• Black Shady

    how is he back on his hip hop shit when he’s says “skinny jeans on” ??? fuck outta here

    and now you’re a BLOOD? lmao …i swear these rich kids need to shut up already

  • this was horrible… lines were said by many 100 times over.

  • Fuck what the haters say, look at what Breezy do, that is how he’s on his hip hop shit.

  • Craddyshaq

    FIRE… Haters step off

  • Marshall

    Chris Brown – Shit #2

  • Ricky Retardo

    2nd verse was REAL Yeezy Shit!

  • ???

    @Black Shady

    Yeah when I heard “True Blood but don’t bite me” I was like hold up the bloods have an entertainers chapter now? SMDH some people really need to watch what they “rep” cause it can come back to haunt them

  • Not gonna front. This was cool. His first one was >>>>>>

    But this one’s cool too. I’d be interested to hear an whole album of him on the Hip-Hop tip, I think it would be lowkey dope.

    But anyway.

  • Eminem

    look at this nigga hahaha http://skocz.pl/funny.gif

  • lol

    lol real hiphop shit and dude breaks off singing at the gate talking skinny jeans? haha.. nice beat though.. no disrespect but breezy should really stick to the singing..

  • @black shady @???

    True blood is a show about vampires you idiots, hes saying don’t bite me as in don’t copy him. SMDH

  • Dee

    TrueBlood is a show about vampires.Old ppl really need to get off of the internet and just sit on the porch, drink their tea, rock in their swing and shut the f*ck up and stop reaching and hatin. smdh.

  • b sb


  • ???

    @Nasty [email protected]

    Jackass, I know True Blood is a vampire show but he’s not calling himself a fuckin vampire by saying he’s a “ture blood” he is calling himself a Blood or else the metaphor makes no sense

    True Blood = calling himself a blood
    but don’t bite me = completes the connection to the show in relation to the vampires @ not to copy him

    So please STFU

  • J

    Wow, this is the Hudson Mohawke “Rising 5” Instrumental.

  • JHP

    @???’s take on the True Blood line is the one I had too. CB need to chill the hell out, cause this isn’t the first time I’ve heard him say something like that, that nigga know he’s far from a gangbanger, and that’s gonna do nothing to earn him public favor either, considering the Rihannna shit. But anyway, nice song, I liked Real Hip Hop Shit Part 1 better thoug

  • ColoradoKnight

    Please stick to singing.

  • Big Bank Take Little Bank

    Go jump off a cliff, idiot!!

  • ???


    Thank you. Cats try to school you and call you a hater (so now hating is pointing out what he said??) when the fact is if you didn’t know about True Blood the show then you’d never get the line. He is talking about the gang unless “true blood” has another meaning or represents another entity that no one knows about

    FYI @Dee I’m 23 & dumb people need to stay on the internet and do some research about metaphors, similes ect… fuckin tellin me i’m reaching GTFOH

  • dre

    fuck all you fake niggass..chris is a blood biychass…wayne and game give em the stamp…he coukd say whatever the fuck he wants….

  • dre

    n r n b nigga gets more love then your favorite RAPPER

  • ToiletSpatula

    chris brown is a really hard worker.
    i respect that.
    +1 for CB

  • Serious Question

    WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!……….where’s the hip hop, i missed it…?

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