• sumit


    Original is dope!

  • sumit


  • sumit

    @PC_LOVER I take that Back…..its dope!!!

  • Shade

    Pretty cool

  • -___- No more remixes. It’s played out

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  • FatimA

    Sammie’s cover of this song is so so much better! <3

  • JAYE

    how soon can we put a ban on remixes to this song?

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  • Swag

    Chris Brown iz betta den Michael Jackson. MJ iz ovarated. Breezy iz underrated. trust me. swag

  • 3rdRail

    I’ve got to co-sign this. Drake’s version was so un-mackish. How you gon hate on the next man? Big ups to C.B. for droppin the real G’s version.

  • Word

    Fuck that bruise that’s beneath your eye! And if someone ask bitch you better lie! – Chris Brown

  • Intellect

    @Swag Don’t be stupid, if it weren’t for MJ there would be no Chris Brown, Mj inspired a majority of music and artists today. MJ > Chris Brown

  • puerto-black

    @Word, WORD Haha.

  • Los

    Is Chris coming at Drake with this?

    Drake – “I’m just sayin’, you can do better”.

    Chris – “He’s just saying you can do better…and baby all I’m saying, he’s sounds like a hater”.

  • Big Bank Take Little Bank


  • hater

    this shit a sneak diss compare to drake shit


    @los yeah i think chris just went at drake..but he should have rap at the end instead of letting dude flow….so we gonna have a DRAKE VS CHRIS SOON..LOL

  • Dalowski

    They fightin over rihanna

  • Protest

    Like I said on that other remake, Drake’s approach was original. This shit is typical R&B. I respect the original a lot more cuz the nigga doesn’t care if he sounds like a lame, its pure and it’s new. And besides, niggas actin like they never wanted a bitch he couldn’t have before.

    Real shit

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