• troy

    Money ain’t a thang!

  • Sam Houston

    Once again Jay trying to look young.

  • Dashing

    ^ He does look young.

  • music man

    jay z laughing at birdshit and lil wayne

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Forget M.I.B. 3 start working on BAD BOYS 3. Bad Boys 2 was “OK” the first one is a classic. Jay still making power moves.

  • The Word

    Jigga sucks…Will is cool though

  • Miss Peaches

    @Sam Houston…oh please…dont look now but your elitist cumberband is showing! If I had a dollar for every man who between 35 and 50 wore his baseball cap backwards…I would be sitting pretty.

  • Big Willie

    FYI Will Smith’s mother maiden name is . . .DASH and she is a relative, funny how history repeats itself. Run with Dash’s move like Cassius #punintended

  • +9

    F-king Legends.

    You can tell jay is proud that will is the hollywood version of what jay z is in a way.

    I’ve seen them before together they are possibly gonna keep ruling the roc nation together, peace


  • Chris

    That’s a 41 year old man by the way.

  • 106

    Is he in the movie?

  • c.j

    jigga dress your age dammit……really embarrassing now

  • ruthless

    ILLUMINATI a.k.a. black men getting paid in the arts according to you c-section hoebags.

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  • Mike B

    Can’t front…that is a boyish outfit ha

  • Michelle

    Think they’re laughing at 50?

  • t

    jigga starting to dress like ye

  • ree cee

    who album droppin first

    willow or j cole

  • dope

    Young Hov!

  • Isn’t Jay the one that had cats wearing button ups ? yall gettin mad at what cats are wearing lol – just respect the power moves — if i was worth millions id wear whatever the hell I wanted



    Jay look like a typical bully who tries to act cool.Look at that shit,cap on backwards and a big gold chain..he looks like a 15 year old.And dont give me that man in black 3 bullshit,is this all hollywood can come up with? Sequels and follow-ups over 10 years after the original was out.Well i guess Will need a nr 1 movie again so he agreed to do man in black 3.All these kiddies like that shit and Will is a sucker for big budget movies with alot of data effect,greenscreen shots and computer technoligy

  • Ha IDK why people care what Jay is wearing. Rich people don’t give a shit what they wear. But Lets see how this movie turns out. It’s gonna make alot of money just because of Will.

    Follow Me @KreativeMente


  • RoeLuv

    lol @ these cats telling Hov how to dress. He rocks a suit when it’s business, when you’re worth $450 mil you dress how u wanna


    You young niggas on here sound madd because yall cant find the snap back he’s wearing

    get off that man dick.. yall dudes sound funny critiquing how he dress – how about you get off ya

    lazy ass and make something out yourself like he did… the funny thing is when your a boss it dont

    matter how you dress – cause you dont answer to no one.. and i guess your looking at a prime

    example with Jay-Z – he’s obviously doing something right, he married Beyonce, own a couple

    companies and he is still able to dictate pop culture

  • t
  • EMINEM is an ICON. Jay…..wannabe ICON.

  • protoman

    …still sold more records than…

  • dre

    i knew it was all bussiness..sign willow n will put him in movies





  • Hova

    @ Aaron so Jay is not an Icon? GTFOH! Em is only popular with white ppl. Jay is a prime example of being an icon. Everyone in rap is on his dick, including the rapper you suck dick from Eminem.

  • t


  • motivation, hov is the illest nigga ever, fuck a hater, up 500 milly chillin with big willy on the set of a 1 billion dollar franchise… thanks hov

  • Original Will

    The clothes are cool but come on Jigga the Snapbacc with it turned baccwards i know hes the trendsetter but it look like he following the trends now come on a Snapbacc Jay really my nigga he shouldve checced himself in the mirror before he stepped out

  • #pause….but who’s money is longer, Jay or Will’s?

  • Original Will

    anybody that cosigns that 40 something man wearing a snapbacc baccwards is Lame its lame for these kids to be wearing that shit so its lame for him too nothing to do with age but it does a little bit becuz kids have no sense of style these dayz i look bacc on what i wore as a kid and laugh and so do everybody else but these kids these dayz are stealing their parents style from when they were kids so it does look bad that he’s that old and he’s hopping on a bad fashion trend but hey at the end of the day he worth 500 million so it really dont matter

  • zubz

    These aint even real clothes hov is pyjama rich !!!

  • FreakyRobber

    “Volume 3 Still Sold More Records Than Will Smith” –Jigga

  • TC

    Volume 3 still sold more records than Will Smith


    That’s a lot of money just sitting there

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    SMH @ broke niggas complaining about what a multimillionaire is wearing , shit is borderline gay if you ask me .I’m yet to see Mark Cuban in a suit & he’s a billionaire , Jay don’t gotta answer to noone he can do what he wants

  • no1


  • Nickey Black

    Instead of ppl concerning themselves with following the footsteps(blueprints) of Hov and Will, majority of these comments are concerned with Jays fashion?

