New Music: Soulja Boy Ft. Nicki Minaj x Bobby V “I Love You”

Just about an hour ago, Soulja Boy felt it was a good time to give us a brand new song featuring Nicki Minaj and Bobby V. No word to where this is going to land but this is kinda hard to love.

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  • Chris Puddin

    im not hating but soulja boy needs to stop rapping

  • LongLungz

    #JetLife Covert coup is the greatest thing ever

  • this is just a fuckin mess

  • Mr. A From Tha T

    FUCK SOULJA YOU SUCK! Betchu this guy be in the unemployment line by this time next year

  • Doc Rovers

    is this real? like was soulja boy for real? i kinda feel like its a parody like nobody could rap that bad, could they?

  • ???

    this is a joke? right? no really? where’s ashton?

  • Word

    Stop hatin freaks,this is dope dunno what u listening to.

  • DestroyerOfDumbFucks

    I think they just succedeeded in making the worst song of all time

  • wow this is bad

  • Word

    This shit is ass. smh. And you wondet why white ppl hate you

  • hazz

    Pure fuckery sounds like a bad blend son has no rhythm.

  • Life After Death


  • Black Shady

    Wow this is dope! Fuck hater

  • Word

    Wow this is dope! Fuck the haters!

  • soulja boy dead brother


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  • kaoz

    hope this little fuck is investing his money coz he’s time is about to be up!!!

  • no1

    The off point rap is the new on point rap. The non musical beat is the new musical beat. Thus this song WILL blow. Watch. Coming to urlocal radio station soon.

    But to stay on the safe side… keep it Taylor gang over everything


    ya niggas still liking this minaj bitch.. seriously .. word..

  • ???


    Stop it Soulja we know it’s you. Even you can’t say cats are hating this is audio travesty my god

  • ???

    i’m buy this dude a metronome.

  • the One

    Dude sound like a fucking 2 year old!!! I can’t believe this dude is still relevant

  • Shwag

    R u guys serious soulja boy killed this verse?! that joint was like that foreal, revolutionary!!

  • Jay

    I can’t see this being played on the radio AT ALL. It sounds like he’s reading his lyrics on paper for the first time on the mic. Not a good look for Nicki or Bobby V I’d want my vocals off this ASAP!

  • feenixa

    wtf? i guess soulja just quit even trying to rap and is just saying lyrics now.
    i didn’t think he could get much worse, but i was very, very wrong.
    I’m hatin’ and I don’t care because if you like hip hop at all you can’t think this is good.
    these 5, 6 and 7 year old boys rap better than soulja!

  • Mr. A From Tha T

    ^^^^^^^^ YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!! i saw these kids last weeks episode, and they had these little guys tonight, like 5-6 and they was a lil step crew, haa they was clean, reminded me of Swizzy’s “Coolin” video, and gotta agree wicha, much better for the youth LOL

  • HaitiBaby

    He Better Than Michael Jackson ! SWAG !!

  • Wiz Sucks

    Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this shit is terrible B, how the Fuck is this dude still relevant

  • jake

    refuse to even hear this but the pictures funny…looks like nicki farted real bad and that guy behind her has got that “mooootherfucker what a nasty bitch” thought going on in his head i mean look at his expression lol

  • jake

    ok actually gave it a listen…soulja boy is rapping like those wannabe’s on youtube all the time…this song sucks the big one

  • Michael

    This sounds like a old Nicki verse. Back when she wasn’t going as hard.

  • this is terrible tbh…
    follow @RapFan313 on twitter for exclusive leaks!

  • KayKay

    Get rid of Nicki & Soulja Boy & you MAY have a hit. Bobby V’s part is pretty good.

  • BalladOfTheBlackGold

    The song’s kinda short !

  • Justin

    He needs to stop doing coke. Wow.

  • He needs a decent ghost writer, I think. Im not even a rapper, and Im 100% sure I can do better than that lol.

    Stop actin’ like imma jump out my Barbie Dream Car. Imma jump on em, imma ride em like a theme park. Family Guy, let’s have a little Stewie. Bust a Uie i forgot my Houie Douie Louie. Wedding green lamb, we call it watermelon. I call him “SB” he call me “Nicki Tell’em”. I’m badder than a fellen, he generous like Ellen. Ain’t talkin’ hair products, when i say that we gellin. Im The Barbie. And he’s the Ken. Get my prenup, then get my pen. Get my flower girls and get my bridesmaid. Don’t need a gift littl mama cause this brides PAID!

    if any words are wrong LEMME KNOW!



  • is this a joke? really?

  • minaj husband

    this song is old this when nicki used to be with gucci mane

  • elijah

    i liked this song until soulja boy came on and sounded like he never rapped before.

  • shady


  • LOL the one with Big Sean is horrible too

  • DirtyBurd

    this is fucking horrible

  • D!A!E

    I think this is 50 Tyson Ft. Nicki Minaj x Bobby V “I Love You”

  • @Jay “It sounds like he’s reading his lyrics on paper for the first time on the mic”
    That’s exactly what it is. Damn. I think that’s the worst song I have EVER heard… And yes, I heard Rebecca’s Friday…

  • Jinx


  • Yeah You!

    Wow, Where do I start?!!?