ESGN: Freddie Gibbs “Hawaii Edition”

After noticing Freddie Gibbs’ insightful and often humorous observations on sports through his Twitter account, Rap Radar decided to give him a forum to express his thoughts on the thrills of victory and the agonies of defeat. It’s Gangsta Gibbs Wide World Of Sports. The black Bill Simmons is here. And for his 11th column, Gibbs reports live from the 50th State and weighs in on last night’s NBA Championship game.

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  • Infamous_R_

    i saw chris bosh crying like a bitch lol

  • yeah

    Yeah it should be a rule that Gangster rappers, shouldnt aloud to give there opinions in front of a camera, 99 percent of the time they come across like complete retards.

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  • kaoz

    who is Freddie Gibbs talking about when he says he’s going to address certain rappers that said shit about him and then retracted theri statements? Is he talking about Meek Mill?

  • kaoz

    might be Waka Flocka for that statement, “Niggas talking about the Real Is Back, it aint real if it aint Brick squad.”-in reference to Jeezy’s Mixtape

  • Converse

    Hahaha me and james got the same amout of rings


  • Converse


  • rahrahrah

    Gibbs is funny, I’m glad for new talent that keeps me interested in the game. He reminds me of an old blues singer for some reason, like a Booker T. or Howlin’ Wolf.

  • real


  • Codeen

    Blah Blah Blah. People on here talkin bout Lebron won’t change how he lives his life, so go live yours. lol BTW, your first year with a new team, and you make it to the FINALS??? SMH, people must really love Lebron cause they criticize him so much.

  • Converse


    Butt hurt much?

  • I fuck your girl when you was home


  • Jon

    The bosh line was incredible. Right now hes more like Str8 Chilla than Killa

  • desktop

    Bosh’s tears > Green pants on a “gangsta”

    Come on, maaaaaaaaaaaynneee! Green pants?!?!?! The F’**k?

  • Word

    Why you lookin at his pants?

  • midwestg

    love gibbs shit, why is he still talkin about sports? sayin the same shit everybody else says too, and why he in hawaii? drop some fuckin music! jeezy cut him a check n he slowed down, you aint that good gibbs

  • midwestg

    pill be droppin shit all day, n he wit the lamest fat boy in rap.

  • Looking pants…. I don.t think so..