MTV Unplugged: Lil Wayne

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After last night, Dwayne Carter is the latest Hip-Hop artist to get Unplugged on MTV. Just in case you missed Weezy F. run through his set list, above is the full performance.

Bonus: Live version of “Nightmares Of The Bottom” audio.

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  • slowbot

    can’t front…that “nightmares of the bottom” sounds I’ve heard from weezy in a long time

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  • Maino
  • Yup !

    Lil Wayne Unplugged >>> Jay-Z Unplugged >>>> Eminem Can’t Perform For Shit To Even Be On Unplugged….!

    Ha !

  • YouKnowMe

    That wasn’t an unplugged that was a regular ass concert for college white girls name Julie.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “Lil Wayne Unplugged >>> Jay-Z Unplugged >>>> Eminem Can’t Perform For Shit To Even Be On Unplugged….!”…Tell me that u were on PCP when you were typing that?

  • Black Shady

    I bet “Yup!” was part of that WHITE crowd for saying some bullshit like this LOL
    WTF MTV tho…where the black people at? smh…

    after watching it…those are Wayne’s greatest hits? HA!
    Havent heard a song from Wayne better than Hustler’s Musik off C2 ever since…


  • James


  • Mick Complex

    Bullshit – UNPLUGGED means fuckin ACOUSTIC, this wasnt anything but LIVE WITH A BAND…HOV’s shit blew this away, and I aint no HOV fan AT ALL!

  • ventley

    shout out to my nine year old sister for producing such a instrumental. ha! just kidding yall

  • Creamer Wheat

    this wasn’t unpluggged??.. girl & I going on vacation…air line gave away $1000 Gift card for anywhere in world..just for giving them our puttin the fam on it..

  • Ashin Kusher

    Wayne’s an amazing performer. Like him or not he definitely has better stage presence than your favourite rapper. The rock star or rap (except when he’s making rock music)

  • Hip-Hop Fien

    This was like a a college concert for white kids. They used to Unplugged in MTV studios. Shanell look good tho

  • Word

    Jays Unplugged >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this shit. Only Waynes stans and white ppl would love this shit

  • Word

    Although that Nightmares of the Bottom track is dope as hell though. Best from Wayne I heard since 2008. And thats real shit. Cuz his stans like whatever bullshit he puts out

  • waynehater

    hate jus abou everysong he put out since he got outta jail

    cant front, i like this a little bit

    but this dude still think he the best…………..

    smh(he not top 10)

  • me

    wow no one there knew the lyrics to 3peat…sad…WTF with the crowd mtv?

  • Donn

    Cant wait for that C4 lol

  • Berk ASTAM

    @ZoomZoomDad-Otis Thats right ma broth! Fuck Em’ All C4 bigger than old-ass shits!

  • Mark Cuban

    I’m not sure Li Wayne is smart enough to figure out what “Unplugged” means… and even then, as far as Unplugged peformances go, it was just ok. I hope Nightmares at the Bottom still sounds ok when it’s mastered, cuz that was the best effort I’ve heard from Wayne since he got out.

  • BCat

    How is this RAP? This isn’t the art rapping… He has no FLOW.

  • Belize

    ^^@BCat: Thank you

  • Mr.G

    Wow this performace is amazing! why don’t jay-z sound the same live? he was horriable!

  • Geoff

    What a disappointment? What was just another lame lil wayne concert. There was no storys about him writing the song, what it was about. Any story about his life. Idk how MTV would even let him do that. He damaged the name unplugged and MTV better get someone who can do it right next time. And you could be right and eminem could suck at being live (He But as long as he said 1 sentence about his life or a song. And it would be 100 times better than lil wayne.haha



  • SmokeYou

    Rappers should not do unplugged sets. Leave it to the real musicians. Rock music 2 – rap 0

  • da homie killed it… damn, can’t wait for C4

  • Do Get Hurt Homie

    First off i cant respect how fack lil wayne is off top ill have more respect for him if he wasnt a swag bitter… do you histroy A1,, Mack 10 went over there now! wayne is a blood get the fucc out of here boi stop…A2,,Julez santana does a album titled i cant feel my face with the this lil face gremlin face fuccer and his whole wardrole turns and 2 dipset and he say that’s his swagg get the fucc out of here,,,then lastnigt he perform 0ne of 2 pac’s song disrespectful lil biiiiitch pac’s would not feel your facc ass hollywood ass,, want to be from the west/east/mia go 2 hell with gasoline draw’s u froud….

  • hey

    newsflash this wasnt even an Unplugged, im a Weezy fan but im not lyin to myself about this shit. There were like 300 people in that building, thats damn near a concert.
    Jay Z wins again..

  • Converse


  • …Where The Black People At?

  • cracker

    Thats MTV, what you expect thats like turning to a BET event and asking where the white people at.