YN Playlist: Brooklyn’s Finest

Biggie’s blueprint. Hovi’s too. Salute to Antonio Hardy. Unsung? Not around these parts. The kids don’t know. Three volumes of his catalogue? Yup, I wilded out.

1. “Just Rhymin’ With Biz”

2. “Raw”

3. “Ain’t No Half Steppin'”

4. “Long Live The Kane”

5. “Set It Off”

6. “Wrath Of Kane”

7. “Warm It Up Kane”

8. “Young Gifted & Black”

9. “Smooth Operator”

10. “I Get The Job Done”

11. “Lean On Me”

12. “Pimpin Ain’t Easy”

13. “On The Bugged Tip”

14. “On The Move”

15. “Calling Mr. Welfare”

16. “Mortal Combat”

17. “Another Victory”

Vol. 2

1. “Taste Of Chocolate”

2. “Cause I Can Do It Right”

3. “It’s Hard Being The Kane”

4. “Put Your Weight On It”

5. “Mr. Pitiful”

6. “Dance With The Devil”

7. “Down The Line”

8. “Brother, Brother”

9. “Come On Down”

10. “Get Down”

11. “Stop Shammin”

12. “Brother Man, Brother Man”

13. “Show and Prove”

14. “MSG Freestyle”

15. “Wherever U R”

16. “Platinum Plus”

17. “Nuff Respect”

18. “Hip Hop Honors Tribute”

Vol. 3

1. “Just Rhymin’ With Biz (Original)”

2. “Raw (W/ Kool G. Rap)”

3. “Ain’t No Half Steppin’ (Remix)” (Courtesy of Just Blaze)

4. “Set It Off (Remix)”

5. “Long Live The Kane (Remix)”

6. “Get Into It”

7. “Sing My Song”

8. “For Your Own Concern”

9. “Mr. Magic Diss Freestyle”

10. “Raw Attitude (W/ Antoinette)”

11. “In Control Freestyle”

12. “Live Freestyle (UnKut)”

13. “Protection”

14. “XXX-Mas Freestyle”

15. “Give A Demonstration”

16. “Fresh Gordon Shit”

17. “Big Daddy’s Birthday Party”

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  • fuk waka


    but still waiting for that em playlist…!!

  • RoeLuv

    Another Victory is Siiiick!!

  • fuk waka

    damn gudd

    but still waiting for the em playlist…


    Never heard Raw with KGR, but I don’t think the Symphony was up there or GET INTO IT or SOMETHING FUNKY(that’s the solo version of the rhyming wit Biz beat).

    Kane kilt ERASE RACISM with KGR and Biz

    “3 cuts in ya eyebrow/trying to wild out.”~Jay Z

    Why Kane didn’t spit on SELF DESTRUCTION, but was in the video will be my forever mystery. Unless I get a chance to meet the legend.

    ” now who flattop rules in 89.”~Kane


    My bad I didn’t see GET INTO IT up there, anyways GET INTO IT is classic. Marley killed the JB sample!

  • puerto-black

    Im banned? word

  • Wolverine

    “R-A-W, I still bring trouble to” — “Pencil” by GZA the Genius

    When GZA and Big Daddy Kane were signed to Cold Chillin’ Records, GZA ghostwrote Big Daddy Kane’s lyrics.

  • Wolverine

    “R-A-W, I still bring trouble to” — “Pencil” by GZA the Genius.

    When GZA and Big Daddy Kane were signed to Cold Chillin’ Records, GZA ghostwrote Big Daddy Kane’s lyrics.


    ^ Nah fuck it let’em have his fun

  • macattack

    Need to see yns attempted marshall playliat

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  • Chris Puddin

    sorry elliot, big sean i do it

  • D

    oh man, thats dope. havent heard these in a minute. havent heard some of them at all. but nice work tho. kane one of the illest

  • These playlists (and this one in particular) are dope, but we need some downloadable zip files.

  • D

    @chris puddin: go fuck urself with that bullshit, foh. i have nothing against sean but mentioning him in kane post will get you slapped b

  • You posted “Show & Prove” even though BDK got washed by EVERYONE on that track?

  • Raw…
    I Get The Job Done….
    Warm It Up Kane….
    Down The Line…
    Come On Down…
    Get Down…
    Taste Of Chocolate…
    Get Into It…

    I know this is a tribute to Kane but did you have his DJ in mind when picking these joints? I kid…

    Nice set YN

  • Imnotahater

    Now this is real RAP / HipHop whatever u wanna call it!

    This is the shit I miss.

    YN …Thank you for putting this together… God Bless you!

  • df

    The best rapper in brooklyn is the best rapper in the world

  • don’t curse and burn hollywood burn are missing, but maybe you weren’t including cameos. ps. looks like a job for. . . is criminally slept on

  • chilleymost

    frontin mc”s that be tryin to riff need to save it,,,,,,,,,,,from beginning to end from knowledge toborn,,,
    im glad i was part of that era,,,,,,,,

  • Black

    Thanks YN this is cool to listen to

  • BigScreech

    I have one request: Big Daddy Kane Freestyling on the beat to the 900 number (ed lover dance). I heard this at a BBQ in queens, or Booklyn when I was young and I’ve never heard it again. He killed it.

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  • Soul_Assasin

    The original swagger rapper! Oh yeah, Hov bit his style!