• Pat

    Its that Anne garbage

  • Dear Anne >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Duncan

    YN, I’m surprised you’re going hard on Lebron. Jay-Z, or your god as you call him, wouldn’t appreciate that 🙁

  • Yup !

    Dear Anne Is Still A Trending Topic On Twitter… WOW!!!!!

    Dear Anne >>>> Stan Fans…

    Ha !

  • aaa

    Dear Anne is better than Stan? Hahahahaha. Made my day. hahah

  • zezzoi

    Dear Anne is a hot joint….C4 lookin like it’s gunna be somethin big

    YN, you played yourself for that YPY on Wayne…you got caught up in your own blizzard fuck hole of RT’ing shit on twitter that you didn’t realize the facts….Wayne has said multiple times he ain’t a heat fan, the nigga probably goes there to watch ball cuz he rich and can do whatever the fuck he wants….

    Birdman on the other hand….yeah….that nigga bet $2mil on heat and parties with Dallas? He should be in that you played yourself box….but nigga YN does shit like this just to get attention… like the Drake one…in a lil bit he’ll be suckin up to them LOL



    how much did u get paid for posting this shit?
    even in russia they are forgotten

  • Black Shady

    Oh its a TATU record? didnt know…props

    and FUCK WAYNE. HE ‘PLAYED HIMSELF’….look like a dumb bitch for partying with Dallas!
    and to compare Anne to Stan is just stupid dumb. We talkin about an average track and a classic song.

  • Vodka

    dear anne sucks
    the most horrible song in 2011.

  • Ben

    Wow Anne is a classic! Anne>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Later

    t.A.T.u. – I love them, but I just can’t get over their lebian/child pornography image/gimmick they had going on it was just sick

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