New Video: Lupe Fiasco x Trey Songz “Outta My Head”

[vodpod id=Video.11939339&w=540&h=350&fv=]

MTV got the go to premiere Mr. Fiasco’s brand new video for his latest single with Trey Songz. We just want you to know, Lasers is still in stores now.

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  • mac DIESAL’s Assistant

    Would my Boss Approve of this record?… Who Knows.

    Shout out to B Dot’s Durag


  • Talk is Cheap

    ^ the Mac continues to grow. SMH

  • Talk is Cheap

    On another note… I heard Lupe is playing Marlon Wayans in a Lifetime Bio Pic. HA!

  • Sean

    Hey Lupe,thanks for selling out and making a Pop album!

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    This is a pretty dope video for this single, I enjoyed this! Second best music video he’s made next to “I Gotcha”


  • lol

    “and you are not observin, and you are not a muslim” so your gonna talk about how real of a muslim you are and have this video word? loll lupe wtf happened to u seriously i understand the situation with your label and all that but cmon dawg, you should have retired when u said u would cuz honestly i lost respect for u. Despite the fact that your still very lyrical, your hypocritical like no other. “if u dont become a factor youll never be an actor” you bitch about politics soo much and yet u refuse to vote. u think u know every dirty little secret of the government but wont run for president. then shutup. if i rap about politics like he does and i have the money from all the music then why wont i run for president instead of letting someone run this country down so i can make more music about them?? ohhhhh it all makes sense now lol

  • Donn


  • …..

    lupe sucks….point blank!

  • NYC

    clearly the lable force this

  • D!A!E

    It’s funny b/c now i have to tell ppl i’m a “pre-Laser” Lupe fan when i talk about the music i like…smh.

  • Duncan

    Yeah, this album was Atlantic’s album. Hope you come back stronger and original, Lupe : Sh*ts wack son.

  • BE


  • James

    Industry Puppet……sorry to lose ya lupe it was fun while it lasted.

  • whatdafuck


    You think they would let Lupe win a presidential election? There hasn’t been a REAL president since JFK, and they killed him off. Politics is rigged, they let you believe you’re vote counts and you have a choice but it’s all an illusion. Go youtube the video with Larry King and Bill Clinton being video taped before the segment started. That’s also why lupe refuses to vote. You think 2pac said killuminati on almost all of his songs before he died for no reason?

  • DeLaFasa
  • HollyWood

    This is the worst fucking song on the album! Wtf are you thinking.

  • DJ

    People keep saying lupe changed, but he’s always had a song for the ladies on all of his albums.

    Ex: The Cool – Paris & Tokyo

  • DJ

    This definitely was more commercialized though (due to Atlantic)


    can’t wait for “Food & Liquor 2” coming out later this year!

  • Peter
  • i didn,t know this was his joint it sounds hot son…nuff said thou…

  • Converse

    Yeah this is hot……


  • faze one

    this song is alittle pop but the lyrics are still good and its a overall good happy song…why every time a nigga make a song about a girl or some shit they are selling out? y’all dont like chicks? you niggas need to look at yourselves

  • youngyela

    Lupe’s hair lookin like Basquiat’s! #Swag

  • S_Dogg

    Co-sign @ faze one.

    I’m sick of these homo fags hatin’, what do you want Lupe to make a song about men or suttin?

  • Choc Milke

    lmao.. u put out one commercial song and all of a sudden all your “fans” lose respect for you. after YEARS of putting out your sound ONCE you switch it up for the labels, ladies, whatever and they say f*k u. lol. “keepin it real” is over-rated. mufukas only like you when its something in it for them. crabs

  • D!A!E

    I just tell people i’m a “pre-Laser” Lupe fan…

  • @kingofphilly81

    You have to realize this is a business people. I’m not a Lupe fan however he has to release singles that cater to a broad market place. Let’s face it half yall don’t even go to the store and buy music no more. follow me on Twitter!

  • FAZE-ONE spitting that real shit!!!