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  • llll


  • this one is for my hateeers


  • 50 Cent is Back

    wow, Big PunĀ“s Back, now its a song with a sample of a Big Pun’s song?


  • delasam

    i dont even smoke but i love JOELL! aha

  • Converse

    I hate this fat fuck! 8)

  • this will probably be independent released. whens that new slaughterhouse lp though.

  • DMJ

    Dope! Joell showcasing his song writing abilities with this one, he’s more than just a punch line rapper!

    @myjestik: the slaughterhouse lp is supposed to be released in December


  • SmokeYou


  • Chino

    Wake me up when Pun come back and not this fake.

  • toss

    Big Pun. same sample from Rocky soundtrack. Love Joell but the same sample as pun?? hhmmmmm…

  • toss

    Big Pun- Leather Face btw..

  • Protest

    Ion smoke or deal with selling weed, but the lil accent he used on this track made it interesting… And he really put his words together well in this…. clever shit. the beat is hard as well

  • akaclutch

    hook reminds me of rubber band man – TIP

  • brutally honest

    @akaclutch the whole concept is taken from “Rubber-band Man” , from the accent and flow. I don’t know if Tip is gonna pat Joell on the back for the song or send a subliminal for kinda dissing him

  • Sheep get drowned in the folklure

    this shyt dope …

  • vejs23

    well done Joell !!

  • 9th wonder

    @brutally honest you right its the exact hook with different words. This aight. joell is mad witty and funny in real life he need to showcase that ability in his song writting alot more. this is just cool


    cool concept song