Eminem Names Sway New Shade 45 Host

Starting in July, Sway Calloway of MTV will be joining the Shade 45 family to host a brand new morning show called, “Sway in the Morning”. The show will air Monday through Friday at 8 AM– 12 PM EST. Says Eminem:

“I got my start on radio with Sway and so it only makes sense for things to come full-circle and have him join the family at Shade 45. I’m looking forward to the honor of Sway making mornings better on Shade 45 on Sirius XM for a long time to come.”

Sway adds his two cents.

“I’m constantly striving to be a part of winning teams and movements and Shade 45 on Sirius XM embodies this spirit,” he said in the same release. “We plan to tap into hip-hop and pop culture, global and domestic news and classic and groundbreaking new music. This is truly a labor of passion for me with two of the best at what they do, Eminem and Paul Rosenberg. We plan to make more history!”


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  • BK

    So who the fuck listen to Shady radio lol!

  • Converse


    *scratch head*

  • DMJ

    saw this coming back when mtv did the bad meets evil segment on rapfix and YN was talking about him and paul rosenberg working together to form rapradar and sway said something along the lines of “we’re all gonna be working together soon enough”

    This is a good look for sway and shade45 though… sway knows what the fuck he’s talking about and now has an uncensored platform to work with

  • Tezzy Fresh!

    Great news, good look for both em and sway, I’m lookin forward to this

  • mikey


  • onanigga

    Big Eminem fan but who the fuck listens to that shit? Even when Em does an intervie for them i just wait for someone to rip it.

    Full of annoying ass sound affects too.

  • Thank You

    The morning show on Shade45 that is on now is horrible. Thank you for finally replacing those clowns.

  • Belize

    sounds cool, but please don’t discuss pop culture. Ther’es enough of that already 😛

  • Glad to hear this. Cipher Sounds was great, the show has gone downhill every since. Angela Yee was a part of cipher but never was able to keep the show at the same level, turned into people magazine. dont even get me started on the fuckin clowns in there now.

    good look Sway

  • Weezy f f baby and the f f is for fucking faggot!


  • great because the morning show sucks with out ang and it wasnt even that great then but much better than now. but im sure sway will bring some much needed hiphop commentary and freestyles from ya fav artist

  • fake.. is .. fake

    wonder if sway would ask ross like that bitch at bossip.com did how he feels about getting called officer ricky hahaha he got mad as hell how come ya” ll didnt post that rap radar..

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  • are u serious?

    Ok if you dont know who Sway is then you dont belong on this site…..Sway is that dude who actually knows real hip hop and has been supporting it from the start, glad to see him on board with shade 45.

    Also, i never thought anyone could hate on this? I just dont get it, shade 45 has a new and improved host, what is there to hate on?

  • DMJ

    If you don’t know who sway is then either use your damn computer and do some research on hip hop or go listen to katy perry & britney spears


    This is what’s wrong with hip hop fans, a 5yr old kid probably knows who mick jagger is but 20 year olds don’t know anything that happened in hip hop before 2003

  • Jake

    ^nobody like mtv loser so fuck this nobody!

  • Soul_Assasin

    Hopefully he brings King Tech and DJ Revolution along, so it could have that Wake-up show atmosphere… But I doubt it…

  • Pretty Boy

    Damn! The morning show now sucks, but learning that Sway is taking over only make matters worse.

  • Keenen

    i think thats a good look for sway..
    …i proly would’ve never tried an iPad if i didn’t get it free.. http://goo.gl/RLG8J but let me b 1st 2 say its SHITTIN on any laptop..lol



  • Black Shady


  • HPN

    that means im gonna start to listen to Shade 45 again. it aint gonna b as good as when Angela Yee was there but it will b better than what they have now


    Hell yeah good pick up! Sway knows his hip-hop.


    All radio shows are annoying but its cool to listen to Shade45 when im at work.Sway is cool so this will be dope

  • Great move they really did take a hit when what’s her name left haha I forget right now but sway is great

  • mixmusicpro

    lmaoo at people not knowing who Sway iS !!!! that’s this new generation for u …. in my kanye voice “young bloods” *shrugs* 4 u dumb fuC’s Sway was on the Wake Up Show back in the day (google for more info) that’s enuff 4 ur hip hop history lesson


    its sad how shade 45 in the mornings went from the hottest morning show 2 the wackest morning show on radio ….. them goof balls on there now needed 2 kick rocks a long time ago !! Bout fuc’n time
    iRemember hearing the rumors of this months ago but now it’s finally going to actually happen !!

  • CiNo

    Great move. This is truly a great look for Hip-Hop. Sway is one of the few who has passion in finding Hip-Hop’s elite artists and bringing them to light. Now he has a very close & direct connection with Eminem. Maybe Sway will introduce Hopsin to Shady? Let’s see what happens…

  • CiNo

    Sway was the first to put Eminem on radio back in 1997 you fucktards!!! He helped in the discovering of Eminem, Tech N9ne, Crooked, Chino XL…. and if you don’t know who 2/4 of the people i listed are then you are not a true Hip-Hop fan. Sorry n’ shit.

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  • Sin

    sway and tech gave him two of his most memorable radio freestyles back in the day

  • Shady Stan

    Fuck sway and smh at the dude who said ‘u arent a hiphop fan if u dont know who they are? fucking retard smh

  • Toya

    Not really surprised. It makes sense that Em would take Sway in since he has always seem to be a real friend of hip hop.

  • Jaymalls

    well deserved sway!!!!

  • tr

    Good choice.

  • Doo