Kid Cudi Performs At Terminal 5

Unbeknownst to us, Bacardi threw an event at Terminal 5 last night in NYC and booked Kid Cudi as their musical talent. Not much film from the show has hit the net, but here’s a brief clip of him performing “Erase Me”.

Sidebar: Photos courtesy of Techienyc.

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  • productofme

    “threw an event” not “through”…sorrry i cant help it, i was an english major

  • Correction

    ” Bacardi through an event at Terminal 5 last night in NYC ”
    Hey B.Dot its ‘THREW” not “THROUGH”. illiterate ass…

  • Alas

    threw > through

    sorry these type of errors erk me

  • *threw.

  • B.Dot

    so a typo makes me an illiterate. hmm, ok.

  • Ram

    this was the greatest fucking night ever.
    free drinks. free pizza. free arcade. free shirts. Allan Houston free signing. Kid Cudi. Childish Gambino.