• cool

    fly cover

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  • Stan

    want one

  • JD

    amazing.. props to rap radar to recognizing that these kids are on to something.. love them or hate them they are making an impact and people are talking.. hip hop needed that..

  • Converse

    Why he covering up those elf ears? lmao fuck this led paint eating nigga

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  • nahhhh

    Looks wack as fuck

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  • NoNotToday

    Why even promote these fucks? The music is horrible.

  • BK

    Another gimmick rapper from gaycoast smh

  • gg

    danng….tyler looks…kinda sexy..

  • I’ll pass, no thanks.

  • Thurnis Haley

    yall arent even real hip hop fans if you dont appreciate what the WolfGang is doin .. rappin about whatever they want, actin exactly at they always have, and people relatin to the rhymes or diggin tha beats and all of a sudden were all atheists and rapists?? yall some fools, ODDFUTUREWOLFGANGFUCKTHEMALL

  • Anon DCPL

    they’re music is good for what its for, I enjoyed Bastard, Earl, Mike G’s album and Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia.

    Goblin was kinda meh, a few stand out tracks here and there.

    Can’t front on them tho, they’re making moves and not riding other peoples boat.

  • Infamous_R_

    @nonottoday Your a fucking idiot. They Make Every Genre Of Rap And You Cant Pick something you like?

  • Word

    Thats a fly cover though

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  • Ben

    Dude has beats. Lyrics are not as shocking people say.Im late to the party, but he is dope. Nothing like the wu, although his beats sound like a mix between the neptunes and the rza.

  • Swag (So Icy Boi’s brother)

    Tyler the Creator iz da second best yung rappa. Lil B is mah absolute fav… fucc dat old Wu Tang & Onyx!!!!!!!!!! Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is da shit! ††† OFWGKTA ▲▲▲ 666 GOLDEN GOLFIN GOBLIN. swag


    1 Wiz Khalifa
    2 Rick Ross / MMG
    3 Lil B
    4 Tyler the Creator
    5 Big Sean
    6 Lil Wayne
    7 Drake
    8 Ace Hood
    9 Hodgy Beats
    10 Mac Milla

  • Swag (So Icy Boi’s brother)

    #FREeSOICYBOI!!!! fuck da county jail / da police!!!!

  • DP

    one thing you can’t say is they are not doing what they want to do. So many fans complain about artist switching it up for the “mainstream” and not staying true to them. This nigga is staying true to him. He is weird as fuck and he hasn’t changed and he is making the same music he was when he was 15 but on a higher level. I don’t like everyone in odd future but people like tyler, earl, frank, and mellowhype are refreshing and they all make dope shit. I know it makes hip hop heads want to drink bleach when they see that they are linked up with great rappers like pusha T and nas but get over it. If you feel they will run out of value soon, then let’s see. I don’t think they will.

  • David

    OFWGKTA been landed. Once Tyler pops up on those Pharrell, Pusha T & Game albums it’s over! Frank just got a cosign from kanye & jay-z. Mellowhype getting put on their debut video has a million views now. & Domo gonna perform rolling papers at the festivals getting it in. You can’t stop the Odd Future.

  • Marshall

    If So Icy Boi likes someone that means hes wack, gosh I think I liked this guy when checked GOBLIN smh

  • b

    i thought he was covering aretha franklin

  • NoNotToday

    Blah Blah Blah.. Shit is wack. I put them right along with Lil B, Soulja Boi, Gucci Mane, Waka etc etc.

    Doing absolutely fucking nothing for today’s culture.

    *Drops mic and walks away.

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  • Yousef(LilWayneSucks)

    Honestly, they suck.

  • sucker
  • @KwameAdjaye

    How is this possible ?
    i understand the whole internet buzz thing but a cover ? RESPECT ?
    There are so many people who have put in work for years but i guess you are trying to sell huh ?
    We don’t respect this, at all.

