Beyoncé: Year Of 4

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It sure has been one helluva year for Beyoncé and MTV premieres a special chronicling her past 12 months. Cameras follow Bey during her video shoots, dance rehearsals, and traveling across the globe as she prepares to release her fourth studio album. 4 in stores now.

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  • DAPP


  • Young Tom’s Assistant

    This is an official message from Young Tom

    “Beyonce Imma let you finish but this- is the best video of all time!”

  • Aj

    Let the choppa chop a coppa, send his ass to the doctor. Retribution for Rodney King and my father. God please forgive these people for the killings, the dealings, and the cap peelins. But its a war, and we gotta fight to survive. gotta be this reckless young nigga and ride. With that fuck the world attitude like Pac. Catch em slippin and get em got in the drop. Self defense and revenge is the only motive. Niggas take shots like Cam in his range rover. But no disrespect to Flea. Grindin all day, that whats you gotta be.

  • Noringtone

    Awsome shit.

  • puerto-black

    Aj can put his raps but i cant post

  • Che


  • Justmyopinion

    ^ I try to say the same thing. It makes NO sense why they post R&B songs.

    They might as well start posting rock music too. SMH

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  • DAPP

    you gay ass idiots complain about the same shit everyday..if u dnt like it keep it the fuck moving…….SMDH

  • dope

  • OVER!

    Beyonce Year of 4get

  • Winston Churchill


  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @AJ simple rhyming ass lmfao…

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  • youngyela

    WOW! these African boys are NATURAL! DOPE!

  • Since i seen her at Glastonbury im a fan of hers.. NO ONE CAN TOUCH HER

  • cece

    yayyyyy bey, i love her but, why is jay fugly ass in here. beauty and her beast…bey why??? and this his ugly ass didn’t even smille at the end, fucking hideous.

  • cece

    omg enough with why they post r&b and pop like does it fucking matter. those are better genre’s anyway

  • harsh

    those who are not a fan of beyoncé might have just started to take baby steps to know what music really means and they might not have knowledge to judge music