Nas Has Recorded With Odd Future

Everybody wants a piece of Odd Future and apparently Nas wants some too. A rep from the collective has confirmed with XXL that the group has laid a track for Esco’s tentatively titled LP, Life Is Good.

Last month, Esco told MTV that he and Frank Ocean have recorded numerous tracks. No word on if those are in any relation to his album. Hey, an Earl feature would be cool.

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  • NAS is the MAN!!!

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  • vincent

    these old niggas tryin to hop on the KEWL HIPSTER RAP bandwagon is just sad especially considering the odd future hype train was full, broke down and went to the junkyard when the dud that was goblin came out smh

  • fuk waka

    I dunt know but for some reason.. i dunt lik the fact odd future doing good… coz i dunt get dem?

  • X

    Nas don’t forget recording with DJ Premier!

  • whatdafuck

    nas needs X on this album, they havent collaborated in a minute

  • James

    *Sigh*……I guess Nas has to hop on the bandwagon to help him pay those Kelis fees.

  • Yeah just cos the hype isn’t there doesn’t mean they’re just gonna stop releasing music. That’s what they’re in it for, to fuck around and do what they want to do. Goblin sold 45k in the first week and no Odd Future album will probably sell as many as that again (apart from Franks shit) but because of the people that actually gave a shit in the first place and didn’t lick their dick as soon as Yonkers went viral it means they’ll still stay relevant and continue doing collabs with some of the greatest ever AKA Nasir Jones. That’s a serious fucking middle finger to all haters.

  • RC

    I don’t like Odd Future at all.

    I like Frank O.

    Nas and Frank sounds good. But on that rap shit, no.

    Nas is riding that bandwagon. Damn Nas.

  • DP

    Hahaha all the old niggas and hip hop heads are going to get pissed at this. Shit makes me happy. Fuck hip hop fans.

  • still best rite now!!

    God’s Son meets Satan’s Seeds?

  • I don’t know how I feel about this. Nas needs to work with some great producers

  • Later

    So many new talented generations of rappers like J. Cole, Kid Cudi, Drake etc… And he chose to work with odd future ?!

  • Donn

    Cant hate till you hear the record

  • The Hater

    Nas one of my favorites but I could slap his kufi off for this shit! Nigga won’t collaborate with numerous other talented mc who reach out but he chooses these guys.

  • Word

    Hip-Hop Fien says:
    Friday, June 24 2011 at 8:56 PM EST
    Offical co signs from Kanye West, Jay-Z, Eminem, and Nas these niggas are legit real talent. I guess niggas gonna keep hatin until Lil’ Wayne weak ass co sign them


    CO-MUTHAFUCKIN-SIGN. How you get all these cosigns and think they talentless “hipsters”? Fuck outta here, I guess yall just waiting on Rick Ross and Lil Wayne and Drake to cosign ;em before all you YM stans start listening

  • Citylivin’

    do you Nasir…but i don’t fuck with devil worshipers musically….
    …co-sign @Later tho…

  • RC

    Its called Opinions. Everybody has one.

    I’m just not a fan of these niggas I dont give a fuck who cosigns them.

    I wish those Odd Future cats no ill will. To each his own.

    You don’t have to be a hater to have an opinion.

  • Nappy Pappy

    Tyler > Lupe, Kid cudi, jcole

  • Thank god i`m fresh

    cosign @RC for the opinions shit, but i fucks with odd future. especially frank and tyler. but also i completly cosign @word and @hip hop fien. Yall say you need more artists who spit fire but everybody that the legends reccomend you say is wack. fuck hip hop fans.

  • Chex

    I agree with Citylivin’, I like some of the beats Tyler has made (pretty sure he did the Double Cheeseburger joint) but I can’t get with all the blasphemous lyrics. Makes me question why a lot of artists would co-sign these guys.

  • Epinz

    Y’all niggz aint thinkin. Of course nas is gone b workin with frank ocean and of……frank and nas r on the same label!!!!! that’s what the label does When they have the newest talent and an album from a legend they need to profit off of. Y’all act like nas hit these nggz up on twitter or poked him on Facebook!! Lol!!! The label obviously made this happen and neither one had a problem wit it.

  • RC

    I have to be real honest with you cats for a minute here.

    I don’t want to hear anything about these Odd Future cats and their blasphemous lyrics.

    If you listen to any rap at all 99% of the lyrics goes against God’s Commandments. So chill acting like you care about God all of a sudden.

    God is not telling you to get money, fuck hoes and kill bitch ass niggas.

    So stop it. Stop it yesterday and stop it now.

  • Mike

    Love seeing people say fuck hip hop fans.. All a hip hop fan is doing today is downloading free music to pop off at rappers they feel have lost it or never had it.. Why should a rapper make what you want to hear if you half ass support them.. And don’t sit their and tell me you do when Nas the biggest hip hop heads idol can’t sniff gold anymore.. At this point artist should just make what they want to hear.. Especially if he has made the money he needed to live a comfortable life…

  • real talk

    This is cool Odd Future and Nas! “I’m just stoked to be on a song with Nas.” -Hodgy Beats

    If this was anyone else besides Nas NO ONE would be saying anything negative…haters are clueless and they sre still talking about Nas paying his ex fees…LOL!

    Nas on “Nasty” “Talk money, is you jokin’? Cash everywhere, in my bank, in the sofa, In the walls, In the cars, In my wallet, In my pocket, On the floors, ceiling, the safe, bitch I got it, you envy.”

    Odd Future chose to work with Nas and Nas accepted:

    Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats recently revealed that he, Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean are currently working on a song to be recorded with Nas. Speaking with, the MellowHype member explained that Ocean is putting the track together and that they’re waiting on Esco to drop off his verse.

