• shawn

    Joell and his blackberry, drake gets crucified when he did it . Joell does it in every freestyle video Lol

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  • Blaxdon

    Funny how Def jam and Dr.Dre left them both for dead……….Def jam ain’t the shit no more but does okay Dre though……Got mad $$$ at least

  • ayoooo

    “my autobiographic might be to graphic for you to grasp it”

    –joey one of the few niggas left in the game that make real music, YA’LL IN THAT MOOD YET

  • Marshall


  • Tyler, The Debater

    Something tells me the camera guy has a background in porn films, just a hunch…

  • llll

    This is embarrassing, lol!
    Joel using his phone and Joey using a verse from one of his songs!

  • ayoooo


    every nigga uses a verse from one of their songs, HA!

  • llll

    @ayoooo…..I know that, but they’re Shady now…..They should be more careful.

  • mac DIESEL



  • Bangers N Mash

    Complete fire… from both.

  • more careful ? shut that up – this one freestyle isnt goin to ruin they’re careers

  • fuk waka

    phone or no phone.. the bars were written by dem!
    and they are on fucking fire!!

  • Coroner

    What’s your problem?? Everybody writes his shit before a freestyle… Joell ain’t got the time to memorize it, but he can deliver it great! And that what matters! I

  • MXL

    Damn, she spelled BOTH of their names wrong? “Joe Buddens” and “Joell Ortez”? C’mon, son. That’s just disrespectful.

  • The Freestyle is dead, aint no one doin shit off the dome anymore… Shit does Jigga even go in without the pen and pad anymore?

  • Just Sayin

    Damn Joe’s verse is from Spring Training.

  • nujerz

    So disappointing no on freestyels no more and these are two dudes whose nice lyrically.

  • SmokeYou

    Remember when rappers used to really freestyle.

  • Black Shady

    blackberry freestyles still?

  • Chris

    Did Joe Budden just take a subliminal shot to BAD MEETS EVEIL? “I’ve been to HELL and back, the shit is overrated”

  • ^^^NO nigga.

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  • 9th wonder

    these bloggers are jokers who cares if they came off the dome or a blackberry delivery is key and i dont like hearing but a select few actually freestyle. Snoop, KRS that all

  • killed it like always…like always


  • Ben

    God dammit Joell! You can fucking rap!! Quit being so god damn lazy and think of your freestyles. Your D.O.A. freestyle was the shit… Just do what you used to do WITHOUT the blackberry.