• Ben

    Black rob is my favorite kind of new york rapper, he is from that 90’s era, when new york rap was worth a shit.

  • nice

  • sway-z

    This shit serious!

  • B

    HOT. Nice summer joint. If only the radio didn’t shut out these artist that really have talent. The only way u get played now a days if u pay G money. What happened to the days when u played something because it was hot?

  • Politickin P

    Def a nice comeback track for Black Rob good beat lyrics and concept great job

    on another note Day 50 of the #compasslife on itunes this is huge for DE hip hop please support this album here’s the link http://bit.ly/k8F1hZ.

  • brutally honest

    @B we lost that era, when mixtape dj’s ala Funk Flex became bigger than the artists they played on their shows. As well as Flex being a payola magnet. BR was always nice in the mic besides Big, Ma$e, Lox ,Shyne & G-Dep. He even said once he got out of the bing & Puff never looked out for him, that he’s is nicer than the newer rap acts that Puff signed. He’s a 150% right !!!!!

  • Tot


  • Fan-a-lo-

    Nice! Track is featuring a young singer , songwriter from Florida name Breyan Isaac. The kid is a crazy singer and songwriter and he’s D-dot Angelettie’s cousin. D-dot also co-wrote the song with Breyan.!

  • i like it cant wait to here the album

  • franky knuckles

    Black rob thank you!!!! THIS SHIT IS HOTT!!! Yo Swag iz way to fresh to be ignored, labels wake the fuck up! MMG? 🙂

  • @last

    BR, top 3 in NY right now. I’d put him on a stage and give anybody a mic and watch him outlast. Eazy

  • Real Hip Hop

    We really need to support this by buying this on iTunes and purchasing the album to show that Real Hip Hop still exist. C’mon people numbers don’t lie!!!!

  • Samesizzle

    Yo this shit is hot! Black Rob is that nigga! & who the fuck dropped that hook? That shit is ridin’! But yeah D-Dot been that nigga for a minute, badboy fucked up lettin’ him go!

  • Samesizzle

    Yo that nigga got a website http://www.breyanisaac.com

  • Uncle Tom

    This shit is crazy! That nigga Black Rob came back strong as hell.. Dude on the hook got the shit movin too! Anybody know who that is singin?

  • This that summer time jam, bought to drop the top on the Jag and bounce this all summer!

  • BLACK ROB,,,,,HOT!!!!!! YOU @ IT AGAIN!!!!! BREYAN SMASHED IT!!!!!!!! VM.

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