• Dan

    This dude is fucking dope. Can’t wait for Thursday. He’s gonna blow the fuck up.

  • CJ

    Good shit I’m liking this guy’s music a lot

  • TdotUP

    my fav. nigga out right now…. if yall got time check out his music. big upz to RR for shown love too

  • Nick


  • all you faggot niggas are the same ones who was on Drakes Dick, then when the Weekend Blow up, you will call him over rated. All of you go eat a dick!

  • Gato

    Sounds really good. His last mixtape was fire and if this first release is a sign of things to come then this new mixtape will be just as good if not better.

  • FlocKaveLLi

    drake was the one that really got the weeknd’s name out there idiot

  • dopie
  • Rome

    #RESPECT Toronto. We are fucking out here.

  • Chex

    Not feelin this, but his track called The Morning is dope. Been bumpin that for a few weeks now.

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  • Queen B

    T-DOT is doing major tings!! I love this guy. He is the future.

  • Ghost

    The Weeknd is a 100 times more creative than Drake will ever be.

  • dadankness

    Well At least this dude isn’t a rapper.. I wouldnt be able to take him seriously with his hair cut like that.. THat shit is for the birds and for women.. Fuckin Fags.. prolly has skinny jeans and eye liner on.. too bad.. I dont think i can take him seriously anyways

    Of course Amaya posted this shit.. haha ya this dude wont be heard from in a years time



  • gerold


  • dre

    everyone is gonna say hes wack next just watch…2 more months n hes mainstream n yall are gonna shit on him

  • dre

    @dadankness yeah right? cuz your so real n you got a real haircut and jeans that are for real niggas right? dumbfuck



  • dadankness

    I dont know that my jeans are for ‘niggas’ but they definently arent for hipster hop kids and or emo kids.. because.. their vaginas would prolly get too sweaty in them.. or somethin weird that happens to guys who have vaginas also as known hipster hop kids / emo kids.. kids with flock of seagull type hair cuts.. kids who wear those black frame glasses with just glass and no actual lenses that help vision.. or the kids who dye one part of their head with some color mainly blonde.. umm there not for people used to miss fall out boy and considered killing themselves when they broke up which are the fans of wiz khalifa.. this guy.. drake.. big sean.. all that type of shit.. Cudi.. especially Cudi.. Lil B.. all this emo hipster hop bullshit.. my jeans are not for those type of people.. people who follow trends.. people who will look back on what they did with all of those trends I mentioned in a year or two and ask themselves WHY DID I DO THAT>> HOW MUCH OF A FAG WAS I.. you know.. those people.. the ones who follow.. and dont make thier own decisions.. the ones who try so hard to be different yet they end up being the same..


  • havent heard the weeknd until now. dope stuff

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  • Converse

    Keep ya WACK ass in canada!

  • RC

    On this song he sounds like that Jeremih cat.

    This song is ok.

    Gonna get that mixtape and see what hes sounding like.

    I dont really care about how he dresses and whatnot. Just the music. That image shit is for the ladies.

  • RC

    I also hear some Dream in his voice as well.

  • Chess

    House of Balloons > Nostalgia/Ultra

  • Word

    @Rc Why u bringing looks up anyway gay bitch!

  • 9th wonder

    sounds like DREAM to me but maybe i need to hear a few more joints

  • James


  • DRAKE AND THE DREAM…give all your singing tracks to this nigga. And then kill yourselves.

  • Ayo The Weekend’s dope and all, Toronto stand up, but um this is RAP radar right? Anyway OVOFEST 2011 SEE YOU THERE.


    Frank Ocean and The Weeknd are going to be putting out some fucking incredible music over the next few years.

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  • James Allen

    The dude who was talkin about emo kids and hipster sould like hater

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  • Thank you for that House of Balloons mixtape Weeknd… listenin to it now.