annoying lol

  • he was tellin the DJ to turn the music up and down…

    He has to have a fan base outside of NY/East Coast or he wouldn’t be around for this long.,

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  • The Hater

    Joe is good but I’m bout tired of this nigga rapping about heartbreak by a different chick every few months ol suck fa love nigga!

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  • ryan

    HOLY SHIT…that broad needs to stfu

  • Rachael5922

    I like this song. lol

  • MsK

    The broad is his assistant Marisa. He asked her to be his hype woman. So she was just doing her job. Joey killed this track. It’s so raw and real.