New Video: Bow Wow “Sell My Soul”

Bow, wow! If Shad keeps it up, this shit will sell it self. Here’s an unreleased vid he shot a year and a half ago. Rico Da Crook’s visual isn’t ground breaking, but the subject matter’s pretty damn good. Underrated coming soon.

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  • CapricornReligion

    I cant lie……

    This is a Good song from Bow. Lol, I never thought I would say that about him but, I got to Respect it. Nice flow on it too



    agree, it is what it is.

  • The Realist

    yea cant hate on this at all, good flow *reminds me of T.I at times, all around good shit, about time Bow wow starts barkin sumthing serious ha! ya dig?

  • Smoove

    *Stands up and applauds* good shit sir

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  • Truth

    WOW….Nuff said

  • poetic assasin

    he just needs to go in like this all the time – dude can rap and has always been nice — replay.


    his underated shits gonna b pretty seriouse watch

  • BigL80

    Ain’t gunna say this is a good track but it’s better than most of his songs which ain’t to hard to do.. Follow me @la_cartel

  • Ice Cold


    Where did this come from????

    Make fun of me but if bow wow can make more stuff like this, I might even listen to more of his music on a daily basis.


  • soce

    oh shit sick flow sick lyrics , i love when niggas keep it real. this guy is definitely underrated but it’s his fault he made too many rnb songs.

  • mac DIESAL’s Assistant


    … HA!!!!!


  • I.E. CALI


    Bow Wow is not a good MC, Do not buy into this fluke. The dude has been around forever and NEVER EVER has been the best MC on any label. He makes cute rap songs. He is not hard, not a beast, not a G, not great not good, just ok. I would take Tyler over him, J cole over him, Kendrick Lamar over him. He BOW WOW go call Tyler Perry and see if you can get in the next flip

  • BrandonTex

    I never been a Bow wow fan nor a lil bow wow fan lol…gotta say tho, good song, like the message, avoid them satan-ass niggas…although on paper he runnin with baby and wayne so….

  • Curren$y & Wiz’s Car Service…Bow Wow’s Sell My Soul. Hmm…

    Both are pretty damn good

  • this is Bow Wows best yet , bring more like thizzzz

  • DOPE its like some Bow Wow with the spirit of Twista & Dilla

  • MusicGeek

    This diff bow 2nd best song!!! Bow wow best song is “My Way”… Regret is dope too

  • sell ur soul ummmmm sell it to me:D


    yeah i like this approach from bow wow he needs more music like this real song….but i know that video ain’t cost that much lol

  • Truth

    @I.E. CALI ………….Your life must really really really really really really really really really suck balls. You sad sad sad rodent you. The first sign of the nigga actually getting better and immediately you are negative about it. Sigh…Low…

  • Trell

    ppl are so ignorant. the song is good and bow has been rapping with this flow for a while. Listen to his roger that freestyle and some others. Stop acting like you know these rappers and judging them all the time. If the song is good give it the props it deserves. case closed haters


    wow this is pretty good

  • Darrell Lee

    Bow did that right there. No fronting. I like it because it was a honest song thus real…

  • Fuck Ya Life

    This was actually pretty good. I never really expect much from Bow Wow but he did his thing on this shit.

  • O shit.

    Wow. He actually did his thing on this one. Usually he talkin’ about his black cards, lambos, and bitches. But he actually put the pen and pad together and wrote some real shit….bout time

  • RC

    This a damn good song from Bow Wow.

    I keep saying it over and over again. The music speaks for itself. Make hot shit and nobody can deny you.

  • Converse

    Damn his ghostwriter getting better lmao? 1 hot song out of 999 nigga you below avg (Jayz voice)

  • vejs23

    nice !!!

  • get bucks


  • King

    I.E. CALI You think Weezy wrote this man go fuck yourself Bow Wow has been rappin long before he was with cash money he don’t need Wayne to write his hit….this song is dope though

  • bow wow can make a good rap song? about damn time.

  • I know it all

    Lil Wayne wrote it!

  • this is NOT bow first real song, check out ” crooked “, ” father days” “regret pt 2″ “big dreams” “in my city” “to my mama” “all i got” “smoking music” ” im going crazy” “if you only knew ” “all my life” ” going outta my mind ” “memory lanes “”fan appreciation” “”how i feel” ” by your side freestyle” “money power respect freestyle, “shes in love with my money” BOW been the truth .. this track is good, as a fan i want more of the real side of em and not the flashy sh*t!!

  • RB

    Car Service – Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y version of this was better, bow tried though

  • JHP

    This is a dope song from Bow, I’m feeling his lyrics, good song, I was suprised

  • I always new this nigga had it in him, BOUT FUCKIN TIME

  • Jigga man

    Thankyou BasedGod

  • hjh

    solid song want to see what comes out next.

  • The Conductor

    @I.E. CALI, stop hatin on bow wow cause he finally made a good track, even though he’s not a gangsta he’s probably going through something in his life right now far worse than anything you can handle, and expressing it,. I’m a hater at times, but there’s no way imma hate at dis track right hear.(Don’t hate, appreciate)

  • ms.brown

    this is a good ass song and it has a good meaning to it if u know about what he talking about it makes ALOT OF SINCE and im glad he not one of these other artist thats sellin there soul for money smh

  • Tbt

    To late he already dead he’s in young money now another one gone again