• Uhhh

    Really? You guys post the wackest shit ever. You truly don’t give a fuck about the culture lmao

  • Um….

  • RC

    Seriously, this is god awful.

    And if I hear another BMF remix track……

    Wiggers stay winning.

  • JT3000

    Dam i cant carry a tune to save my life but people like this make me think i should make a wack ass rap, get rich off one song, and then disappear with my 1 million dollar signing bonus.

  • still best rite now!!

    Crack Whores!!

  • Ahhh you guys loved it.



  • mac DIESEL



  • Sweat The Technique

    Wow, this is really bad

  • dmc

    ya’ll need need to split up the music section into hip hop. rap, and R&B. you should make a trash section for this garbage too.

  • Star

    This is Hip-Hop!

  • lol

    oh my god… come on


    okay well at least she had some cool lines but i also think she rapping about what she know doing lines its not for me but you know folks going to bump it.

  • Eddie Arkadian

    LOL!!! Gucci Mane birthing rappers now. WOOOOWWWWW!!!!

  • dumb ass broad. “this is for my hoes”….really? gtfohwtbs

    wasted 18 seconds. i want them back.

  • 2011 is the YEAR OF THE BEAT!…I KNEW them bitches were crackheads! ESP that V-Nasty character.

  • Wow Rapradar fails for this!!! check out a real blogsite freshsideny.com no kreyshawn shit guaranteed!

  • belly


  • Genocide_cutter

    This is awful but, there aren’t many white girls rappin so I can’t knock her for trying

  • mac DIESEL




  • Charile Sheen

    Co-sign Star
    this is hip hop. this is what it’s become. and when Coons like RR help destroy it by posting (just cause it’ll get them traffic and as everyone hate, knock it or whatever) it shows you no one give a hoot about the music. It’s all what make money for the machine, sites like RR, radio etc… No one care. It’s money

    not winning

    Ashton Kutcher sucks

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  • Stu Pickles

    ^ but you’re making a mockery of Internet commentary. So….

  • DMJ

    This is absolute garbage! This is the type of shit that makes so many people not respect hip hop music and culture. This isn’t hip hop but this is the bull shit labels and radio stations force feed the masses. There is no skill or artistry demonstrated by this piece of shit, the flow and lyrics are terrible… I wish it was possible to unhear a song….

    After hearing this I might have to listen to the Slaughterhouse and BME albums to just remind my self that real hip hop still exists!

    Success is Certain August 9th!

  • no1

    who signed her? … and they still have a job?….. really?….. No, REALLY?

  • Oh fuck will god kill these animals

    SWAG!!! SWAG!!!! SWAG!!!!

  • DMJ

    “what yall call swag to me is all faggotry”

  • RAZ


    Damn LA Reid signing Shyne now seems like a shrewd business move compared someone offering this heffer a deal!

  • Donn


  • Ice Cold

    @SO ICY BO!

    Congrats man you can now add another rapper to brick squard KREYSHAWN

  • time

    she sound like v nasty

  • Derrt

    “smoke brown, if i see yall fucking with that white shit imma be hot. Black for black” 2pac

    Sniffing coke is for faggots

  • ethug

    i see what she’s doing.

    its girl jeezy/gucci.

    don’t hate her swag.

    gucci gucci > this but I see what she’s on

  • Truth

    I swear this chick reminds me of Lady Sovereign.

  • DC

    OMG, this chick is hilarious. LOL, what the fuck is this???

  • Aj

    She cant rap for shit and I hate her music but I a fuck her though.

  • ppppp

    who is that dikey hipster bitch who’s always with her? is it a rap group or just one girl? it that her hipster weed carrier?

    fuck this trash.

  • ddave

    Maybe I gotta listen to more of her songs. I read her hiphopdx interview and she seems like she’s smart. But after my first listening to her song I thought who does this sh**?

  • Citylivin’

    i wonder if they create more dopeheads like how Wiz created more potheads HA!….niggas clowning this but it’s better than this stupid Illuminati, dissing Jesus rap… & better than that one female rapper from a certain group y’all love so much….. *as I moonwalk away from slander*

  • X

    Based Goddess

  • Converse

    Definition of exploiting smh

  • Winston Churchill


  • @ppppp

    That’s her DJ.

