New Music: Lil B “Trapped In Prison”

Lil B has finally dropped his latest project, I’m Gay on iTunes and here is one of the tracks from it to get a taste of what to expect. Thank You Based God.

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  • Britannia


  • hm. it’s a hell of a lot better than his youtube stuff… it doesn’t make very much sense, BUT it is a lot better than i thought it would be… hm…

  • The Closer

    not bad.

  • Jus Sayin’

    “Hoes on my dick cause I look like __________.”

  • Izzy Hilton

    Thank YOu Based God.

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    This is the first song I’ve ever heard from this guy EVER!… Much of the reason is cause of lack of interest…

    But now that I finally checked him out, dude sucks… What’s the hype? : /

  • Confused

    WTF? So, he’s trying to rap for real now?

  • fern

    This is amazing. lil B STEPPED UP!!!

  • BK James

    nahh it’s pretty fucking asshole if you ask me.

  • ….
    first thing i saw when i read this title was…
    don’t drop the soap nigga.

    not my type of music. don’t get the hype.

  • Yung Silv

    hes an entertainer stop hatin and can rap a lil wen he chooses to

  • get at me

    this song is so tight butt hole

  • Citylivin’

    uh…this is Lil B right?…..ok why is this dope? lol…maybe Jay Elect made the right choice…& if you flip flop his voice with Stalley’s….this would sound like a track Stalley would do….
    …..uhhh?…. #ThankYouBasedGod??

  • Much respect to Lil B, he’s stepped his game up. I’m a fan after hearing this

  • Dre

    Lil b you are revolutionary to hiphop…I will forever bow down to you..thankyou for blessing us

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  • Converse

    ?Trapped in Prison?

    That shit heaven for this fag! foh

  • BASED. i’m actually going to listen to this though.

  • Mr.November

    He been makin this music, yall just know him because of his “mainstream” flow lol. I guess it kinda worked out for him. He still sounds weird on tracks

  • Tichaona

    If u aint know dude was a fag and instead just heard this on iTunes, dudes would be giving props…yeah im as homophobic as the next man, and was trynna hate on the boy…but the song is nice! end of

  • sway-z

    Gotta call a spade a spade. He was nice on that Base for your face shit, and he came correct again.

  • emilio

    this shit sucks!!!

  • 50

    sounds awful, kids flow is garbage. gotta have delivery to be nice. and lil b rhymes like dogshit. buncha random ass nonsense. not hatin, just statin the facts cocksuckers.

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  • LIL B I LOVE U MAN. lil b is truly a beacon of light he gives us people who have been cast away from society and shunned away for being different HOPE! Rejoice let’s all be more friendly to one another! And recycle! Why not? Man seriously buy I’m gay. Be happy.

  • In this age of information we judge and classify one another! Why. Why can’t we all accept each other? Life is filled with vampires and hypocrites.

  • Lil B’s music touches my heart and challenges my mind and at times makes me smile and laugh. B is truly a well rounded artist who’s potential is unlimited.

  • ayo4yayo

    trapped actually means “droppin the soap in prison” with this dude

  • pro

    he loses respect for putty IM HAPPY underneath. if u gonna go hard go hard, dont hold back. and wtf is this song about? its different then his youtube shit, but this dont make sense.

  • Life doesnt make sense. Nothing makes sense. U gotta just feel it.

    Love from basedworld.

  • vincent


  • BK

    Man this is wack and nigga who cosign this is a faggot [email protected] burb ass nigga. come to Bk lil b u will not make it make back to gaycoast u perm hair faggot!

  • I’m not a drug dealer. Just a life liver.

    Vincent u are golden. Your enthusiasm warms my heart

  • I didn’t like it.

  • It’s okay reasy hey man where all different respect Brotato chip.

  • Shout out to Elliot Wilson. Were just on your playground bro. RESPECT. and RESPECT MAG.

  • Amaya too

  • HIPHOP187

    Sample: Bo Hansson – Leaving Shire

    Inspired by: The Lord of The Ring

  • Word

    Wow. Imma say I be the first one to clown dude and call him wack, but this shit was actually dope. Straight real talk throughout the whole song. I cant believe im saying this….but this snog is pretty great. Wow. Should I kill myself? Not sure yet. Imma check the album out first….this has definitely peaked my interest….wow….this is really unbelievable for me cuz I cant believe this the same nigga thats dropped so many bullshit ass songs and said so many gay things. Crazy.

  • Coroner

    Sounds like Eli Porter!

  • JB

    i thought he was wack from his youtube songs but this shit is gooood

  • Life After Death

    I can’t believe it….. this is really dope!

