Ebony Puts Rap Radar On Another Planet

Houston, we are a problem. Ha! In the July 2011 issue of Ebony, the magazine created this illustration depicting the ever growing blogosphere. Unless you failed fifth grade, that’s us holding down Neptune. Thanks to everyone, even-our-comment section-peanut gallery, that steps into our world daily.

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  • Esko

    keep going G’s

  • Esko

    and first.first time ever,HA!

  • Truth

    Shout out to the legend Mac Diesel….that nigga is the lifeblood of this site lmao!!!!! You RR niggas should hire that nigga for “blackouts”/”played yourself” LOL,

  • NoSoup4Yu

    ^ cosign!!

    Also “So Icy Boi” and “Donn”.
    …They’re the “Meg” of this site



  • So dope! keep it up best hip hop blog out right now!

  • no thank you!

  • Anon DCPL

    rapradar is dope minus the usual mmg/ymcmb posts but that’s part of the business.

    the comment section is guts, funny ass niggaz

  • Able Danger

    Neptune is all gas, jusssaayyinnn.

  • Hip Hop Head

    The peanut gallery is what makes up not all but alot of this site dont front on yourself pimp. Businesses aint shit without the people. Artists & labels give you and other sites material & then they interns & shit go & see what the peanut gallery is saying about their product.

    #HipHopWontDie #EVER

  • Hip Hop Head

    Also congratulations on the progression, yall deserve it cause ya’ll do be on your job. Don’t let me start blogging ima cut Mac Diesel a check & we gone shut shit down. Lol, just playing I love what I do & I love how yall document the culture.

    #HipHopWontDie #EVER

  • LPND

    See where your coming from…

  • Belize

    *I* still love you Rap Radar lol

  • JustSaying

    B.Dot you ugly, straight from the “The Peanut Gallery”

  • Donn

    Haha @ Peanut Gallery!

  • beat

    Ha! Blog? Write more than a paragraph on posts then there will be respect

  • BK James

    There should be less talk and more music. fuck it im on none.

  • Santa

    Cause its the only one that still posts news about hiphop. like good shit too.

    Cosign on Mac Diesel as Played Yourself writer

  • phillybred

    give mac diesel a fuckin job an get rid of amaya that niggas name to confusin for the longest i thought he was a bitch!!!

  • NHL

    rapradar is the truth, but nah right?

    no shots.