• Belize

    The fuck is this shit…?????

  • Empire

    Goddamn it Lupe I’m fuckin sick of this shit! Step your shit up NOW.

    A former fan.

  • …………

    Never listened to Fall Out Boy but this is a hot song

  • chill

    Really, people? It’s a guest verse…with a fellow Chicagoan…that talks about social inequality. This is not NEW LUPE. He’s FEATURED. Wait until F&L II sounds like this to start flipping shits.

  • sounds a bit generic

  • catcher freeman

    i cant wait for lupe to get off the political bulshit, his was good just good nothing else

    ok, bye

  • Wolverine

    I never liked Fall Out Boy, they are pop rock and emo. Soul Punk? I’m sorry, but this isn’t soul or punk. The song sounds like an overproduced electro-pop radio hit.

  • Pac Man

    Well Beyonce and Chris Brown are both Pop Acts

  • Converse


    *scratch head*

    Lupe is str8 garbage whats new?

  • Ender

    This was a bad verse (for Lupe) on an even worse song. Even more concerning is that this is the musical zone that Lupe has been in lately. I realize its not his name listed first on the song, but the bottom line is that Lupe thinks this is the kind of music he should be making, and I, along with the majority of his core fan base, very much disagree. I have very little hope for Food and Liquor 2 at this point, because the only thing that was leading me on was the “Horn Synth” snippet, and that ended up on Travis Barker’s album. I never thought I would be considering giving up on Lupe Fiasco, but right now I can’t remember the last time he DIDN’T disappoint me.

  • belly

    i couldnt make it past 20 seconds

  • brutally honest

    Woowwwwww, if you guys came that you are (or were) Lupe fans, you’d support this man through thick & thin. Lupe probably knows it anyway, can’t to see your bang-wagoners response when he drops F&L 2

  • ….anyway, back to the SONG now…the song….that features Lupe…

    For what it is, it’s dope. Reminds me of the “America’s Sweetheart” remix Stump did with Joe Budden and Murs. I’m probably the only person who likes it on here. lol

  • Ender

    @brutally honest

  • Ender

    @brutally honest

    There is a difference between a fan and a dickrider. Dickriders are the ones that watch a great artist fuck up a beautiful career and stand idly by, pretending to like the weak shit.

  • Dujay

    well that was gay

  • Mr. A From Tha T

    dude could really use his band…. I’ll have to say i do like the song they didi with weezy <— better than the rebirth album