• Why is CB’s verse >> Tyga’s?

    Why did I actually listen to the whole song?

    ………..yeah. I’m leaving now. smh.

  • still best rite now!!

    Actually “The Cool Kids” brought em’ back, but ok…

  • the “backs back” sounds ridiculous. Try again.

  • RC

    I swear the only things that separates these niggs from Soundclick and Myspace rappers are who they know.

    CB is ok. But if he aint singing he sounds the same. Way better verse than Tyga.

    Dumb ass song.

    Im still rockin fitteds. Fuck those damn snap backs.

  • Stu Pickles

    Ugh, way to make me feel bad for buying all those damn Starters caps. But fuck y’all, I’ve been wearing this wack shit since 2008. I didnt even know who the Cool Kids were! 🙁 I have so much sadness in my Internet persona’s heart right now.

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Its a hard ass beat so its gonna sound catchy regardless who’s on it and there version of ______’s back.

  • both suck

  • Damn shame.. This was not good at all.

    Tyga flow on this track was very weak… And Chris Brown talking about carrying guns..

    And was that a shot at Odd Future when he said “I get more respect in L.A. than you”?

    Stay in your lanes.

  • BMR

    snap backs whack, snap backs whack, that’s all these bitches screamin’ that snap backs whack!

    The Cool Kids brought snap backs back, sorry guys.

    Fitted caps >

  • Citylivin’

    i know YN don’t like this haha. CB been listening to alot of Meek Mill yell raps obviously….IMO Snapbacks & fitteds are played out cuz niggas don’t wear their favorite team, just what’s popular; Bulls, Heat & Yankees smh….. #Team360Waves

  • daiurs dar

    did anybody catch that odd futre diss at the end of chris brown verse i get more respect in l.a then you

  • Citylivin’

    i always thought Wiz, Curren$y or Big Sean brought em tho.

  • fuck snap backs im rockin with my cincinnati fitted all day everyday

  • The hottest thing since snapbacks

  • Bob

    How you gonna have a song called “snapbacks back” and not have big sean on that shit? He basically brought them back into mainstream rap culture single handley. Stanning aside, dude’s style influenced the whole game. “Ima keep settin trends cause your whole team stealin”.

  • Pause on the picture. Songs all right, but I’m tipsy

  • East ATL

    I still rock fitteds as well I got like 24 snapbacks but I think

  • Breezy needs to calm the fuck down on his verse. I don’t know what to make of this. Black Hipsters

  • duuude

    again… corny ass shit

  • LMAO. Tyga is the weakest and the most sorry excuse for a rappe ive EVER heard. This was so lame its funny. Id love to hear tyga try to compete against someone like….Eminem. My God EM would destroy this guy in his first line.

  • FreeGod!

    SHIIT…. “Forever rockin a fitted; smack a pussyrapcat out his snapback and right up out his widdig….then make him pick it up; right after I fuckin shit in it!” —- FreeGod!

  • Converse

    @Sisqo Brown

    ?You are confuse like a male ladybug?

  • I fuck your girl when you was home!

    Who the fuck is cool kids and big sean! man i been rocking them since the 90s smh u young niggas biting

  • NYMFO1

    chris brown soundin like he’s stealin kanyes flow

    and i been rockin snapbacks forever, along with fitted caps…..

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    Crappy and it sucks. Huh. This felon. Smh

  • The hook is corny, but Tyga always got flow in all his songs…overall I give this a 8

  • cece

    ugggggh lame asses they saw jay, kanye and big sean wearing the snake skin ones, now they wanna copy.

  • Anon DCPL

    lame track.

    ayoo YN, why don’t you post that video about William Roberts getting asked how he feels being called Officer Ricky HAHAHAHA what a fraudulent ass nigga.

  • Anon DCPL

    Hey guys this suck but Nicki Minaj Pink Friday was a masterpiece! Yep a classic best album of 2010! Rap radar post the best rapper alive Nicki or more Lil b post. Love you bdot and yn!

  • So The Track That Started As A Dedication To Tupac & Other Fallen Artist Has Now Been Whored Out & Reduced To Reebok’s & Snapbacks [#SMH]

  • wow.

    All the extra shit ain’t even necessary, this is all this track needs for a comment.


  • puertoblack


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  • Dujay

    the cool kids brought snapbacks back not tyga and cb, smh

  • Anon DCPL

    hahahaha @ my retarded ass imposter.

    learn how to structure sentences dumb nigga.

  • B. Emerson 909

    *sigh* the good old days, when Chicago Bulls snapbacks reigned supreme

  • number 0ne supplier

    snapbacks are cool esp the new versions, im not sure about this song tho

  • Fela Kuti

    Dont hurt ’em, Breezy!!

  • KiDCaps


  • SE7ENsTravels

    Mac Miller circa 09


  • Tyler, The Debater

    Snap backs came back like 4 years ago dude…and if you really want to keep it funky the retro kids brought it back like 6 years ago….

  • meTHATSwho

    actually Detroit been on snap backs… NY had fitteds… Big Sean and Cool Kids… DETROIT BITCH!!! Fuck Tyga… that nigga weak

  • Shady

    Trash.. this beat is garbage and so is every song which used this (lex luger) bullshit..

  • This aint ordinary bruh! Not one bit…

  • Mo

    Why does Chris Brown sound like Ace Hood!!? Lmao.

  • chino561

    i never knew snapbacks left

  • Don’t hate it, embrace it! Snapbacks are back!

  • On June 10th 12 year old rapper Young Vishis posted a song called “Snapbacks Back” (A Tupac’s Back Remix). That night the song was posted on youtube and several facebook walls. One of the walls that the song was placed on was Mack Maine (Young Money President). On June 28th Tyga & Chris Brown dropped “Snapbacks Back”. Now when you check Mack Maine’s Facebook wall the song was taken off of his page, but every other post that was left on his wall is still their. Sounds Fishy to me.

  • Actually? The Cool Kids (Chuck & Mikey) Brought Back SnapBacks! Tygay, Wiz Ghaylifa, And Chris Unibrown didn’t Bring Back Shit Only Probably Because They’re Mainstream!! Ohh And The Cool kids Also Wored Chicago Bulls Gear From A long ass Time Ago. These fake ass!! are Bunch Of Homos Bitting off swag!! CHECK OUT THE COOL KIDS IF YOU DON’T KNOW THEM