Watch The Throne Not Coming July 4th

Despite rumors that Kanye and Hov’s album was still a go for next Monday, we won’t be seeing any fireworks from these two this July 4th. A close Hov source confirmed with VH1 that the release date is fugazi. Can we at least get a single or something?

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  • Y.G.R.N.

    nobody cares.

  • D

    lmao, somebody actually taught this sit was coming out next monday?

  • xtrajordinary

    Well fuck me in the asshole

  • Chris

    who cares, we have BME


  • hater

    nobody cares.

  • Remy

    I am stunned. Stunned, I tell you!!

  • Chaos ensues.


  • Yeah Boi

    Lol yeah, i dont really care either.

  • Braniak

    Section #80 will make up for……

    *Watch The Throne
    *The Carter IV
    *The R.E.D. Album

    Phuck a Hater this is West Side!!

  • Chris

    fuck your BME

  • Infamous_R_

    Wtf That New Lil B Gotta Bigger Buzz Than This

  • Dreezy

    Welp…Section 80.

  • Chris

    ^^seems like you mad, get off kanyes fish dick..

  • Mischief

    Ha! Nobody cares but they were concerned enough to post their indifference’s. Bunch of idiots.
    Oh just because YOU don’t care, RR is gonna remove the post. GTFOH.

  • FishDick

    kanye and jay will make good music no doubt, but if you want real rap..get bad meets evil or finally famous #idoit



  • Sad day 🙁

  • BE

    Of course not! This is pointless.. as was the post about the album dropping on the 4th. These artists are too big to just drop an album like it’s a mixtape with no promotion or lead single.

  • HomelessZeno

    We’re really trusting VH1 just because they dropped a Missy Elliott Behind The Music. Vh1 doesn’t like black people.

  • Blue

    Is Eminem the only one that doesn’t push albums back??? Smh

  • JDot

    That sucks.

  • it’s dropping on Black Friday

  • Converse

    ?Watch the throne drop niggas kill their self?

    if you thought it was actually droping? July 4, with no promotion? and no tracklist?you should donate ya brain to science for being so gullible

    o yeah fuck Bme<<<<<<Wtt hip-hop over rap

  • A

    Like a cpl ppl above said, this don’t bother me that much but only cuz section 80 droppin on saturday. Kendrick bout to drop a beast!

    Only release date I’ll believe is straight from jay’s mouth

  • “who cares”

    yall gonna be the first ones to go and cope dat album.

    Fuck Wat U Heard Silly Goose!!

  • NuJew

    who cares…DYKE (AMAYA)

  • iHate

    ahaha I can’t believe it!!!11

  • chino561

    OMG NOOOOOOOO i actually thought it would drop ima go cry now

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  • its all a plan…..i bet it will drop…jay wants it to be a suprise

  • Anthony

    Its gonna be corny, they’re afraid they wont sell as much .. Carter 4 will outshine it as well as BME.

  • FishDick

    fuck wat u heard ^^^^ ill download it for free.. yeezy dont

  • Sean Don

    BMGAY was wack! Real music is WTT, not a album just rhyming words and has no thought process. Besides only white people support em music.

  • internetgod

    I knew it was not droppping with out promo

    this is hot
    Firework & the Christ James Dj Spaz
    Sex Before Break R&B Exclusive Mixtape Hosted By Lance Elam
    R kelly , tyrese , llloyd , drake , follow the pak
    download free

  • petey

    jay looks like oj simpson and shit

  • Ben

    That shit is gonna be fire! Im coppin, when its droppin.

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  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    DUH! No Shit!

  • Young Tom’s Assistant

    This is an official message from Young Tom

    “Thats sucks, HAM was garbage anyways. Nothing is on the level of this video”

  • Ha. Did anyone actually believe it was going to drop July 4th?

  • CapricornReligion

    Damn. That would of been nice if the would of “Radiohead” the Game with Releaseing it next with. Oh well

    This is just the “New Promo Tricks” of 2011 Hip-hop. Pushbacks, Rumors, and Buzz singles. I cant wait Im still Hyped about it.

    But untill then, Im enjoying “Bad meets Evil” , “House of Ballons”, and Drake’s Singles

  • CapricornReligion

    Typo (Week)

  • B.Boggz

    Its only a matter of time till this shit leaks anyway.

