• Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    smh niggas seriously have to go to hook writing school. nobody these days seems to know how to write a decent hook

  • yo


  • NePh

    Can yu say GOOD Music??

  • tysonz

    Man this dude Cyhi is lyrically amazin, Ima go as far as sayin he the best lyricist outta the A since Andre 3000.
    Son’s songs all have a meaning to em, If I was Ye I’d bet it all on him

  • This shit is smooth as hell. I fux wit it the long way.

  • Converse


  • dadankness

    Man these rappers that get their 6-7 months of shine off a co sign need to go the fuck away. They suck.. There is a reason that nobody checks for this shit.. See Cory Gunz.. See Cyhi The Prince.. Make your own fucking way.. All I know about this dude is he had some verses about Fish on a Kanye song.. Seriously.. I know im not the only who is sick of the co-sign rappers.. I hate that Gibbs signed with Jeezy but whatever.. Before that Gibbs was his own man.. I see a split eventually with Gibbs being on the positive end.. But anyone in G.O.O.D. that aint named Common Sean Or Kanye and in Young Money not named Drake Wayne and *sigh* Nicki… Are going to have no careers after their buzz wears off.. which it is doing..

    You want proof? See what happened to the great Obie Trice after the left Shady(two great, great CD’s on the label and now the shit he puts out kinda sound played.. =) So I re-iterate enough of the fucking co-sign rapppppppppppppers!

  • vincent

    beautiful beat

  • dadankness

    Oh and Pusha T will be fine as wel.. If you had a name before your merger with someone who is way better than you(almost all the names I mentioned before) your done.. Make your own way.. I dont much like Tyler The Creator but at least he is doing things the right way..

  • tr

    This is amazing.

  • I fuck your girl when you was home


  • u seem bitter dadankness, want a co-sign?

    thiswas nice! sean did his thing too nice beat.

  • Ducey

    lol at this bum dadankness. Who the fuck are you telling who gonna last or not. Big Sean>J.Cole

  • Prynce look like young Cam alil bit

  • GOOD STUFF YO!! I’m impressed with the subject matter in this song…and quite surprised actually!

    Going to have to shout him out at our free personal finance classes for blacks and latinos coming to Ladera Heights this month…


  • rahrahrah

    Honestly, this makes me at my old age want to go back to the club. I could groove to this. The words are actually making a bit of sense.

  • cmosa

    i fuck with this.

  • damn, this on a mixtape??? totally ablum worthy indeed, the dude the prince indeed when it comes to a spitta… waiting on the debute ablum homie cuz i kno the last mixtape i started fuckin with dude….he is a spitta indeed, how like obie trice was at eminem camp i hope kanye makes dude a household name…. yo, i don’t like big sean for the life of me which is why i started to skip the track, then i said let me at least hear what is being said… big sean was pretty str8 on this one… the beat was crazy….shouts out to ye & no i.d.

  • are yall serious ? this hook is amazing…

    love the vibe / subject matter … not a fan of Big Sean but he held it down –


  • feenixa

    can’t wait to hear the full mixtape…this beat it dopeeeeeeeeee

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  • Ya Boy G

    whoa…whose beat is that? fucks wit cyhi but that beat is crazy…thought or mmjb could be on this.

  • Anon DCPL

    this shit is dope, it ain’t hard to make a good ol hip hop track. I like how Cyhi doesn’t just throw words around, his shit actually makes sense.

    Big Sean’s verse was cool, but Cyhi easily outshined him.

  • dll32

    nice ! 😉

  • derrick jameson


  • mr cater the III

    love how the new cats been doing they thing. Thats wiz, meek, kendrik lamar and even some of the ones bout to pop like mickey factz, childish gambino, P Shyn and Freddie Gibbs. Who said hiphop dead?

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  • AceBoog

    Some of you niggas need to do your history on artists man. Cyhi been puttin out mixtapes before he signed wit kanye. Nigga was signed to konvict music too. SMH know something about the dude if you gonna make a half ass comment