Tech N9ne Speaks On Charting Billboard

Bootleg Kev caught up with Tech N9ne a few days ago in Las Vegas. Tech spoke on All 6’s & 7’s debuting at number four on Billboard. He says that he’s working on a new collabo album and explains what happened to his Eminem duet.

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  • Greatest19


  • Mr X

    strange music 4 lyfe blud

  • Mr X

    Isn’t Cezar spittin on turkey?? lol

  • Mike



  • Donn

    If Tech was any other artist he would be clowned for charting at *4 but hypocrits are gonna find a way to justify it. Much success though Tech

  • @icy
    you have any other music out bro?

  • rwto

    I’ve noticed rapradars comment section is full of hating retarded faggots.. get a life fucking booty bandits

  • Black Shady

    @Donn ; but #4 independently and #4 on a major is 2 different things…

  • dmfslimm

    was bumpin the album last night full of that shit. thats good he charted at #4. its a pretty good cd, couldve left out some skits.

  • Money mitch


    I don’t like techs music per se, but he’s sold over one million albums by himself, which for example is way more cake than officer rickys entire discography only being double platinum and having to give it all to suavehouse/slip n slide/ def jam

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  • Donn

    @Black Shady.. It says Strange Music is distributed by Fontana whose Parent Company is Universal

  • b sb

    #4 independently and #4 on a major is 2 different things…



  • Teraby

    not one of my fav artist..but he’s a smart guy actually and made millions off the independent grind..
    …They already giving out 4G Cellphones..but ONLY if you live in United States..i got 2..sent 1 to my mom house & 1 to my

  • Sonny Carson’s Son

    Tech’s a veteran. Independence is always the biz. Fuck a deal


    So Icy Boi.Dont go brag about lollipop waynes sales.That nigga had to push his shit back to august because he was too afraid to compete with Hell: The Seguel EP.
    Too afraid to drop his shit the same day as Royce and EM,cause thats when the original date was for the carter4.But then birdman heard Bad Meets Evil was coming so they froze it and pushed it back.PUSSYS!


    For the uninformed…

    1. Tech has fortress. Like a camping ground with warehouse of his merchandise that he sells daily. He sells a LOT of shirts, hats, stickers, hoodies, etc…
    2. He’s part owner of Strange Music. He’s only distributed by “Fontana”. So basically he works off his own budget.
    3. The fact he charted #4 isn’t the crazy part, the fact that he sold 50k first week is.
    4. Do y’all realize how much he makes off of each CD? As the artist. Then as part owner. Yeah, more money than just about 7 out of the hottest 10 rappers out right now.
    5. Dude does shows damn near all year round. He did a KOD tour that Slaughterhouse was on maybe a year n a half ago. 47 shows. 50 nights. Add that money up off of a promo for that album.
    6. Basically, he’s the dopest self promoter out. He immediately puts his artists in a position that they can propser financially. In that same warehouse, he stores n sells via his website, product for each of them as well. If you can name any novelty product, he sells it. And his artists eat off that too. Not to mention, I’m sure he gets his share as well.
    7. Tech 9 has one of the best followings as an artist you’ll find. They’ll buy anything he makes, n with him getting more publicity, he’ll get more.
    8. Not many “rappers” can buy a phantom, bentley, n Lamborghini before they even have their biggest charted album. Tech 9 is one of them.
    9. Independent is where fans say “does he even rap anymore?” or “he hasn’t dropped a song in forever”. But that’s where the artist knows if he has a great fanbase, n great work ethic, he can eat n make money for a long time.
    10. Tech 9 has been doing this since day one. Biggest independent selling artist there is. Point blank.

  • Belize

    Translation: Since Em doesn’t work with dope rappers who went wack by working with wannabes like Wee Gayne (which Tech falls into), he didn’t want to work with me.

  • Moose hit it right on the Head.

  • Belize

    Lil wayne make me horny oops i ment eminem

  • xFUCK

    hey belize are you male or female? or something in between?

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  • SqueeGee

    Wish Em coulda been on the album, but not really a big deal


    @ So Icy Boi , Bitch your music iz wack as hell man . You fuckin suck dick .. give it up homie , you aint neva gunna get recognized cuz your jus a pussy wit a weak flow . For real man give it up , an quit your fuckin Im tough n gangsta shit homie . Everyone knows your a bitch from your lil pics wit your water pistol man . For real people like you should get bitch slapped around . go join fuckin musical theater or something an give dis shit up. Your jus makin yourself look dumb dude.

  • Chris

    @Belize, u do know Eminem has 3 songs with Lil Wayne right?

  • jams

    @ICY FAG you suck and your fake ass album sucks dick. im a rapper too i gonna make a fake twitter page too you dumb foggot.

  • @ Moose

    Get point fam. But the public fail to realize that. They think u make all of ur money off of record sales…When will they learn?

  • Are we EVER gonna get to hear EMINEM and Tech BLAZE a track together? DAMN…it would be sick.

  • wow

    know what I´m sizzling! lol

  • darius

    Moose summed it up perfectly, but Tech’s music sucks!

  • Chris

    @darius u just haven’t heard the right songs. Tech has different types of songs for a whole bunch of different types of people. Tell me, what is your Top 10?