  • D: What!? I didn’t see these coming!! *sarcasm*

  • PrinceJames

    push it back push it back push it back push it back.. That should be a new song by the countless names of artists whose appeal is lost on todays generation of skinny jeans kids and extra medium shirts and died hair thats black with a strip of dye.. Look im all for individualism however when so many of these kids do this it becomes the norm and the goal that each of them are wanting which is to be different ends up making them alllllllllllllllll the same.. they think not liking jay z and kanye is the cool thing to do and in about 5-10 years they will go back and listen to the cds they hated on and realize how wrong they are.. I hate my peers

  • The Authentic Untouchable Nickey Black

    It would be nice to get an actual date of release or the actual engineered mixdown of HAM.

    It’s gonna drop at the right time, but probably not this summer.

    I think Jay & Ye are so busy negotiating business deals on other ventures that WTT may be at the bottom of the list.

  • M.T

    not a suprise.

  • jams

    all i can say is bad meets evil

  • Kieran_YMCMB_Canada

    Ether – Nas

  • Dogo

    Two fags smh.

  • DJ

    Who Cares???

    Everyone except you!

  • teejay

    They heard bad meets evil and realized ham wasnt going to cut it.

    Kanye needs to get technical skill. Jay-z needs to rap about something other than how cool jay-z is.

  • rocstar

    cole dropping sept 27
    throne droppin first week of oct
    then new kanye album week after
    and new jay album week after that


    mark my words

  • slimshady

    ^^^^ the fuck you mean by technical skill????

    this album gone take its time, but it will be a classic.


    I do want it to come out but ill wait though. I got bad and evil in my stereo and car. So im set for awhile 🙂

  • teejay


    I mean that on a technical basis, ‘Ye can’t rhyme worth shit. Average flow, with hit or miss punchlines. He has been and always will be about his production, but on a collabo album like this, especially with jay-z, you need to step your shit up.

  • Vodka

    BME >>>>> this 2 gay rapper

  • joke

    i think Eminem is the only artist in history to NOT have his albums pushed back and instead they are pushed up. Don’t hate on FACTS. Camel-Z is trying soooo hard to perfect his rhymes, but can’t match Royce for shit. Ganye is just tryna to FIND a ghostwriter (Consequence) to write his stuff too. He’s too busy suckin on Camel’s dick.

  • X

    This gonna be my album of the year together with Nas album.

  • downsouth

    no buzz at all for this album


  • We did get a single… Jay-Z & Kanye did something I wouldn’t of guessed or expected from them…they made a song called H.A.M. over a Lex Luger beat…like c’mon son.The Track is trash, I always respected those 2 for creating trends and not following them.

    @ Prince James, be a dope idea for a diss…called the “The Push Back” , if you were going to mention everyone it would be 15 mins long.

    On another note, to all the people saying, oh there was no promotion or anything for it…blah blah so its not true, that’s how Jay-Z does….no need to announce something 6 months in advance, just drop the damn thing..word of mouth will be the buzz……but this is his first real fail when it comes to not dropping.This is what happens when you work with someone else, takes you away from your comfort zone.I like Kanye, but he’s not on Hov’s level…he drops rhymes about hoes & asses, if you really break him down he’s very very simplistic…..Jay-z make’s you think.His rhymes have different layers….you might hear something the 2nd time around you didn’t the first……

    Like Cube said about Dre, Kanye stick to producing.

  • this album aint gonna be a classic, they used lex lugers beat for shits sake.

    Fuck Wat U Heard You Silly Goose!!

  • @Call_Me_Noles

    This was never a real date, dude. It was only “leaked” a month ago, and never confirmed. There have been reports since the very first mention of the album that it would most likely be a 4th quarter release anyway, but the point that people had about the lack of promotion was that there wasn’t even a banner on RR to promote this shit. No single (HAM was cut), no leaks, no interviews, no shows, no videos, no ads, no tour, no crossovers, no album cover, literally NOTHING at all. And no, Hov never drops his shit without any promotion, ever. In fact, Im almost positive there an article on here less than a week ago detailing the long, convoluted marketing plan Jay used for “Decoded”. Bottom line is that the fake dates are great for marketing and they build a buzz for free, but you’ve got to be completely kidding me if u think Jay and Kanye can’t get their shit out.

  • cece

    who cares

  • Marshall


  • jams

    bad meets evil

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