    This should start a new dialog of conversation:

    Why are men so materialistic now?
    Why do men look at other men clothes and critique?
    Since when did men become so bitchy?
    Are these particular men considering homosexuality?

    My god my god smdh

    I can’t wait for the movie. It’s gonna gross well over 300mil in the 1st month out. Jay & Will did one of the best things that 2 black men can do: PARTNERSHIP AND NETWORK

    All you dudes complaining about Jays fashion and age, go back to school. Your missing out on LIFE!

  • t

    yo nickey take a fucking chill pill. this is a hip hop blog! it documents culture and fashion is a part of our culture . . yeezy still needs to teach yoou well

  • ty

    instead of looking at the outfit how about watch and learn how to earn better

  • everbody that talk shit about jay and will are jealous simple as that, they rich you think they give a fuck what your broke ass say smh……………grow up!

  • @TheGod_X

    I guess he’s running Speilberg down now, HA!!! *YN Laugh*

  • Donn

    Lol at the ignorance on the comment boards..

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  • Hood Ass Nigga

    Y’all americans are some haters!!! I bet Jay watch is a Audemart that cost 50,000 dollars!

  • @Doobs_on_deck

    cats dissin HOV 4 what? makes no since, let that man get his chips and u get yours!

  • TheCool

    Why do niggas give a fuck what hes wearing? Yu want him in a suit so yu could kiss the picture? The man is married to Beyonce and has made moves in his life. While you’re on a computer… Criticizing his cloths.

    But yehh, I’m a fan of what Will does. Great actor. Idk how MIB 3 will turn out, but I respect for Will.

  • Nickey Black

    At T, that wasn’t to smart of a comeback. Clearly we can talk fashion, but to become obsessively homo about a man’s clothes is way beyond the borderline. Perhaps you should take a few deep breaths and ask yourself “Am I Gay?!”

    Cuz you sound like Lil B to me…..and you know what the “B” for?

  • cece

    he look like crap grow the fuck up already, such an embarrassment i don’t know how beyonce does it but, then again she is in france and could care less about this camel lol.

  • Ashin Kusher

    Wow, more comments on Jays hat than you get on New Music posts haha. Jay and Will are some serious movers. Two of the coolest cats alive as well.

  • Word

    Hangover 2 grossed alot of money, but that shit was wack and corny. MIB3 will gross alot of money, but I doubt its gonna be anything MIB1 was. I feel like a MIB3 is very unnecesary. I felt like MIB2 was too. And a BB3 also Will? Come on man, you my favorite actor, can we get a brand new movie with a brand new plot that isnt a spin off or continuation of another movie? Imean, last movie he did that was original and good was I Am Legend. Hancock was decent and Seven Pounds was too depressing. Imma need another Independence Day-ish from The Fresh Prince.

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    At Word, I got one more idea for Will to do and of course it’s a part 2.


    This is my Fav Will film and if they can do The Bourne identity trilogy, well EOTS deserves 2 more. But no BAD BOYS 3, cuz #2 sucked and Hancock deserves 2 more. I am Legend, NO! IROBOT>> yes!

  • cece

    lol i’m glad he’s there and not here in france, now i can enjoy bey’s concert tonight without camel being here. he can stay there in ny and play as one of the aliens.

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  • messiah

    HOW DO YOU DRESS OUR AGE?? what constitutes a “age” outfit

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  • SP


  • Chunk

    lmao before this fashion trend started it was ONLY older dudes that were wearing snapbacks. Now they’re not allowed to at all smh

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  • Willie_mcfly22

    POWER and they BLACK! POW!!

  • Meezy

    Jay wearing one of those snake skin caps Don C made for ‘Ye

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  • Koola

    Fck this swagger-jacker Camel face!

  • rockafeller

    Fuck Jay-Z back!

  • DoRIte

    just wondering how much you have to be worth to”wear what you want” at any age since some use the fact that he’s worth a large sum of money as your reasoning? i actually agree with you i was just wondering what # gets you in that category?

  • DoRIte

    BUT jay does look a little foolish. i always thought he lacked a sense of style anyway. money cant buy a sense of style

  • hey

    dang Will hasnt aged a bit
    and uhh whats with the long ass comments/convo about Jay’s outfit…lame

  • Is Jay Z take part in men in black 3 ?

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  • mikey

    @Aaron Eminem= the great white hope. Jay-Z = ICON, legend, entrepenuer, trend follower, trend-setter, Beyonce’s husband…..nuff said

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  • PRO

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  • Some posts are just mean’t to be commented on, this is one. Thank you for an excellent read, so hard to find nowadays.