New Mixtape: Da Brat Life After Death

Since Da Brat’s been back on the scene, she’s been on a streak with music and compiles them all on her first project since her release from prison earlier this year. Tracklist and download link below.

1. Intro – Life After Death
2. It’s Brat (Tupac Back Remix)
3. West Side
4. Get It Get It feat. Jadakiss and Brandon Hines
5. Racks (Remix)
6. Sure Thing (Remix)
7. Second Chance
8. Fab 5 Freddy
9. Dumb Stupid Crazy feat. Twista
10. Motivation (Remix)
11. Look at Me Now (Remix)

Download here

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  • Black Shady

    Sorry…I just cant see some1 waiting to bump some new Da Brat LOL

  • RC

    I think Mixtape nowadays should feature all new material. No remixes of hit songs and whatnot.

    Just new shit.

    I mean its the net, she can reach out on twitter and get cats all over the country sending her free heat just for the exposure.

  • RC

    LOL dont front on Da Brat like she sucks.

    She’s a legit MC.

    But I aint about to bump her either lol.

  • Later

    This mixtape is a mess! She’s ok but…. *deletes off of iTunes*

  • It’s not that bad, there’s a couple of joints on ehre thats cool. Jermaine Dupri and the DJ screwed it up though, honestly…

  • Belize

    time to retire, especially when u try 2 knockoff Biggie with album titles

  • papo

    ayo, is this the same font from the biggie album? Did they just straight bite that?


  • cool

    wow, you cant get the use life after dead as a mixtape name.

    you cont touch classics..


    WOW This chick is WACK. NO FANS!

  • changeclothz

    Dang this mixtape is jst empty…get it get ,get it get is the only hard joint on here

  • Thank god i`m fresh

    shes legit and i like a lot of her shit but im not about to bump her


    she cant touch biggie


    Da Brat did her thing^^^

    Everybody of above my comment> middlefinga

  • LPND

    The kid who did their science fair project the night before it was due.

  • Chill Will

    Ha, middle fingas up for Da Brat’s haters. DA BRAT IS A CLASSIC and she still spits fire, period!


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