Violating The Game: Chris Lighty Pt. 2

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Al Lindstrom continues his conversation with Chris Lighty. This time, they speak on Chris’ first meeting with 50 Cent, helping Drake land his Sprite deal, and guiding his clients.

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  • “Me And Chris Lighty/ Checks Is What We See Child”

    – Cam’ron 1999 on Violator: The Album

  • D-Boy

    Good watch

  • puerto-black

    yo, the way I been treated in this industry? Not nicely
    Little faggot motherfucker like [Mike Lightly]
    Tried to get someone to pop my chain
    Getting robbed dog, is not my game
    My nigga hopped out the van real quick, cocked that thang
    Reversed the situation, popped his chain
    Be happy we ain’t pop his brain
    Aiyoo, I treat that show money, Mike..
    Like it’s coke money, aight?
    So you better have it, consequence could be a casket
    I’m beyond forensic, a menace wit’ a matic
    I’ma leave ’em in the streets just splattered
    Beat and battered, fuck cops, police don’t matter
    Bring ’em to me

    Whats the story behind that?

  • Sam I Am

    Funny ass interview. what beat is that?