New Video: Frank Ocean “Novacane”

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After a few fugazi flicks, Mr. Ocean finally numbs away the pain and releases an official video off his critically acclaimed project Nostalgia, Ultra. Commercial release in stores July 26. Directed by Nabil.

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  • Haze SHK

    Fuck Odd Future, Frank Ocean the only real talent there.

  • JeL1010

    I agree with @HAZE SHK

  • I agree with @HAZE SHK

  • SoSo

    Are you guys nuts. Odd Future’s flowing with talent, they rap, they produce, make their own videos, and mix their own shit. Give them a second listen, don’t if your afraid of what their Atheist mouths say.

  • GTFO

    He would not be in the spot light without OF. So stop the hate. They call him Tyler the Creator for a reason. He may act like an asshole, but that’s what got them all here. I swear some failed artists be the ones hating on every post. LOL

  • Chatter

    Also cosign @Haze SHK (I’ll add Earl if he ever resurfaces, and picks better beats)

    But really, I want to know how to roll one of those magic joints he’s smoking. That shit started out a roach and then grew 3 inches after the first hit!

  • Chatter

    …and wtf is he wiping on his face?

  • coco loco

    lol @ the slap….




  • @CHATTER moisturizer?

  • Word

    @Cold Blood u was dick riding dem but now u hop off fucking faggot!

  • Truth

    Frank is one talented songwriter but HE CAN’T SING. He is calling out autotune when his album is full of autotune and pitch corrector. Saw one of his concert and he CAN’T SING A NOT IN LIVE.
    I still like him tho , just disapointed that he is a better rapper than singer…*shrugs*

  • “I don’t know about odd future but I love Frank ocean”. I’ve heard that shit so many times in the last 2 months….


    @ Word



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  • ethug

    wack videos aren’t artsy.

  • queensgetthemoney

    @Truth what songs on his album had autotune cause i didnt hear it

  • ColoradoKnight

    Frank is definitely talented. His mixtape/album (whatever they’re marketing as now?) is dope. Video was crazy. That slap caught me WAY the f**k off guard though, hahaha.

  • Kong

    Truth has no idea what he’s talking about… I can’t vouch for his live performance, but there was no autotune on nostalgiaULTRA.

  • Word

    @Truth What were you listening to cuz I didnt hear a single Auto-Tune cut on the mixtape. On “There Will Be Tears” he uses something similar but not for the whole song. This dude used his natural voice this whole mixtape. Not really a fan of this song tho but the rest of the mixtape was dope.

    But this video man. I knew all of Odd Future was…well….Odd, but I thought Frank was somewhat normal. This shit was kinda…ehhh…what the hell was he rubbing on his face at the end? A better video coulda took this song to higher places cuz it plays constantly on the radio. But hey, do you. i expected something like the Acura Integurl video.

    And yall niggas dont realize that Tyler is the reason all these guys including Frank is shyning. So for you to say Odd Future will fall off except Frank ,shit makes no sense. They all friends. You cant have one with the other.

  • Truth

    @kong @queen

    I like Frank Ocean but his live performances proved that he can’t sing and that he used pitch correction on his album (aka autotune) and is not a vocalist. He can’t call himself a singer he cannot sing. He is still a good songwriter but definitively not a SINGER aka someone who can’t sing.
    This is probably why Def Jam never promoted his album…

    These vocals are awful

  • Belize


  • Such hate. I love it. It’s different and you all tend to hate what’s different but c’mon, Odd Future isn’t going anywhere.
    Coming to House of Blues this Saturday, I’ll see you all there.

  • GTFO

    @Truth: It’s a live performance at the Highline Ballroom. And it was a great performance, I was there. Try going to an actual concert then judge. Armchair-Quarterback. Do better or shut up.

  • Chendwe


    I think you’re just paranoid about autotune. I’m not saying dude can sing on command, but thats obviously his voice on the tape. It may have taken him several takes to get it right, which isn’t a luxury u have when you’re performing live, but if u listen to songs like “Static” or “We All Try” its pretty clear that its his own voice and that he’s hitting notes. The lines do get blurred sometimes tho, because he uses vocal effects to add to the atmosphere of several tracks, and nobody but him knows whether part of the motivation was to cover something up.

    Whatever tho, I’m really not too worried about it one way or another. The Weeknd is better anyway.

  • Truth

    he can’t sing live.End of the story I miss the time when singers could actually sing live. I’m not calling him talentless I just said he can’t sing. He is not a singer he is a good songwriter who pretends to be a singer.His live vocals are horrible and he has absolutely no vocal range. He should take singing lessons. Def Jam didn’t want to promote him as a singer because he is not a singer. That’s all. If you think that his vocals are good you really need new ears…

  • Diss Honest

    TBH, I was never planning on seeing Odd Future live anyway. So as long as he sounds good on tape, I’m cool.

