• Belize


  • new music from the “Female LUPE”…damn jean is in a league by herself indeed! killed it…killed it, can’t wait to partake of this mixtape which shall hold some of her fans over until the ablum drop…. i can’t sustain how i love the way this woman spit! DIS is a female MC…. no barbie! bring back that lyricism to the female spittas….


    Greezy is AMAZING n cool as Fuck….. fuck a Nikki Minaj

  • GTFO

    If you have to ask who Jean Grey is, you need your hip hop pass revoked. She’s only been on the scene for at least 10 years. Idiots. SMH. Lmfao

  • GTFO


  • jdude

    shaking my head at so icy boi


  • still best rite now!!

    that “Base for your Face” collab with her & 9thGod got me checking for this, DJ Drama too? must download!


    man I can die a happy man after this mixtape drops — so icy boi kill urself twice, are u serious ? Nicki wishes she cud rhyme like Grae

  • BlaireBlanco

    @ Icy Boi you should really google some things before you talk out of your neck. Jean Grae has been making music before Nicki even decided to write a bar. Get familiar.

  • Clev Best

    @So Icy Boi? bruh.. do ya research… cause this isnt an album- its a mixtape. n Jean Grae is from back in the day.. this is hip hop- not that commercial young money music ish.

  • This track is a great teaser to what I’m sure will be an epic release! She’s so wicked wit it, so wickedly witty, you can’t deny the talent!

    Hands down, top 5 lyricist of ALL TIME! Bring ur fave MALE rapper and she’ll eat him alive. It’s Jean Grae, all day! Stop comparing her to these ol’ weak a$$ females. She’s an emcee.

  • How is she the female Lupe when she’s been rapping longer than Lu? Jean Grae is a great emcee regardless of gender.

  • Shawn

    She must only be known on the eastcoast because in the midwest never heard of her! she avg at best

  • Shawn

    And dont say I dont know hiphop becuz I do.

  • Jean Grae has been around before Nicki Minaj. So don’t dare say she biting her style. Jean’s been on her shit for a decade

  • I fuck your girl when you was home

    Im feeling it but i never heard of her *shrug

  • cali_love

    @shawn. She IS NOT ONLY KNOWN ON THE EAST COAST. Just because u don’t know about an artist doesn’t make her local talent. Jean is [email protected] icy boi. Nicki minaj…really? Thefukouttahere with that. Nicki is garbage. Nicki isn’t even an emcee.

  • Only sucka ass simpletons would say Nicki is better…especially when they’ve never even heard Jean Grae spit.

  • Jah

    Jean Grae is sicwidit!!!

    My top 10 Femcees:

    Lauryn Hill
    Lady of Rage
    MC Lyte
    Rah Digga
    Da Brat
    NewSense of PsychoDrama (do ya homework)
    Jean Grae
    Queen Latifah

    honorable mention: Foxy Brown, Mia X, Lil Kim, Eve

  • Able Danger

    A Talib & Jean LP would be a problem. Do it!

  • Rap Purist

    DId this asshole just ask who Jean Grae was? See this is the shit I am talking about! Young dumb fucker she been spitting way before Nicki

  • cali_love

    This fool so icy boi said jean is a new artist nd cake or death is her first album. I’m just gonna shut the fuck up, something u should do cuz its obvious ur an idiot. U get ur music news from ryan seacrest? Fukn lame

  • I don’t know why y’all are even battling with these folk about Jean vs. Nicki. They can like who they like. This thread isn’t about Nicki.

    Jean Grae’s new song Casebasket is dope. All other references are irrelevant.

  • Truth

    @So Iсy Boi…Not saying you don’t have the right to your own opinion, real talk. Just check her out first. She got mad history. Jean just has a more “classic” flow than Nicky. If thats what your into. Gotta respect that. Just saying don’t down her based on what seems to be the first and only song you ever heard from her.


  • ironic

    knowing jean grae’s sense of humor, i wouldn’t be suprised if so icy boi IS jean…if i’m wrong, then the world’s about to send real soon…

  • lol @Ironic. Touche’!!

  • danappyone


  • Truth

    My instinct told me to bash @So Iсy Boi for his remark…But i think dude really just didn’t know who she was…Sad…Yes…But can’t knock him for not knowing. Happens to all of us.

    I bashed him too…. : LOL

  • James

    Who? Im 26 and I never heard of her. [email protected] said must be a local ny chick or something

  • GTFO

    If it’s not on the radio, they don’t know a damn thing. I know Canadians, Germans and most of Europe that know who she is. She been touring worldwide for the longest. It expalins a lot. You guys will lose all credibility from this point foward. Lmfao.

  • Jordan Cohen

    If RR doesn’t approve my post with links to songs of Jean with Wale, Mos Def and Kweli, they’re OFFICIAL haters. Yeah i said it.

  • Inglish

    I’m from chicago and I’ve heard her stuff.
    So its not a region thing

  • Jean dropped her 1st album “Attack of the Attacking Things” in 2002: http://www.amazon.com/Attack-Attacking-Things-Jean-Grae/dp/B000069JJR/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1308256477&sr=8-9

    Of course she didn’t align herself with Jay-Z, 50 Cent or Lil Wayne etc so she never got the proper backing to display her skills to the masses.

    Youngin’s need to do their homework before speaking about who’s jacking who’s style.

    Seen her live plenty of times and she’s a true MC not an actor. At one point during a show the sound went out so she ripped a freestyle that took everyone in the crowd’s head off! A true showmanwoman;)

  • Poetic Assasin

    A friend of mine put me on to her in college – not every artist is accessible to all of us, some artists we stumble upon by chance- I’m from the east coast and I wouldn’t have known about Blu if I didn’t come to this site

  • RC

    I don’t think she sounds like Nikki.

    But I don’t know what the fuck she is talking about. And this beat is awful.


  • Fam

    LOL at yall fallin to So Icy Boi’s trap. He’s known to say shit like this.

  • RC

    I know man.

    So Icy Boi stop commenting for real a long time ago. He just trolls now lol.

  • m1

    so icy boy is a fuckin dick biting squirrel in the bushes raping deer ball licking fuckin smurf wanna be bitch she is in a league nicki aint in she been out over a decade

  • jeeeaaann

    love how she’ll just spit fire and then @ the end of a song, just go on a train-of-thought type rant. she’s definitely a character in the game.

  • MadShot

    @So Icy Boy.

    Jean is not local, idiot. Never heard of her because your from ATL ?
    I’m from France and knows her for years. Get yourself a culture and some ears btw.

  • yeah boi

    @soicyboy kill yaself i am not taking nothing from nicki minaj cause she dope but jean grae just got raw skillz i mean the reason you say that is because your mind cant grasp the lyrical flow,,jean grae is cold with the bars she like MC LYTE MEETS GHOSTFAC E.

  • This >>>

  • sway-z

    So Icy Boi is hilarious! I thought he used to just rile people up, but I now I think he really believes the shit he be saying, which makes it even more funny. That’s the only way to explain how he trashin East Coast music then cosigning Nicki Minaj, like she ain’t from NY?

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