  • -__-

    lmao he does all the shitty stuff for attention, i’m gay, etc. etc. that’s all for attention then he hits you with shit like this…

  • HOVA

    Hey @LongLungz, suck my cock. This shit is wack!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CutZ

    I dont kno about this, but that new Drake is hot

  • JReezy

    Not sure about this but Drake went in on Dreams Money Can Buy though

  • phraynkh

    Lil b been killin it yall just been to stubborn to see it all yall heard was swag swag suck my dic bitch and hoes on my dick cause thats all u wanted to hear…..perspective is everything stay positive an dont judge just enjoy the music enjoy life.

  • It’s okay hov. Positive energy bro.

  • CutZ

    I dont kno about this, have yall seen them nude Amber Rose pics

  • HOVA

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! @LongLungz JP man.

    Why I said this track and possibly his new whole album is wack is because he isn’t being himself, meaning the Lil B we all know and love on this album. The best way to classify Lil B’s music is Hip-Hop/ Comedy and he doesn’t bring any comedy to this project which most of us were expecting out of it. He is being way to serious and that’s converse to the Lil B I know.

  • This is the real lil b. He’s always spit like this those songs just don’t get as much publicity

  • HOVA

    If they don’t get to much publicity, why does he do a whole album of tracks that sound similar to those?

    The album is entitled, ‘I’m Gay’, what is he so serious about?

  • lol

    @hova he’s been making serious albums/music for years. mixtape lil b =/= album lil b. fuck your expectations

  • HOVA

    @lol We all know that and we all know that those serious albums/ music get little publicity.

    When you think of Lil B’s music, what comes to mind?

    “Wonton Soup”, “Ellen Degeneres”, “I Cook”, and etc. These tracks are what he is known for and why he is popular today.

  • Surface2Air

    @ LongLungz

    R U Gay? If so… FUCK YOU… if not then…positive energy bro and keep up the good work typing lame comments

  • labrat

    womp womp

  • Hey YO

    Ei Rapradar when ya guys gonna post dat Ross being called Officer Ricky?

  • Blaxdon

    Dope is Dope this nigga is the truth

  • Confetti Da Reala Soulja

    I guess I’m too down south. Who’s the fuck is Lil B. Like some cats like who the fuck is Confetti Da Reala Soulja . I really don’t give a shit. You say gay I say bye. Other hear gay they say hi. Not me not buying Holla.

  • D

    this is fuckin dope b!

  • Charile Sheen

    Guy’s who’s I’m Gay love to be trap in reason.

    Wack. Come on now.

  • eliteap

    he said he was gonna do this…

  • @last

    when he’s succesful you’ll jump on his john a lil more. he knows how to outsmart and play dumb. so, he will be succesful in this climate with a lil help.

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  • Knowledge

    This lil dude “Sucks” first off!

    He’s a madeup figure by the industry, to promote an agenda (I.e OddFuture)…look @ the album cover In the middle it’s zombie lookin people with chains and crosses hanging from them chains. Insinuating that people are stuck in “Christianity”. Then in the next pic everybody is free & supposedly happy!

    This dudes music is weak, don’t fall for the okey dook! (half the supportive comments on here are fake) #imjusSayn

  • BiggaBooBoogieChild


  • Wildstylerep

    Im sick of all these new rappers being hyped up and cant deliver. These new school artists start out underground then pretend its ok 2 sell out. I havent been impressed by mainstream since…. Ever

  • KD
  • That’s bullshit Lil B. It’s cool to drop a free mixtape out of the blue. Not so much when it’s an album you expect me to pay $9.99 for. I know it’s only 10 bills, but you could have gave a nigga an advanced waning about dropping the album. I’m probably gonna bootleg it now, or not even listen to it. It’s fucked up because this song is fire.

  • 9th wonder


  • realdeal

    dis shit is kinda hot though. i wasnt gonna listen to it at first i was like lemme give him a try. ima go check his album out.

  • NY is HARD!

    Youtube songs were waaaaaaaack!!!!!This decent.He still sux though!






  • horrible

  • Jigga man

    thank you basedgod

  • DJ JewDog

    It appears his guerrilla marketing to the younger generation paid off. All that crazy fuckin shit and horrible music for hype followed by above par real music. Kudos.

  • BrooklynRaw2FU

    not a fan but better then his usual garbo maybe he needs to focus write then record

  • Chino563

    ^Gay nigger!

  • The Hater

    Bcuz this nigga got famous for being so garbage All this nigga has to do is make subpar music now and everyone gonna hop on his dick thinking he improved. Gtfoh wit this bullshit

  • Bp

    Not a Lil B fan by any means whatsoever. I’m probably against him more than anybody else. But this isn’t half bad at all. ..
    His content is nice and meaningful, however his flow is subpar. When is he gonna make his bars rhyme tho?

  • I’m not a fan, but he really confused me with this track…

  • Real Talk

    This production is nice!

  • Westcoast

    If you like this u are a gay like NYC! Lil b would fit in nice with u gay Ny pussies!

  • Truth

    Check out his “Illusions of grandure” mixtape…(Actually raps some)

  • Get Your Life Together

    Get real, half of y’all on here are hating on a dope track because you’re insecure with YOUR life.

