• Aj

    Tell me how my rap is: back on da scene wit the mac and gat. Servin em rats,not kit kats. Big ups to all the doe stackas. All the real niggas, and the hoe snatchers. Pop pop gotta drop, or u gone bruh. So many done past that I long for. Fuck politics, I probably flip, if they fuck with my grip.

  • Tj

    Damn Aj that was nice son. You should get signed.

  • @Aj, u tryin to bring that 90s rap back huh? I guess it was ok.

  • duuude

    LOL “pop pop gotta drop, or you gone bruh”


  • 50 tyson fan

    50 tyson would rip you in a freestyle battle AJ

  • Donn


  • Aj

    @50 Tyson fan, tell dat nigga to bring it on then.

  • Mr. A From Tha T

    ^^^ post a mixtape link, I’ll be checkin for ya

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    I’m kinda madd there’s more comments about Aj’s rap than the actual song posted itself. lol

  • Converse

    [email protected] ur WACK: If I take two step to the mic u might as well call it a nite, ur like vince young minus the hype. ur abc rhymes are the opposite of tight like two mif pussy or a cig dont trip lil nigga im nasty thats an upgrade from ill. been that way for a min cant u see or hear please tell superman to lend u his ears ima kill u with mental violence i stay spitting and burning mic like the jackson 5 whts up with ya ebonics u sound like a dyslexic poser tryna fit in. like a sumo in a kiddie pool nigga ur confuse ask a nigga name amaya or mrcee for sum advice

  • Converse

    Anyway them snow bunnies looking nicee LUDA!

  • Uh oh

    Luda actually delivered a better than usual flow on this pop shit.

  • djnerdnyc

    Notice the only two rappers asked to collab on a pop track is pitbull or luda lMAO!!

  • Converse

    Haha i guess u didnt [email protected]: talking slick behind ya pops com want get cha u tha hype im washup? naw your thought process just couldnt fathom my rhymes are time less like the mag or goodtime im looking in a double mirror ur on the outside while im fucking your girl in the inside ur not ready even if u check today date and times it by 5 and raise it im on another level dont disrespect the kicks known for stomping bitch niggas out like fist brown dont cough or ur be weezing for air but to see your eyes rollback would be priceless like an irreplaceable gift

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  • jon

    fukin WACK! crapradar stay failing yet try to convince themselves otherwise. Its sad. u KNOW this is garbage. Play the GAME though, right–faggots?

  • DoubleR

    Wouldn’t call this pop :S… why always everybody hating on club music, you guys can’t see them girls grind against you while the music is blasting out them speakers, poor for you then.. i’m out going to the club bumpin this Later

  • Devil/liveD

    ^Why wouldn’t u call this pop, when it’s clearly and blatantly pop? David Guetta + Taio Cruz + Ludacris + listen to the damn thing = POP.

  • Aj

    For @Converse: this bitch nigga tried to jack my style, mentioning my gone pops, so hoe its on now. You dont wanna get rolled out. Betta bring ya guns thru da door, or u gon get blown out. See im too fast for this mark to keep up. See I advance in my flow, u a repeater. Fuck converse, I’d rather rock the fubus or fila. Im puttin u in da dirt after u murked. But it should be school. Obviously never learned about commas, and periods fool.

  • Converse

    Haha come on fam u clearly loss lmao I dont even rap that shit was just str8 off tha dome ya feel me? step ya lyrics up

  • Aj

    @Converse, yo shit was weak as hell. Boy I killed yo ass. And my shit was off da dome too. You put no periods or commas in your stuff, so it was hard to tell what the fuck u was saying. U suck nigga. I was wayyy better. Try flipping burgers or something. But dont try me in a rap battle

  • @Converse, Aj won man. And I dont like that rap battle bullshit. But he was nice as hell.

  • Pat

    AJ > Converse

  • BK

    @aj i hope u was joking u suck! goddamn u must be from the south

  • Aj

    @BK, Im straight out of Chicago punk. If I suck, then u must listen to the New Boyz all day sissy.

  • Hip-Hop Fan

    @Aj Soulja boi have better lyrics then you smh

  • David Guetta is the best DJ in the world! I’m a real fan, thanks you for sharing.