• Puerto-black

    Kinda like streetsweeper and flipmode partnership?

  • cback

    it over guys

  • atlryder

    does anyone care? throw in that red cafe guy and uncle murder too. NO ONE CARES

  • Converse


  • Anon DCPL

    haha @ red cafe & uncle murder

    can we throw in bow wow & da brat in there too?

  • rahrahrah

    For all of you hating on uncle murda go listen to “cough up a lung”. Every three months or so I go and get a dose of that. I never go get a dose of your music. Just saying.

  • Ya Boy G

    ^ lol

  • on demand

    uncle murda and red cafe. booo. they cant join that club until they put out albums. they are not also rans yet. they are never have beens. it aint hatin if it aint hot. at least uncle murda didn’t try to become the gucci mane of brooklyn like the cafe guy i’ll give him that. the public sees when you copycat others.

  • D

    ok cool, but who cares tho? people really listen to nore in 2011?

  • puerto-black

    Nore still gotta a fanbase. Being in a group with busta rhymes isnt gonna help tho. Nore is my favorite rapper