  • ppthetruth

    Not bad .. its about drugs.. how is that bad? Im all for drug use.. Gangster rap.. Raps specifically about marijuana.. Cocaine use raps ARE HILARIOUS..

    this is dope.. Mainly because.. I hate hipster hop.. emo shit.. what rap has become..

    Shes allowed to wear skinny jeans.. and all that shit.. why? because shes a female.. THe men who wear that shit are wishing they were females and their is seriously something wrong with that type of faggotry

    This girl is more of a throwback than Big Sean, Drake, Cudi, Odd Future(who are growing on me.. but still no likin that tyler the creator dude.. hes an attention whore and that aint a good look for men..)

    woot woot.. raps about drugs.. thank god.. Weezy is ruining his life by not doing drugs.. not to mention his raps.. WAYNE SAVE YOUR LIFE AND GET BACK IN THAT CARTER 2 HEAVY DRUG USE MODE.. YOUR RAPS WILL BENEFIT..

    I love my hoes. hoes. in they second hand clothes.. who use the dollar bill to sniff the powder up they nose..

  • ppthetruth

    What up BITCH?



  • dre

    dope shit

  • James

    @Big Homie


  • Raj

    Okay this is the worst song ever! Hip-hop is dying because u clowns cosign anything with a gimmick!

  • Raj

    Okay this is the worst song ever! Hip-hop is dying because u clowns cosign anything with a gimmick! Fuck this trash!

  • Word

    This shit is so fucking wack. Wow. B.Dot said Pretty Boy Swag was the worst song in recorded history, but I think this just beat it by a slim margin

  • Guare

    hahahhahaha ya taking shit to serious man.. this what ya get for cosigning all that wack shit.. all that corny fake coke dealing homo shit.. this what happens.. now everybody could say it.. infact they dont even need ya no more.. white people bout run this hip hop shit .. anybody could sell fake coke.. and body could talk greezy ..its the in thing now b.. it dont matter.. serving feines and everything fuck it hahaha.. they dont need u muafuckas no more.. white people number 1 consumer.. they bout run this shit.. see niggas talk fake coke deals and cars.. nigga them white people in the burbs really got them shits.. white bitches bout take over this shit.. coke sniffing gucci wearing them fly heels.. i really dont know why white bitches aint been on the scene like that already.. i was thinking the other day.. why white bitches aint been rip the scene yet.. they fly they sexy .. they gold digging i mean .. but a fucking beat and say some shit.. i bet them station eat that shit up .. fuck u need gangs and fake coke dealers for.. fuck that .. get some white people drinking beers and talk some shit ..its over its a wrap.. the white community bout eat this shit up… and all jokes a side.. dont take the music so serious.. its fucking music.. let the bitch have fun.. the shit sound good too.. leave them alone meng.. its just music… but thats what ya get..

  • Guare

    all of sudden now niggas wanna stand up for the hip hop community hahahahha fuck outta here.. let the bitch have fun.. talking bout she making a mockery of hip hop hahahahhaha bitch nigga where the fuck u been.. shit been a mockery for like eight years now.. fuck outta here..enjoy that shit and shut the fuck up .. its fucking music ya niggas take shit to fucking serious..them stations gonna love this lil white girl.. i cant go to any site with out seeing that fucking gucci bullshit.. this bitch got some good promotion for real.. the most promoted shit i seen in a fucking while.. every youtube advertisement every fucking web site. u see a pic of this bitch.. let that white girl get her bread.. fuck it…. let her do her thing.. u know u like that shit ..

  • Guare

    these lil bitches got a lot of balls though.. aint like they big bitches.. they muafuckas say whateva the fuck they want.. mobbin and shit hahahahahahha.. this shit is hilarious dun.. oh god.. u got drake and wayne signing like bitches and these little white girls mobbing and shit lol

  • Hey U

    Yo, Gucci Gucci was a guilty pleasure, HONEYMOONS OVER! Put this song and this chick’s career in a trash bag!