  • Big Bank Take Little Bank

    Yeah, Frank Ocean can sing. Good video, son!!

  • Johnny Walker

    For those people wondering what he is putting on his face at the end… while Novocaine “shots” are what people often think of when they this of Novocaine, it’s most common application is in gel form… something that looks sort of like Vaseline. That why he starts to sing off beat, and you can see one side of his face slumping… Doubt they used actual Novocaine, but I’m sure that’s the effect they were trying to achieve in the visuals.

  • Johnny Tsunami

    Vasecaine? Ok well thats retarded.


    i agree with truth if he didn’t have talent he wouldn’t get this far we all agree he got talent but that live sing is questionable…but ODD FUTURE is covering every base from singing to producing that’s crazy

  • billy rae valentine

    in defense of live singing:

    i’ve thought the same thing as Truth about singers before but MANY times live singing comes off really bad on video. i don’t think it’s fair to judge someones’s singing off of a VIDEO of one of their shows. i’m not trying to beef with people but that’s my take. i agree that his range is limited, for example. but i sing and sing live; i consider frank’s vocals and range better than mine, and certainly better than Drake’s or Kid Cudi’s (who i’ve virtually never seen criticized as poor singers).

    i thought the same thing about Brandon Flowers of The Killers because i’d never actually seen him in person, just in videos on youtube. his voice sounded weak and amateur. bu then i saw him at coachella and it was amazing.

  • rapradar has their own video sharing service now?

  • @Johnny Walker – These people on here who watched this vid know nothing. Thank you for giving them the explanation.

  • Junya

    @gtfo i didnt evn kno Frank Ocean Was in Odd Future When I First heard Him SO Cut It Out

  • RC

    The video should have been much better. I found it weird as shit as well.

    But then they would be Odd Future if they did normal shit in the first place so, fuck it.

    But that Acura vid was nice as fuck. He could have did better for his Novacane video.

    This dude can sing. Auto-Tune is not the super fixer everyone thinks it is. Regular folks don’t know anything about recording. They think Auto Tune is the only plug in you can use to fix vocals. Cause its all they ever hear about.

    Frank has talent. He has really good songs. And when I’m riding around his songs bang in the whip. And good look on that Live Performance. Shit sounds good to me.

    Love Crimes is the shit. I like that song and We All Try

  • Blogger

    Yall Dont Know Shit The Name Of The Song Is Called Novacane Talking About Drugs Which Is A Metaphor For The Vibe And Enjoyment He Gets Out Of A Girl When A Person Is On E Or Coke Rubbing Lotion Or Vaseline Or Any Type Of Skin Applicant Feels Good To The Skin

  • Original Will

    Yea Frank Ocean Name actually helped odd future becuz he was like the only 1 with a major deal and triccy stewart(dream’s guy) signed him to be apart of a writing team Franc has already wrote for some big names b4 odd future got this hype but tbh Odd Future been going in for some time my nigga ur jus late to the party if u thinc they put him on tho like the only time i seen franc at one of their concerts is at the hammerstein shit he wasnt even with them at the sxsw or the mtv woodies which are 2 big promo spots like when they are overseas i dont even thinc he goes with them like all those skits and shit he wasnt even there to do them with them

  • The video isn’t what I expected but is good, quite artistic. Frank Ocean will be big.

    The Speaker of Truth has spoken.

  • This is your brain on drugs.

  • Santa

    There is a reason there is autotune on Novacaine. It kicks in on certain words because its supposed show the lack of emotion is certain words. The novacaine(her love) makes him numb

  • pharell cant sing, and he still has some of the hotter songs that Ive heard. Plus 70 percent of the rappers thats out cant even rap, and we still support all that bullshit. Frank that nigga. Its almost like sacrificing graphics for great gameplay. I’ll take gameplay anyday.

  • b griff

    i’m sure there are some hypocrite mothafuckas on here talkin about how he can’t sing and autotune is whack…check your itunes/ipod/etc. i’m sure you have some lil wayne, t-pain, drake, etc. on there you do realize almost everyone out right now has used, or messed with autotune it’s hot…get with the times, i however do not listen to this mainstream bullshit, but i do fuck with Odd Future, i’m not with the bandwagon though…Frank Ocean has more talent in him than a lot of you people shit talkin on here, clearly if someone is gonna re-release this or what not then clearly he’s blowing up, accept it