Saigon Performs At SoHo Apple Store

No recording allowed? Sorry Apple, it was an intimate setting but I still got work to do. Sai Giddy, Just Blaze and I go back like Bron Bron’s hairline. So I had to sneak a few visuals when the dynamic duo got together Friday evening to perform selected gems from Greatest Story Never Told and some mixtape classics. Ms. Drama knows how I do? Enjoy.

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  • YeBoy

    Saigon is one of the realest rappers ever and one of the best, Even nas, jay, q-tip have all said this.

    “This is not rapping sh*t, this is real sh*t,” Saigon said in an interivew. “This is the sh*t n*ggas is going through — jail will eat some n*ggas up. Some n*ggas ain’t scared to go back. I’m scared of jail, n*gga. Shout-out to my n*gga Tru Life, Tru Life, I’m scared of jail. I’ll be the first one to say it, and it ain’t even a violent aspect of it or violence because I can handle myself, but it’s the motherf*cking agony and mental torture of prison. N*ggas don’t know how to — that sh*t is mental torture.”

  • Edwin

    Just Blaze has the best musicians on the planet. Saigon and Just are already legends. But these kids on stage with them are top notch young lions, bar none.

  • Pedro

    Woah!!! Get a drummer & bassist and take this shit on tour. Love the band!

  • Mr.G

    where budden at?

  • Gattaca

    Agree w @Yeboy

    The greatest story never told was an amazing album.

  • Belize


  • SohoFriday

    I met Just Blaze, Saigon, and the musicians at the Apple store. Everyone is just so humble.

  • MasterMix


  • Black Shady

    J.Cole’s LOST ONES finally leaked!!! that shit is TOO DEEP!!! Classic in the making!!! BUY THE ALBUM

  • Mac is Pro

    Dope! So real musicians with legendary skills sell less than 100K and the music industry still puts their machine behind the clueless artists.

    Well, at least this is a step in the right direction. Thank you, Apple

  • Jinx


    THE LOST ONE (LEAK) i’m glad they respect these artist and the work they put in, Respect to those who supported


  • Surpreme

    apple going ot sue that
    good performance though..
    ….my girl & I going on vacation…air line gave away $1000 card for anywhere in world..just for giving them our puttin the fam on it..

  • Carlos

    Canei and Maki! I see you keeping up with the big boys on that keyboard and guitar. Good job fellas. Just Blaze is a genius. The world needs more from Saigon. Fuck all that other shit

  • Live n!99a Rap

    I love live rap shows

  • DowntownLarry

    Why didn’t I hear about this????? I live downtown. Apple is fucking up. Can’t believe I missed this. FUCK!!!

  • YellowAppreciated

    YN is the man for this, haha. Thanks!!!

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