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  • Noringtone

    Great song.

  • huh

    wow this song really really really sxcks. what happpened game? Dope Boyz, My life, Westside Story. aww man r.i.p.

  • john f

    hes got a hit on his hands

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  • Antho

    Awesome song can’t wait for RED

  • JHP

    This song is really dope, hopefully this will be that radio single Game’s been looking for. Red Nation didn’t exactly do that, and that Bottles & Rockin’ J’s song was bullsh*t.

  • G8

    Yo Game make hood Anthem Classic album. See if you can get All the O.G.s on Spit club Bangger , Ridding toward to Streets of L.A., Playing with some freaks on beach. Last song Looking of the city from the Griffith Observatory like today was a good day. I’m Just saying, But Keep doing you. Word…

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  • yoooooo

    exclusive chris brown footage @ http://www.youtube.com/MrStillrill titled RESPECT

  • tim tim

    what happen to Game, dude just can’t seem to make a good hip hop record anymore. Its not bad but has zero replay value.

  • Tiiz

    So Tyler the Creator and Chris Brown will be on the same album? That should be fun.

  • bk

    @tim tim

    listen to Game’s:
    Monsters In My Head
    The Kill
    I’m Home
    Keepin It Real

    and then say he can’t make a good hip-hop record anymore.
    Pot Of Gold is dope and the potential big radio single Game is looking for

  • c

    didnt expect to like this. Not team breezy at all but song was dope

  • mac DIESEL

    “Pot Of Gold”





  • Pardon My Fresh Music Group
  • Original Will

    yea he got it with this 1 red nation wasnt even a good street anthem that justin timberlake shit was trash and shake but this is good i can hear this on somebody movie trailer years from now

  • Certified




  • still best rite now!!

    hopefully the album fillers are bangers…kuz the leaks & singles are trash.
    plus he shootin that vid with Tyler the Creator *holds breath*

  • Craddyshaq

    It’s funny how many haters there still are that use the same argument against him.. he hit rihanna, yet we have no idea what happened in the car, and the chick is on his nuts again.. yall made hes back on top.. get the fuck over it.. do you realize EVERYONE wants to work with him right now because everything he touches is gold.. #LEHGO bitches

  • Donn

    Happy to see ppl respecting the art form of crafting a good radio record. Every album has to have it. Get over it.

  • RedRocBoy

    @BK You R Right Sir R.E.D.

  • Sonny Carson’s Son

    Yea I hate to say it but I think he got one! Bout fuckin time.

  • Braniak

    sit your ass down you clown!

    wut you know about the “W”

    and yes this is a wack song not the Game I know shit rather listen to “camera phone”

  • Kema

    this might be a hit..i fux with it…
    …They already sending out Free test models of iPad 2..but ONLY if you live in United States..i got 2..sent 1 to my mom house & 1 to my dorm..lol http://goo.gl/qWGyY

  • and another one

    Anyone wanna wager that Alex Da Kid is on the boards?

  • Howoldruboy?

    Jayceon after all the attempts this is what you come up with? It’ll have to do I guess.

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    I’m not tryna solo anybody out or anything but… I hope you people know TIMES HAVE CHANGED! This isn’t 2004 and back anymore, it’s all about business now! An artist main goal is to main relevant, make songs that appeal to a wide rang audience, sell records, and at the end of the day, stack dey paper!

    People complain that songs like this is just ‘pop-radio-friendly-bull’! Well one question! How is an artist supposed to eat if they don’t!? I mean… Just look how “Red Nation” was received for example! And not just speaking on Game, but all artists!… Heh, people wild! smh…

    On another note, DOPE SINGLE GAME, I will be purchasing this off iTunes along with your album first minute it drops! GAME FTW!

  • Killa K

    I was not expecting much but I actually really enjoyed it. Great track.

  • Donn

    @Lil Maejar…COSIGN. How these artist posed to eat and grow as artist

  • The Word

    It’s not The Game…..The Game was a nigga who could make actual hits….Game sucks ass….

  • R.E.D.

    Game’s the best rapper alive, along with Nas.. thats it fuck the rest… maybe throw in Lupe in there too

  • slimshady



    Game fell off. Get a Toomp or Dre single out there ya batti bwoy.

  • StudioThug4ever

    R.E.D. Bitch Boys

  • StudioThug4ever

    And fuck radio.

  • Pat



    hit song, expect this to be on radio top 10 nigga

  • Ola

    Very much prefer this to B&Rocking js

  • $$$$$$

    The problem with game is the same as dr dre or scott scorcth.

    They re do the same song over and over and they pierce the paper and it sucks bad..

    Game did good with pollow and mr.brown (not bobby) with there fast 24 hour tribute to Mj the day after he died. So use your first takes game your wasting your $$$$ that technic is now no good
    But there celebs so they will keep thinking what method they use before should still work..
    Society is different more stress for all of us now.. he needs to work on a new method then what he used for dr doc..umentary

  • Ray G.

    Garbage. Never liked Game.

  • Blue

    Instrumental really really reminds me of Airplanes. Song is whatever…

  • G

    50 murder his career!

  • Converse


  • Aj

    @BK Im sorry! Youre right Chi-town is not hard or gangster please forgive me for my lies. Rick Ross music got me telling stories, im just a kid from the surburbs please for give me.

  • mskoff

    the sample is from a Guster song called Rocketship

  • blackghost

    o for 5

  • yup

    Hit Single here! I liked Rocking J’s that was a a great car bumpin track, but i hear that’s actually DJ Khaled’s track.

    I heard this song already on the radio a couple times, hope this gets on i tunes soon

  • Ashin Kusher

    I hope this gets him the buzz he wants cause I just don’t want RED delayed anymore. It’s not a bad song, the hook isn’t really doing much. Quite basic. The verses from Game are dope though.


    I like this track. I like the Game delivery and Chris’s hook

    4 out 5 stars

    Just sounds a lil radioish, but i understand

  • we all have to be rational, every album has to appeal to the masses these days, with radio, street bangers, knowledge, and somthing for the ladies, that is every album all of us have ever bought in the last twenty years, that is why artist make mix tapes so we can get the hard shit if we want it, the life of an artist is all about satisfying other people, once you put it out it is no longer yours, it may have your name on it but now it is on display for the rest of every generation to hear, see, taste, smell and touch. Great song either way keep it up Game

  • R&G

    the futures are really bad. Lil Gayne, cris brown, tylor.
    Why not kokane , butch cassidy ice cube wc ?

  • JT3000

    I think he keeps getting better as he gets older. This is a great radio song. He has more of a music ear than 50 it seems like.

  • downsouth

    you might like this song but its no hit

    shit trash to me i wanna see you niggaz riding to this

  • Nappy Pappy

    Pot of Gold > I don’t deserve you & So Forgetful

  • Cemal

    didnt he change his name to only “game”??? yet he keeps writing “the game” on covers :S

  • ColoradoKnight

    Nicest record I’ve heard Game put out in a long time.

  • sway-z

    @ Quinn Jones

    That’s the problem right there, everybody TRIES to cover all the bases, but they just doing it to do it, there’s no feeling in it.

    When Game did Hate it or Love it, whether it was 50’s song first or not, you could feel the emotion and realness of what he’s talking about, and the song blew up. It wasn’t “radio friendly” it was real shit that wound up on the radio, the way it’s supposed to be

  • JaccDanielz

    co-sign quinn

    dope song

  • Cemal

    did he make lebron rhyme with leprechaun??? hahahah thats fucking dope

  • Mr.Music.Fan

    Check out Estelle’s NEW hit single Ft. Rick Ross!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJ5zgVlh6uY

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  • This duet must be good.