  • LoverofHipHop

    I can’t front, I am truly suprised to see such a hiphop centric forum like RR have so many negative comments just cause they see Tyler making it on another cover of a magazine. Whether you like the music or not, you gotta respect and root for these kids…they are epitomizing the indie hip-hop spirit, are running with it and winning without selling themselves short.

    They make what they like, rap about whatever the fuck they like and are enjoying themselves and truly having fun with life…on their own means. Some young black kids getting it in and making money without being “pimped” by the music industry establishment and at the same time not giving a fuck and staying true to themselves. If that aint the hiphop spirit I don’t know what is.

    It’s crazy, cause something could be posted on Puff, and everyone would be like “I don’t fuck with dudes music but I fucks with his business sense” or “puffy music might be wack but he getting that money” etc etc. Now on this end of the spectrum you have some young boys doing it themselves 100% and it’s mad hatred towards them. Why not do the same “I don’t fuck with their music but I respect them doing themselves against all odds”

    Are we getting that old that anything vastly different then our core likings we immediately have to be opposed and against it?

  • oakland73rd

    Where can I get this

  • I know it all

    Loveofhiphop im 22 and they are pure trash!

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  • haq

    “Say hello to the bad guy”??????? LMFAO that guy is soft. Fuck skater fags.

  • Ashin Kusher

    I don’t understand this magazine. I had such high hopes for it when I saw those first couple of issues. The Jay and Tupac ones, the phots were dope. And the Em cover was one of the best looking and coolest photos of Em I’d ever seen. Really made me want to go out and order it, then it had Ross, Wacka etc. And the people and covers just got shit. I’m an OF fan but this cover is boring as fuck.

  • Aj

    Im bout to fry his ass now. Tyler the Creator big nose ass, goblin nose ass. His Martin Lawrence after a Tommy Hearns fight ass. Stab Bruno Mars in his fuckin eusaphagus fat lip ass. He lookin like a fuckin rat. Better get his big mom, Im on Tv big head ass. Ol let me take my hood off before they take the pic damn its too late ugly ass. His ass look like dude on Martin that always beat up that man in karate. His ju jit su learning ass. They some damn lames. Earl face lookin nigga. Tight ass hoodie he got on. Dumbfounded lookin nigga. his wrinled forehead ass. I could go all day. Lmfao

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  • Fam


    were all dying of laughter nigga. smh

  • Aj

    @Fam, dont worry I got more. Im a fuckin walkin paradox ugly ass. Fuckin threesomes with a fuckin triceratops dinosaur lookin ass. He ugly as hell. His ass look like TC from the Wayan Brothers show. He better get his big R-E-S-P-E-C-T, thought he was Aretha Franklin with his ugly ass. That nigga look like flavor flav bodyguard when he was younger. Whats his name? Big Rick? His look like Kane cousin in Menace 2 Society, the one always talkin about Africa. Tyler better get his big, this is my first step to being on the cover of XXL. This boy look like Gucci Mane cousin. From zone 7 with his dumb ass. His ass look like he posing for pictures for his baseball coach or some shit. Like his coach said this is for the team uniform, look sexy. Let me leave this dude alone before he find me and tried to stab me in my eusaphagus or something.

  • MadMike0082

    YN is really showing his age here….. lulz

    You have one of the most successfull blog / media sites on the net and you still think that success is based in an actual printed product??? Print media is fucking deeeeead. When the new “Newstand” feature of Apple’s OS5 hits in a few months it will literally mark the start of the end of paper magazines.

    What kind of asshole would prefer to spend $7-$10 on a bulky thick ass magazine when you can get that same exact magazine digitally on your ipad or what ever device your using for the same price for a 12 MONTH subscription. Oh and you have it with you everywhere you go…… It takes up ZERO space in your home……

    YN’s showing his age……. He probably still reads the fucking news paper too LOL….. Damn bro.

  • BK

    @aj nigga u a cornball wdack nigga!

  • “With yo I thought I was gon come to the defense of Tyler the Creator.”


  • internetgod


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  • Another dude who will be here today, gone tomorrow…. who the hell buys magazines anymore?

  • i dont say this too much

    but this nigga can go die…..

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