Game & Kevin Durant Go HAM On The Court

During this past weekend’s Drew League basketball game, Chuck and his Black Wallstreet “Go Ham” team enlisted NBA star Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley. At the end of the whistle, they topped the K&E Bulldogs 106-100. Here are some highlights of the game.


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  • southwest

    KD #1

  • The Word

    those who hate this song are losers

  • that KD dunk was ill but game was looking winded he looked much better at the rucker

  • Original Will

    how do you have 4 NBA players on ur team n u only win by 6 LOL ol cheating ass

  • okeons

    fast thinkers never lose…….

  • Word

    Kevin Durant and them long ass orangutan arms.

  • blake

    @Original Will

    LMAO Exactly!!

  • Crouch Tiger

    ^^….that tells you those who make it..are talented..but also being in the right place and right people around u..
    … FINALLY!! got to quit my job after 5 years..i just wanna share this with everybody… it ain’t as hard as you think

  • Oguzhan

    Name of the song?

  • Sonny Carson’s Son

    @dagooch smoking to much cali lush lmao

    Game can hoop I will give him that. If he would spend that much energy making a hit record, R.E.D. would be buzzing.

    KD yanked that shit tho son!

    PS no way that was Kev Durant – the dude in the video isn’t wearing a backpack.

  • Koola

    Lmao @ dat fag Menace and Game catching his breath like he gon jog for 3 days straight HAHAHA!

  • BiggaBooBoogieChild

    Mike Beasley is that dude.