    Let the boy call his album what he wants, the fact is he’s a clever strategist for doing all that garbage “wonton soup” x “hoes on my dick” shit to get popularity and then draw all eyes in calling his album something as controversial as 10% of the population (who rappers are afraid to even consider). He got everyone looking and then when it came down to crunch time dropped some REAL.

    I thought he was ALL the way wack til I heard this track, and content-wise you can’t deny it, the song is real shit. I’ma have to check the album out now.

    any of y’all sad because its not on that buffoonery can still listen to gucci for laughs. Rap is not comedy and fuck all this lonely island parody shit.

    and any of y’all mad at a dope track cause of the album title are stuck in that second pane on the album cover.

  • t

    i think its still based! thats y i like it… it doesn’t make much sense but its based.

  • Chalk it Up

    This shit is hot and if you can’t realize it, your loss.

  • Chi Town

    This not Lil B????!!!!

  • Tucq

    gotta admit, this aint bad.

  • still best rite now!!

    as a supporter of Lil B, im a little disappointing in this album, this could have been a marketing bonanza if it was done right, with the publicity & how gay rights voting went on in NY this week. What Brandon needs is a good executive producer, its good to be independent but dude is too free. He doesnt give a fk if he fumbles a verse, he still puts it out, which is okay for mixtapes but not asking ppl to buy it. Hopefully he gets out of that Amalgam contract & hooks up wit some body bigger. I’ll put his solo major label debut up against anybody is its down right.

  • B

    @Knowledge- u dropped it hard my dude. The cross and the chains definately represent mental slavery. People don’t really know the history behind the cross and christianity and don’t wanna know. They more interested in vanity. The trick comes in the third part of the picture where his GAY album is supposed to set you free but in reality it’s sending a subconcious message that you will be free by accepting Gayness. By the way Lil B why don’t you go out on a limb and talk about police brutality in the black community and your own suffering people dumb a–. Why you bringing this gay sh-t to the forfront? Git the f-ck out of here.

    All yall Gay. I mean happy

    N-ggas will promote anything for a dolla

  • NYC

    lol wooooooooooooow , im shocked !!

    this is decent lol :O

  • Surprisingly good

  • Lil B has gained my respect with this one. Simpletons will be pissed b/c his flow is unorthodox, but that’s what sets him apart from most. I don’t really get into a lot of his stuff, but you can see he’s got passion; And it ain’t all about bitches and money and other shit the rest of us probably don’t have, and won’t have.


  • yo, this was mad dope… feelin the track can’t wait for the ablum to drop.>>>..

  • ok

    Okay. I understand everyone calling him “revolutionary” because anyone doing anything outside of the norm to a certain extent can be “revolutionary”. BUT….i don’t understand why people are saying ‘”thank you based god, you’re the best ever” as if lyrically he’s that good. Granted he said some meaningful shit in this song, and he’s said meaningful in a lot of songs(mainly the ones his empty-headed fans ignore or don’t promote). But LYRICALLY it wasn’t that good. There’s a million niggas who could spit about meaningful shit and do it a million times better than he does. So stop bowing down to this nigga and calling him a revolutionary and the best to ever rap just because he does a bunch of stupid shit for publicity….shit ain’t always what it seems. Believe dat.

  • B

    Didn’t listen at first before I made my 1st comment

    I don’t know man. I’m highly against the title of his album and he not the best rapper in the world, but i gotta admit he trying to say something to the world. I mean it seems that he is a thinker. If you can get past the homo shit and the bad songs, he does have something to say. When you think about it besides that gay title throwing you off he seems to have a introspective message regarding the world. I mean it seems that Rick Ross is more damaging to the youth than this guy.

  • Knowledge

    @B I was hoping somebody paid attention to what i was sayin earlier, i appreciate ur words bro. But u made me go back and listen to this song and tried to put aside his previous “garbage” offerings. “Trapped in Prison” its so basic, with no real rhythmic flow…but i don’t know, i jus don’t get any real feeling from listening to it….but i will give him a nod for actually speaking about something and not glorifying consumption, he might have something meaningful to say???….I’m wait for one of the bootleg sites to drop his CD, i might download, jus out of curiosity!

  • Chalk it Up
  • the great zeee

    sound like killah priest without making any sense

  • Darchocolate

    this the best ive heard from him so far. im interested enough to check out the mixtape now

  • This sh!t is gay. LMAO literally!!!!!

  • Da Truthhhhhhhhh!! Hurts!!

    shit is dope .

  • Da Truthhhhhhhhh!! Hurts!!

    most times niggas got nothing good to say is Broke.

  • leezy

    To you haters stop hating and just listen. its as simple as that & if you dont like it you dont leave at that.

  • RAGE617

    Fuck LiL B … dudes wack and he stole the sample from Apathy – Chemical [ A MUCH BETTER SONG!]