    “The song is almost finished; we’re just waiting on a verse… I’m just stoked to be on a song with [Nas],” he said.

  • what in the hell?

    Well if you lost respect for Nas because of this you never had any in the first place.

  • atron

    wait because your talented you get a pass to be in hip hop and you supposed to like someone?? what the??? nigga they can be so good that they turn crunching on potato chips into a Grammy nominated song and im still gonna think they whack and phony and corny. nigga dressin like a skater but dont know how to ride claimin the devil and acting 10000% childish because they crave attention and want that shock value you. fuck that, to me they aint hip hop and i know a bunch of niggas that wont ever co sign them. and like YN said that 50 said about Diddy.. these niggas gotta stay near that flame to be relevant doesnt mean they actually like their shit. Eminem cosigned asher roth and in the same sentence said he aint really heard to many of his songs to pass judgement on him. so these co signs that you speak of dont mean shit. they gonna ware out there welcome real fast acting like kids though watch. tell em i said that.

  • what in the hell?

    Artists place devil symbols in their videos and talk the most ignorant shit in their music and you niggas are trying to be selective with OF. Hip hop has the most hypocrite fan base every.

  • atron

    YOOOOOOO PLACE A MILLION DIFFERENT HIDDEN DEVIL SYMBOLS IN YOUR VIDEO FOR ALL I CARE JUST DONT USE IT AS A CRUTCH. check it out what does it take to be a phony. claiming the devil in your shit not because thats what you believe in.. satanism. but claimin the devil in your shit because you want attention for it. dont tell me how i feel about something nigga. I know why i think these dudes is whack.

  • HOVA

    Life Is Good? I thought “Life Is A Bitch And Then You Die…”?

  • Wildstylerep

    If I had 2 pick between collabos of OF or Young Dummies, id pick OF even tho im not a fan. I jus hate how Waynes not signed 2 Def Jam but hes been on every Def Jam release I can think of. Distant Relatives, The Last Kiss, Losos Way etc. Da Nazareth Savage

  • Original Will

    LOL Nas sold out when he did that song with wayne “daddy got bills to pay”*in t-pain “regular” voice* lol

    Sn:that lil viral shit was kind of Laser-esque also

  • Original Will

    I thinc he is also 1 argument with his manager away from being on celbrity fit club or rehab i see nas doing alot of shit to get paid in these upcoming years if it was me i would just fight for custody they got pics of kelis smoking weed n shit at events n we all know she on somethin stronger

  • Jack Mehoof

    co sign @Later and @Citylivin’ …shit type strange but whateva Nas… Throw KRIT on that list of respectable new artists he could’ve reached out too

  • Fela Kuti

    Lol @ eminem stans dissin nas 4 ths.ur idol made a sng wit rihanna,u crakkas!

  • Fela Kuti

    Big l called hmself th devil’s son.biggy had sum really suspect rhymes.fuckng hypocrites.

  • Tucq

    Nas sees the ENERGY that Odd Future has. It’s not about liking every song they have…….. O.F. has that hiphop rebellion thing going more than any other group out right now. THAT’S WHY HE’S RECORDING WITH THEM.
    I remember my parents trashin Rapper’s Delight….

  • Chris

    They can all spit so why not?

  • joke

    So Nas can record with Odd Future and its not a problem.

    Jay-Z can record with Beyonce and Rihanna and its not a problem.

    Kanye West can record with Katy Perry and Rihanna and its not a problem.

    Snoop Dogg can record with Katy Perry and its not a problem.

    Ludacris can record with Justin Bieber and Dvid Guetta and its not a problem.

    Raekwon can record with Justin Bieber and its not a problem.

    Drake can star in a Justin Bieber video and its not a problem.

    But its a problem if Eminem records with Rihanna and Bruno Mars???

  • Later

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Odd Future (..Tyler & Frank), but a Nas X J. Cole song or a Nas X Drake song would definitely be better and have more of an impact.

  • Doe Money

    The world is officially coming to an end.

  • me

    how many of yall hihhop fans got religion? Fuck outta here with ur hypocracy talkin shit bout worshipin d devil.

  • Solace King
  • hazz

    Yall must of forgot Nas went to hell for snuffin Jesus… That line had shock value back then Odd Future just took it one step further. RZA and his horror core anyone remember that? so lets sstop it with the they worship the devil shyt already.

  • rahrahrah

    Its not that they pretend to worship the devil its that they suck yak balls.

  • Sam I Am


  • Odd Fagure

    Cosign @joke
    Dem haters be blindin’ son!

  • BuddaBlessed

    How does this happen, but not a Nas & Jay Electronica colab. Hip-Hop is so bandwagon now, it’s not even funny. Oddfuture is Ga-Bage..

  • jadbeats

    @BuddaBlessed NAS has recorded with jay elect but his verse for the song never made it but jay produced the beat, niggas actin like nas aint hot with out odd future lol, yall niggas ever think that maybe nas aint on the same label as these niggas so it aint that easy to make an album cut with just anybody, nas will body any old or new school rapper point blank, j cole aint even workin with jay z so…..

  • tonyhanna

    just for the record all you lames that say nas is jumping on the bandwagon, how do you guys not see that these odd future kids have talent, and your talking about nas bandwagoning? nas is just smart enough to see the talent they have and collaborate to 1. make bangers and 2. it makes money so it all makes sense.

  • tonyhanna

    @Fela Kuti

    i should mention our idol might have made songs with rihanna, but your idol nas tatted a bitch on his arm……..

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  • untouchablestyle

    I don’t give a fuck about this because even if this mainsteam hype material sucks, which it might, I am confident that nas will give us good material on the album. Like he did on all of the follow up albums to illmatic before untitled. Good song here and there like hold down the block or surviving the times.