• jjj


  • Fam

    New Spitta? Ehhyyyeaaa….JET LIFE!

  • swag

    FIRE. cant wait til the album comes out

    this album
    j coles album
    big seans album
    bad meets evil album
    nas’ album
    jay electronicas album(if it ever comes out)

    albums of ’11 so far..

  • LongLungz

    Everybody loves Spitta! Jet life Brotato chip jet life.

  • nasty kid

    your list was cool except for big sean that fool fell off hard!

  • Ray G.

    Big Sean is str8 garbage. Dont see what the hype is about.

  • I won’t say he’s wack. I’ll just say I don’t fuck with Curren$y. This shit don’t get me hype. Makes me want to do nothing but smoke blunts and imagine that I’m balling. Fuck that.

  • Mr.November

    word @ Errol James lol

    Funny how someone like Currensy doesnt have 100 haters on the post. I think hes going to do well in the industry, he stays doing his own sound. Wish him the best man.

  • vbodega

    are they sure the songs name aint get paid?

  • rap hustlin’ is the word & phrase for ole’ dude! beat is crazy as always….the homie is a chill dude doin what he do…. feelin the movement homie, J.E.T. life fool

  • wouzi

    DAMN!!!!!!! THIS IS FIRE!!!!!!!!.. JET LIFE!!!!!!!! AND ALWAYS WITH CLASSIC BEATS!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyler, The Debater


  • Tyler, The Debater

    Yo it just hit me, this is like some PAC shit!

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