• 1st

  • Diggy has the potential to be a dope rapper

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Diggy> lil wayne, drake, nicki.

  • ^^^ Kill yourself

  • Djodo

    Copy Paste is dope !

  • dabbers29

    Really like that track

  • Donn

    Bow Wow Reincarnated

  • Benji

    straight up cheese.

  • Converse

    Niggas bringing up Wayne and he not even in it? haha closet fans are a trip

    o yeah this nigga a str8 fag

  • Anon DCPL

    I hate those fucking hipster sunglasses, everyone and their grandma wear them.

  • Anon DCPL

    we need more pics of the girl in the background tho

  • brutally honest

    I’m not sold on this kid’s new outlook… You have to thank his manager, “Chris Lighty” for that. If you didn’t peep CL’s interview on this site; he talked about Diggy being the new “LL Cool J” for the younger generation. His pops, Run told Chris no, “he’s Nas” ; but Lighty wasn’t having it ….. We’ll see how this gimmick plays out for the young buck

  • Diggy did his thing on the BET Awards Pre-Show.

  • Imnotahater

    This kid is garbage… he voice is terrible, swag is on negative 200… and his performance @ the BET Awards was awful, why was he dancing like he’s Usher…lmao

    So many young rappers trying to get in the game and they let this whack kid in… only because his pops is legendary… come on.
    The music is soo bad.

    Chris Lighty should be ashamed to represent this kid. How do you go from Jungle Bros/Def Jam/ VIolater/50 cent to… Diggy. SMGDH ( Shaking my Got Damn Head)

  • James


  • Que

    Diggy is the best upcoming kid rapper out right now. Dont fool urselfs into thinkin hes not bcuz his pops is Rev. If you wanna talk trash rappers with famous parents mention IQ or something no offense to him. Most of you clowns are hiding behind your words without a dime in ur damn pockets.. Haters!!!

  • Imnotahater

    @Que… The paper is not outta this world but it’s seriously on point… lets not get it twisted.

    now back to scheduled programming… Are you kidding me!
    you say ‘Diggy is the best upcoming kid rapper out right now’… thats because there are no other kid rappers getting the pushed publicity like him. There are some serious dollar ‘$ behind Diggy!
    He has a pops with crazy paper and connects, and he is being managed by Chris Lighty, Ooohh and lets not forget ‘Uncle Get Your Rush Card’!

    All he has to do is give the studio a quarter of the attention a ‘Real Rapper’ would and bam, you get suckas saying hes the best upcoming rapper.

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