Def Jam Uprising: Big Sean

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We already got Part 1 of Def Jam’s new video series but this time, they focus on Big Sean and his experience at this year’s Hot 97 Summer Jam 2011.

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  • Ben

    Big Sean is shit.

  • dll32

    you meant he is the SHIT ! Dude is dope. He’s real.
    Not trying to be a hard ass nikka like the rest of dem’ clowns…

  • Finally Still Not Famous

    Lets be honest here, FF the album is weak as shit. That was a 2-spin album, and the second spin was just to check and make sure there wasn’t a single song that I still wanted to listen to.

  • music man

    you meant he is the SHIT ! Dude is dope. He’s real.
    Not trying to be a hard ass nikka like the rest of dem’ clowns…


  • BIg Sean is alright, I dont think he’s ALL that though. Better than Waka though

  • Lockness

    im not hatin but im just not feelin this dude at all…

    i dont even know why kanye signed him… i hope he proves me wrong

  • Corbon15

    ^^^ i agree…I don’t see what all the hype is about honestly..
    ..FINALLY!! got to quit my job after 5 years..i just wanna share this with everybody… it ain’t as hard as you think

  • Word

    Imean great production, features, and memorable hooks saved his album. Also a few witty lines from this guy made me chuckle. But his VOICE, horrible! That voice of his is so friggin annoying. That voice of his was almost enough to ruin the album for me, cuz if you cant stand to listen to the actual artist, then whats the point? His voice is too high pitched and corny. But he had good songs. Some were very wack tho like that “Dance (A$$)” song which was very ass. And this dude actually got outshined by Wiz on a track and he not even that good a rapper he just make good catchy songs. But yeah, overall the album was decent tho.

    Out of the new rappers: TML > Finally Famous > Attention Deficit > Rolling Papers. But I feel like imma enjoy Coles the most. Lost Ones still on repeat. Same with Cheer Up, Work Out, etc etc etc.

  • Humanoid

    ^I can agree with that lineup, although GOD it’s depressing how badly these new guys’ albums are turning out, isn’t it?

    Adding a few of my personal favorite up-and-comers:

    K.R.I.T. Wuz Here > Man on the Moon = Thank Me Later > Pilot Talk > Adventures of Bobby Ray > Finally Famous > Attention Deficit > Rolling Papers

  • Thank god i`m fresh

    the shit thats crazy is that this album has about 1/12345678983475382901293487 of the publicity that eminems EP got. that shit is just unbelievable

  • JustSaying

    I’m happy for Big Sean

  • Word


    Imean I was only counting mainstream releases. KRIT wuz here is definitely better than everything I listed up there. And I dont count Cudi cuz he has two albums out, and I really dont even consider him a rapper sometimes but if you throw him in there then yeah probably same as TML in quality. Curren$y been out for years so I didnt count him either, otherwise I enjoyed Pilot Talk 1, 2 and Covert Coup more than most of what I listed. And BoB dont count him much as a rapper either but he falls after Finally Famous and Attention Deficit to me, but better than Rolling Papers.

  • Converse

    Cyhi>>>>>>>>>>>Big sean

    I respect his grind and story and all but music wise dude is WACK!

  • Belize

    Big Sean is overrated. I respect where he’s coming from, but he’s just WACK. It’s hard to get into any of his shit, cuz it’s…well…shit.

  • Hater, The Troll!



  • Humanoid


    I don’t categorize artists into genres more than I have to, and I don’t discredit an artist just because he expands his sound a little bit (or god forbid harmonizes a hook). The only parameters that I used were 1) For the artists to have peaked their mainstream recognition in the last 5 years, and 2) For the artists themselves to consider the project listed to be their first major album.

  • Word


    Two questions. Where did I descredit an artist for expanind their sound? And where did I make up another genre?

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  • M.T

    Finally Famous was alright.

  • NY is HARD!

    Not that good,sorry.Def overhyped.

  • Humanoid


    I never said u made up a genre, but you were kicking rappers out of rap left and right. I was just saying that I don’t look at things that way; at the end of the day, its all just audio, and I’m interested in the best or most interesting audio that I can find. I couldn’t care less what sub-category somebody wants to pigeonhole it into.

    And the discrediting an artist thing was just an expansion on that idea (think of how often u see a good song posted on this site, only for some narrow-minded douche to pop up in the first comment saying nothing but “not rap”).

    Sorry if the last comment came off more directed-at-you than I intended, I was only trying to detail the thought process that went into my original post.

  • Word


    Kicking rappers out left and right? I was just saying out of all the NEW rappers that EVERYONE is familiar with, those are the order of their albums in terms of how much I enjoyed it. Not everyone is familiar with KRIT, Curren$y, Mac Miller, or anybody else. But theres a clear cut set of freshman rappers who are signed with vets like Jay, Kanye, Wayne and Ross who have dropped albums and those are who I listened. If I wanted to include ALL albums, I wouldve. But im only talking freshman. And KRIT doesnt have a major release yet and Cudi aint a freshman.

    Trust me, im not narrow minded. I dont comment and say “not rap” and I dont seperate genres too heavily. I was just saying which new rappers albums I liked. Thats all. I dont care bout sub-categoryies cuz I didnt even use any. And I dont care bout expansion of sound in this post. I just care about which artist who put out their first album within the last two years had the best one.

  • THIS IS A GOOD SONG==> <=Is this a good song?