New Music: Travis Porter “Birthday Girl” x “You Don’t Know”

Go shorty, it’s your birthday—well more specifically it’s the latest single from the trio featuring Bei Major, which will cater to radio. Below is their other single, which will serve the streets. Album coming soon.

“You Don’t Know”


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  • Any fellas there lookin to get yo dick sucked, im yo girl. Love to shake my ass fo some cash. Just call for some pussy at 1-773-692-7745. Ps. I dont want no broke niggas

  • Yung Silv

    these records r crazy bei maejor on the beat and hook is dope

  • Mr. A From Tha T

    I can sensiorly say that thisis the best i have herd from them, i mess with them 2 joints


    both them joints some cool tracks…

  • Converse

    Roscoe dash>>>>>>>>> track cool tho

  • xtrajordinary


  • Ben


  • How come these dudes can get away with simple ass Dr. Seuss rhymes, but Soulja Boy gets hate for the same fucking reason? I fucks with that “You Don’t Know” song by the way

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