  • Blaxdon

    What Up Bitch!!! I see you dancin’ wid no rhythm-I know you like that gangsta Rap…….

  • Guare

    thats how easy it is to make anything sound hot.. u fuckers been liking shit like this for years u fuck niggas.. u praising weezy and fucking gucci and flocka and fucking ross all that dumb shit.. no fucking substance.. anybody sound hot to u fuck niggas…. that bitch sound better then weezy hahah ah yo weezy aint had two songs sound hot since he came out.. this bitch bout get more spins hahahahah u gotta love it .. everybody pushing they albums back .. this bitch bout to drop hahahahhahaha

  • Guare

    aight i had enough fun..

  • I finally formulated a comment from earlier. Here goes.


  • the One

    If your going to sign this bitch then you should sing Riff Raff !!! This is some fuckery! I can’t believe rapradar posted this shit!|

  • Dum fucs

    no comment

  • Donn

    Haha THE RECORD LABELS, ARTISTS AND THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY LAUGHS AT THESE MESSAGE BOARDS CUS NOTHING UP HERE MATTERS. Cus the ppl who buy records dont really go around commenting on message boards. They just buy the music and dont feel the need to argue wit you guys about wat they like

  • Berklee

    Fuckin hell, this is such shit.

  • World Famous Kev

    Will Someone Pull The Plug On This Career PLEASE. She Is Definitely On Her 16th Minute Of Fame



  • Charile Sheen

    Y’all think this bad? Wait till the machine have Jay-z, Drake, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye start co-signing her.
    Not winning

  • Ashhjaguar


  • Guare

    Im back 50 cent dick so far up my ass i can barely think. you know what i mean so far up your ass you can feel it up your chest yay thats it wounderful feeling and im not gay so yeah try a dick in the ass shit feels nice b…

  • Guare

    Aye donn i agree but i only buy 50 cent washup album yes his not lyrical at all but i still buy. a donn can a ny nigga get your number i wanna bust a load in your face ay follow me on twitter b…

  • 9th wonder

    is this serious. This girl just got a mill for signing didnt she??? WOW.

  • CBH

    Not only am I disappointed by this garbage, but this site is also starting to disappoint me. Just because some other blog decides to post this, it doesn’t mean that you should too. “Light it up? Sniff it?” — Just like half the crap out there, this isn’t even the least bit socially responsible. Rap Radar has to take some of the blame for promoting this crap too.

  • Darrell Lee

    The beat thumps! I know there’s a whack nigga somewhere saying that could have been me but those haters called me whack. I given up on trying to break into hip-hop music. You have to be whack, have a gimmick and have a whack following. Don’t blame the labels; blame the people who are supporting this genocide. Like I said the beat knocks and make a player wanna go dumb! In the club or a party everybody would vibe.

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  • Mr.Music.Fan

    Check Out Estelle’s New Song Ft. Rick Ross!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJ5zgVlh6uY

  • Fabion

    GOOOOOD DAMN NIGGA!!! This shit slap.


  • The Prophet

    This is easily the worst song I’ve heard in 2011. I know you blogs get paid by the record companies to post their shit but come on.

  • Derrick Rose


  • Hahaha

    This is absolutely horrible. There is nothing good about this, yet she got a record deal? Why are you posting this on RapRadar?

  • chilleymost

    there have always been wack rappers,,,,,they are needed so and until,,,,some real niggas come along and dominates,,,,,,fuuuccckkk!!!!!,,,,,,,what,,,you gon do?,,,,,,thats why they have back catalogs available of your favorite music,,,,,,,,we all know authentic hip-hop when we hear it,,,,,RIGHT?

  • PaulyC

    This girl is WEAK!!! I don’t care who shes affiliated with, she sucks. “rich whore rich whore standing at the thrift store, sniff more…….” need i say more?

  • samp

    ey quit hatin cause u dont have enough of an open mind to enjoy a girl rapper. Kreayshawn goes hard and yall dont know whats tight