Black Rob Game Tested, Streets Approved Cover & Tracklist

Black Rob is set to drop his new album, Game Tested, Streets Approved on July 26th and after the cut you can take a look at the tracklist. Pre-order the album here.


1 Welcome Back
2 Boiling Water
3 Bumpin
4 Can’t Make It In NY
5 Showin Up
6 Celebration
7 Wanna Get Dough
8 Get Involved
9 Sand to the Beach
10 Made Me a Man
11 F*ck Em
12 This Is What It Is
13 Up North – This Is What It Is
14 No Fear (feat. Sean Price)
15 Sh*t (iTunes Bonus)
16 Stand Off (iTunes Bonus)
17 Nothin (iTunes Bonus)

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  • brutally honest

    Wow, real ny rap is back

  • jacob


  • Converse

    Like Woa? nobody gives a fuck lmao

  • Ben

    it 2011 ny stil listen to puff hoe.

  • ctg

    Wasn’t he supposed to drop a mixtape? Did I miss it or something?

  • dutchmaster

    i fux with that “can’t make it in ny” record

    Life Story was damn near a classic! That shit still gets burn

  • Dogo

    Dis old ass nigga tryin’ to take a dump or sumthin’?

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  • MadMike0082

    That fuckin pose is for the young. This cover looks like something from a sketch comedy show or something…..

  • DarkCoco

    Yo! The listening party was off the hook! Sand to the beach & Bumpin’, great tracks! The bonus track sounded dope!!!! Especially for the ladies to listen to! I enjoyed the album a lot! BR is back! Niiiice!

  • JohnBrown

    I bring Sand to the Beach because my sand looks better! bhahahahahahaaa #Winning

  • Listin

    Saw him last night at Salute to Hip hop he played his new shit albums gonna be nice. Rap Radar get some videos from the show crazy shit went down last night

  • Black Rob is fucking nice. Stop acting like you ma’fuckas weren’t bouncing to Whoa and Life Story.