YN Playlist: Greatest Of Marvin

This for the ladies and the single dudes who need some assistance. I got the soundtrack but y’all gonna have to cop your own bottle of bubbly. Strap up, son.

1. “Let’s Get It On”

2. “Come Get To This”

3. “Distant Lover”

4. “You Sure Love To Ball”

5. “I Want You”

6. “Come Live With Me Angel”

7. “All The Way ‘Round”

8. “Soon I’ll Be Loving You Again”

9. “After The Dance”

10. “Is That Enough”

11. “Praise”

12. “Far Cry”

13. “Heavy Love Affair”

14. “Sexual Healing”

15. “Turn On Some Music”

16. “Life’s Opera”


“Got To Give It Up”

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  • 50 Cent is Back


  • dmfslimm

    nothing from “here, my dear”?!? anyway. coo list.

  • Chex

    no God is Love?

    Anna’s Song?

    Flyin High?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”This for the ladies and the single dudes who need some assistance”.

  • Fela Kuti

    Nice shyt.
    It’s amazing how Dilla flipd that God is Love sample.

  • get bucks

    If I Should Die Tonight is the real deal. Marvin Gaye is the architect of this R&B shit.

  • W

    This fits well: “Dance for me” http://youtu.be/dumNmB9sP-w

  • Wow, no inner city blues…..smh

  • Jadakiss

    ah-ha!!!!!!!! I might put some hoes in that white thang. yo poobs!!!!! fuck that!!!!!! we back baby!!!!! ah-haaaaa!!!!!!!!

  • Miss Peaches

    @Mr. Iceberg Slim: why would a single due who needs assistance be listening to the politically charged Inner City Blues? A place for everything and everything in its place sir.

  • You forgot about “Symphony,” G!

  • Belize

    Not hip-hop!

  • @Belize- really? do you know how many hip hop and rap artists have sampled marvin? you sir are an idiot. and who cares if it’s not hip hop? he’s one of the greatest.

    Got to Give it Up is my favorite! Followed by Mercy Mercy Me. And his songs with Tammi Terrell are some of the best duets ever.

  • Belize

    @Vexed and Glorious Still not hip-hop so stfu and spread them legs! 🙂

  • cstall

    Nice list. Marvin is the greatest and most soulful artist of all time. When did you stop loving me should have made this list

  • sway-z

    The greatest ARTIST of all time, point blank. Not just R&B, artist nigga, any genre. Young dudes better do your research

  • Tre

    Is that Enough is from Hear my Dear to the guy up there that missed it. We’ll be here all day questioning Marvin’s best songs. This is YN’s opinion. And these are indeed some dope songs. And naturally any of us will feel like a couple are missing. Thats just the nature of an artist having more than one song that you can say you love.

    Damn, doesn’t that last sentence explain music these days and the difference between music back then?

  • Tre


  • Bruh Man



  • yoooooo

    http://www.youtube.com/MrStill got exclusive Marving Gaye titled RESPECT

  • DunkDonDaDa

    I’m 28 and all this is b4 my time. Hat you need to do YN is give a nigga a playlist with everything under the New Edition umbrella. R&B’s 1st BBoys

  • puerto-black

    My Nigga, Mr.Marvin

  • BRIX

    Wtf YN?! No ” Just To Keep You Satisfied” or “Distance Lover (Live)”…guaranteed panty droppers! If you gonna help these kids, help em right!

  • YourDad

    No Curtis Mayfield playlist?

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  • Devastation Inc.

    Much Respect to Mr. Gaye. You are missed.

  • gman

    Can this playlist be downloaded this is dope!

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  • what a great singer,i know he’s miss by many,marvin hit song came out when i was a teenager up to now i still listen to his music,to compared to the music now…na!he was a trouble man he may RIP bro.marvin,your music will stay as it aged.