Beyoncé On Le Grand Journal & X Factor

Comment allez-vous? After taking the UK last night, Bey returned to France and appeared on Le Grand Journal to perform “Run The World (Girls)”. After the jump, Ms. Knowles performs on the X Factor. 4 is out now.

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  • Justmyopinion

    I have a question: Why does RR insist on posting R&B music on this website. I mean why call yourself RAPradar if you going to tackle all genres of music. You should of name yourself somethingelse(dot com).

    That’s why I rarely comment on here, more R&B than NEW EDITION.

  • CapricornReligion

    500k First day…..

    Beyonce, I apoloygize…. Lol, I forgot you have a “Eminem Stan Fan base”. I was screaming flop like the Rest. Congrats

  • DAPP

    @justmyopinion if u dnt like it keep it moving asshole…………always yapping about notting BITCH


    Hip hop is birthed from RnB. Without RnB hip hop couldn’t have form. Basically it’s just a form of music.

  • Justmyopinion

    ^^^good point.

    @DAPP I was talking to the geniuses in the room, there’s websites for the intellectually challenged.


    @justmyopinion COSIGN. Feel free to comment yo. Membership has its privilege. She a member. But this biatch must be on some kinda steroids. Smdh

  • john doe

    Bey lookin good

  • S.M.H (Show Me Hate)

    Comment allez-vous? = How Are You?