YN Playlist: Got A Problem, Houston

Fuck a music critic, they write about it but B lives it. Here’s a collection of my fave Ms. Knowles-Carter tunes. #TeamBey #AllThaMuthafuckinWay

1. “Crazy In Love”

2. “Upgrade U”

3. “Irreplaceable”

4. “Ring The Alarm”

5. “Single Ladies”

6. “Get Me Bodied (Extended)”

7. “Sweet Dreams”

8. “Baby Boy”

9. “Me, Myself and I”

10. “Ego (Remix)”

11. “Sexy Lil Thug (In Da Club)”

12. “Check On It (Slim Thug)”

13. “Summertime (GFK)”

14. “Until The End Of Time (JT)”

15. “Love In This Club 2 (Ursher & Weezy)”

16. “Put It In A Love Song (A. Keys)”

17. “Halo”

18. “1+1 (AI Rehearsal)”

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  • FIRST………I been waiting for this…..


  • Stan

    wow, this looks awesome


  • onanigga

    beyonce radar

  • Ben

    I would smash beyonce.

  • b sb

    She don’t show no love to houston what so ever

  • Noringtone

    This playlist is awsome.

  • jacob

    Oh really ben, you would “smash” her? Move along fiddle dick.

  • macattack

    YN are you Fuckin Seriously

  • queensgetthemoney

    that pic makes me excited

  • Duncan

    YN, please remove Jay’s penis outta your mouth bro smh. I’m so sick of this Cockafella d*ck riding man. Sorry to all the Jay fans in advance

  • Man YN, you can’t get mad at the fact that the NY Post not all folks wasn’t too receptive of the album. It’s plenty of people that didn’t like it. You’re gonna say fuck them too?

    But on the other hand, where’s “Hip-Hop Star”?

  • Hater, The Troll!



  • relhm

    Beyonce the GOAT. She can get it too.

  • So Icy Boi

    Beyonce killed 50 Cent on “Sexy Lil Thug (In Da Club)” lmao swag

    top R&B / Soul artists of all time:

    1 Trey Songz
    2 Chris Brown
    3 Jeremih
    4 Beyonce
    5 Rihanna
    6 Akon
    7 Keri Hilson
    8 T-Pain
    9 Ne-Yo
    10 Marvin Gaye

  • jean claude

    ^^ the only one with soul on your list in Marvin, the rest is wickity wack my friend

  • DJ

    @So icy boi

    Orders messed up, and a lot I would take out and replace!

    @Jean claude

    When you use the expression “wickity wack” your comment automatically loses credibility!

  • So Icy Boi!

    @jean claude you know nothin about soul. smh
    @DJ whats yo list mah bro? swag

  • So Icy Boi

    @jean claude u know nothin about soul. smh
    @DJ whats yo list mah bro? swag

  • So Icy Boi Fan

    I’m a big So Icy Boi fan

  • Shady

    @So icy boy,

    Tpain? Lmao,, but then again, your the same faggot who thinks Gucci Mane and Wacka are better then Jay Z & Eminem

  • I know it all

    ^they are FREE GUCCI!

  • Shady12

    @ I know it al, Im glad most people dont feel that way, otherwise rap would even be more fucked up as it is now with those faggots like gucci soulja and wacka

  • what? The New “You Played Yourself” Goes To : YN

  • jolow

    I hope that beyonce realize that her own husband ruined her carreer.First he created Rihanna,then he fired her dad and she BOMBS

  • KinGFML

    yo, surprised at this YN! she’s incredibly talented, but how u gonna put a houston artist on rapradar…and it isnt Scarface? but….you havent had a WACK playlist yet so….yea, ill listen.

  • chino561

    wheres da gucci playlist & i dont mean that new gucci..im talkin bout that trap house & wil chamberlain days

  • coco

    first off bey sold way more copies than big sean, currency and selena gomez 6/28/2011, second bey doesn’t have to do shit for houston cuz she don’t live there and americans don’t support which is why she stays in europe. maybe if ya’ll get ya’ll asses out of rap and hip hop you might start to apprieciate other genre’s. its always the black men that think there is no other good music than rap, try other genre’s sometimes damn. same ol same ol with ya’ll niggas.

  • coco

    lets be real how she don’t support houston when she did a song with lil o in “97” called can’t stop, geto boys called gansta put me down in “98” and bun b, slim thug called check up on it in “06”. mind you that jay z use to only hang with scarface and bun b back then was to get close to bey. look it up he was exposed about it

  • mikk swagger

    Get off Jay-Z’s dick, you yellow cocksmoker