• DMCJ

    No, Lupe is being sarcastic. He never was invited, so obviously he can’t accept any invite. He’s being facetious.

  • Rainard

    he going to get clowned going on that show..smh
    …Walmart Giving Back After Laying Off Over 10,000 People.. $1,000 cards – I Grab 2 of Them..LOL http://goo.gl/0OJBv

  • still best rite now!!

    You my nigga Lupe…but I dont fuck with you politically! lol

  • puerto-black

    I want Lupe on there because Bill-O the clown, A) defend Pres. Obama loseing Faux viewers in the process “Obama is not that bad” or B) Out Milatent Lupe “O yeah, I hate Obama more then you” or C) they agree and Bill-O can’t say he doesnt like any rapppers.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    T.O. voice: get your popcorn ready.

  • Sam I Am

    cosgin @zoom zoom dad

  • Poppa Bear is going down. Pinhead!

  • Citylivin’

    oh joy….Obama slander….Lupe just going to get him a side job….he’ll fit perfect on Sly FOX.

  • Converse

    ~Somebody tell Malcolm X that I’m tryna steal his syle, and tell Cornel West that I’m tryna steal his fro”

    This nigga will do anything for attention and shock value? nothing new here just a delusional wannbe activist

  • me

    o’reilly didnt accept nas’s invitation 4 d debate…he was scared nas was gon mess him up now he invitin lupe 4 some washed up show frontin like he really likes obama.

  • Ice Cold

    I mean, Lupe called Obama a terroist and Oreilly must have saw lupe’s comments and said “I love this guy” and now bill wants lupe on his show. Lupe and Oreilly will both be dissing obama.

  • fredro

    agree Ice Cold….

  • queensgetthemoney

    this is gonna be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fatnigger

    Lupe’s politics kinda suck dick. Obama a terrorist? Come on son. You need to learn to watch what you say so blood thristy fags like Bill-O don’t invite you to their show to use you as a prop to bash Obama. Little does Bill-O know that he was called a racist.



  • the ghost of osama bin laden

    Are you guys stupid!? Y’all get your panties in a bunch over lupes “words I never said” smh

  • voice of the voiceless

    Lowkey – obama nation

    swallow this osama

  • Hip-Hop Fien

    Little Billy Boy will just use Lupe as a black man who can bash Obama this will not be a debate

  • Devante

    This might be better then camron`s

  • Fuck obama.

    Lupe is the man!

  • omag5

    this is actually to get someone from the hip hop community to go against obama, fox loved it when lupe said that…he’s only gonna help the right wing white man

  • Word

    Lupe played right into they hands

  • dammnnnn

    Fuck Obama. He did nothing for this country.



  • jesse951

    what are you all gonna say when its too late keep supporting obama an the goverment entirely soon thing will change things are gonna just get worse change your lives u gonna support obama when soon you wont know freedom privacy ect. open your minds wake up god blesss. an lupes a dope hip hop artist if your hating your hating on hip hop !!!

  • tr

    Sorry Lupe is wrong on this. And because of it, his stubbornness makes everyone look bad.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with him – it’s like he goes out of his way to make enemies with everyone.

    It’s one thing for Kanye to be arrogant but the dude still puts out good music. Lupe on the other hand…

    I salute B.Dot for supporting Lupe when no one was riding with him. I hate to say it but I pretty much don’t mess Lupe musically nor do I support his views.

    I don’t know what happen to the wit exemplified on American Terrorist. Now he’s saying shit just to get people riled up.

  • tr

    Meant to say I don’t with Lupe musically anymore

  • Eyerone


    the same wit that lupe applied on American Terrorist, is the same wit that hes applying now.

  • JokeTing

    Lupe gunna be fuking up hip hop, while trying to slowly destroy a prominent figure in black history that so many youths look up to and who are currently on hopeful paths because of the inspiration of Barak Obama’s Presidency. I truly wish this man would just go away but unfortunately he has created the platform for himself to udder such nonsense.

  • ……bad move… I’m not thinking this is a good idea off the bat…

  • JokeTing

    @jesse951 listen, people gotta realize quite simply that the American Government system functions like an Independant body , without much influence from any of the presidents in charge of the system. A capitalist society makes the decisions. At this point Obama is just a figure yes, but truly, so were all the presidents b4 him, if u were not a founding father of the country than the actuality is the president doesn’t run the country, but rather the country runs the president

  • hey

    Bill doesnt invite people he knows will make it look stupid. That show would be a lose lose situation, either O’Reilly would disagree with him and therefore admit that he likes Obama, or he would agree and therefore admit he identifies with a rapper. Both of which aren’t gonna happen

  • hey

    *make HIM look stupid

  • Dujay

    lupe is too real for hip-hop

  • jmeezi the 3rd


  • meTHATSwho

    lupe is a big fuckin nerd and so are his followers

  • NOBS

    @hey hit the nail on the head. Lupe put them in a catch 22. Whether intentionally or not I can’t say. But Orielly will be forced to either support hiphop or obama if they actually do the debate.
    Genius if you ask me

  • Chi Town

    I don’t know if this is a good idea or not…I guess I will have to just watch (the clips on RAP RADAR)

  • henray

    god, lupe isnt a right wing activist people! he called obama a terroris, okay, but he does not side with FIXed (no typo) news or the republicans at ALL. he has a point against obama because he ignors many international issues that need attention and obama has went back on his word on many things. but im 90% positive that Bill misinterpretted lupes lyrics. they will not both be bashing obama lupe will be bashing billo. Remember people, just because someone critisizes a democrat does NOT neccesarily mean they are right wing. it can sometimes mean they are more liberal than democrats!