Jay-Z & Kanye At Sweet 16 Party

Jay-Z and Kanye vacated the throne over the weekend and attended a Sweet 16 birthday party. The fiesta was held at the Carlton Hotel in NYC for the daughter of Hov’s longtime business associate Chaka Pilgrim. Ryan Leslie and Diggy also made appearances. More pictures underneath.


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  • http://twitter.com Thinker.

    That’s dope.

  • Original Will

    i know aaron reid is yelling at LA as we Speak LOL LMAO

    thats a hell of a teenage birthday bash jay and ye that beats jay n diddy anyday

  • Word

    That chick Hov is holding on the second to the last pic has some big ass titties for a 16 year old. I guess 16 is the new 18 these days.

  • jamal

    kanye got up in dat jailbait

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Word the jig is up we know thats U R. Kelly.

  • c.j

    hov looking old son…….

  • http://rapradar.com Ben

    Ballin! Damn you rich kids!

  • cece

    gosh jay is ugly as hell. lol if i was an male or jay i wouldn’t trust bey around that fine ass bodyguard in france right now. she seems happier around him anyway

  • shamedmc

    Kanye and Jay are copping each others style lol

  • sc_R

    @word and zoomzoom.. yall both some dummies that’s the mother

  • Donn

    Cant expect much respect now adays. Smh. Looks like she had a wonderful party

  • Word

    @sc_R Haha cool now I dont feel that bad.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    The mom is the woman “Jay punches/hits” in that infamous video/gif, i guess he owed her one

  • M

    Soft. These guys are definitively living “So Italian”. Jay should have retired after So Appalled.

  • cece

    jay z is hideous, one of the most uglyiest men in the world ugggh can hardly look. you guys must be men thats how ya’ll can stare

  • aj

    deamn you rich kids

  • @runjoe

    Hell jigga got on?

  • Belize


  • meezy

    How old is diggy? 17? coz i think he’d be able to hit any of the girls at that party, and it’d be legal

  • inluvwitkicks

    @runjoe I was thinkin the same thing….I hate using the word swag but damn this is the dude we have to thank for that horrible terminology lol

  • Solace King

    @word LMAO Thats the 16yr olds Mom


    Shes the lil’ girl Jay Z is holding in Backstage